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  1. jmbo

    KLPQ Music Radio

    I really appreciate it. Any success so far? I can now confirm that it certainly has something to do with JIP. When I add the radios to objects via Zeus (MCC execute) the turn off action only shows up for the players that are on the server the moment I add it, everyone who connects after that (or if i rejoin) only get's the turn on action when it's off.
  2. jmbo

    KLPQ Music Radio

    Edit: thought I found the problem ... didn't work ...
  3. jmbo

    KLPQ Music Radio

    I tried a few more things. When I add it with the radio already running, I don't get any action at all, so it looks like something with the turn off action is wrong for dedicated. Everything works fine when I host it in Multiplayer from the editor. But when I log onto the dedicated server, select any object as Zeus and add this to it using MCC's init box: [_this, false] call klpq_musicRadio_fnc_addRadio; it works completly fine. Only when I add the call within the editor it does not seem to work on dedicated. Am I doing something wrong here or is this a problem within the mod?
  4. jmbo

    KLPQ Music Radio

    Hey, just installed this on our units dedicated server and everything works fine for the vehicles. Sometimes have to turn it of and on a bit at the beginning until it's on full volume, but that's alright. The bigger issue I'm having is when I add the radio to an object or a backpack and turn it on, the ACE interaction disappears after a while. At first I thought it had to do with other clients connecting so I switched the init to : if isServer then {[this, false] call klpq_musicRadio_fnc_addRadio;}; but the problem persists. I turn it on, move a bit away, move back and the ACE action is gone. The only way to turn it off is to delete the object and the music stops playing when the current song ends, I think. I hope this can be fixed. Oh and is there a command to stop all running radios immediatly? Would be nice to have that available for admins. Other than that, great mod, setup was easy and well explained. I filled it with some 40's music for our WW2 unit and the guys are loving it! EDIT: Ok, I have to correct myself. I turn a radio on an object on, and the ACE interaction disappears immediatly. This is on dedicated only tho! Switched it back to: [object, false] call klpq_musicRadio_fnc_addRadio; and also tried remoteExecCall but I could not get it to work so far ...
  5. You probably have better things to do, but any progress on the ACE ballistics compatibility?
  6. yes, that is what I was looking for. Everything works fine now. Thanks a lot to both of you! Edit: just noticed that you are the one who made 3den enhanced. awesome mod, I'm using it for every mission, great work!
  7. @R3vo thanks for the reply, but not what I was looking for @Boerstil thanks, that fixed the problem with the holdAction being added multiple times, but the task still only gets finished when I host it in multiplayer. On my dedicated server nothing happens. I just have a trigger that checks if "confirmed == 1" which is synced to a SetTaskState module that sets the mission to complete. But this only seems to work, when I do not host the mission on a dedicated server.
  8. I know this thread has been dead for quite some time, but since I'm not allowed to create a new thread yet, I hope this might be the right place to ask for help. I'm working on a mission where you have to confirm the identity of a target, after you killed it with a hold action on the body. So I have a trigger, that checks if the target (o4) is alive and adds a holdAction once the target has been killed. This is what's in the "On Activation" field: [o4, "Confirm Identity", "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_search_ca.paa", "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_search_ca.paa", "_this distance _target < 3", "_caller distance _target < 3", {}, {}, {confirmed = 1}, {}, [], 5, 0, true, false] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd",[0,-2] select isDedicated,true]; and once the global variable "confirmed" gets set to 1, a task gets completed. Now, everything works just fine when I test this mission in multiplayer from the editor. But when I hosted it on a dedicated server and tested it with a friend, the hold action was added 3 times to the dead body and holding it just made one of the actions disappear, leaving the task unfinished. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Yeah, I'm having some problems with ballistics too. I am using NIArms AWM Mod for quite a while now and loved the precision of the ATragMX to calculate a shot. But with the newest update there seems to be something off. I tried to hit a target at 1150m (.300 mk248Mod1). Temp ~25C Atrag says 11.8, the rangecard says 11.3 but I actually hit it with 10.9 ... I just tried it quick with the M200, but just had to correct 0.1. I didn't test many other weapons but might have time for that tomorrow. Edit: Ok, I took another look into it. Any reason why you changed C1 and muzzle velocity for .300 mk248Mod1? C1 was 0.31 (ace 3.8.3) now is 0.619 and muzzle velocity was 867 now is 858 giving me really bad results with the AWM. And changing those two back to the old values gives completly wrong elevation. I also tried it with the m2010 from RHS mod (using .300 mk248mod1 afaik) and also got an elevation of 12 from the ATragMX when I hit the target with 11.6