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    not here for your toxic bs im just here to play games and make videos

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  1. DerpZila

    Project Infinite v1.0

    @Bnae thanks , it turned out to be far more chaotic than i had intended! You'd never know I was a noob at the editor right? Thanks for the extra details i'll pass them on ,you'll be pleased to know they are being used so will pop up much more often in things I make. @kuplion has adopted them for me :) The reload on that M1 id to die for!
  2. DerpZila

    Project Infinite v1.0

    Hi , I hope you don;t mind me posting this, I made a little video trying to persuade my server admin to add your guns to his survival server. I think their absolutely fantastic and can't wait to see what else you come up with. Hopefully me posting on here will bump this up for other peoples attention as this mods great - Couldn't find the knife in the armory though? - how do I bring that up?