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    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    I can't register a unit, it says "Please fill in all mandatory fields.. This i have done. I'm quite sure the problem lies with my emblem, but i don't know why, i uploaded an emblem which is 400x400 less than 300kb a PNG file with no background, this should be the perfect fit, but as it didnt work i tried another emblem. This was 500x500 less than 300kb a PNG no background.. Still the emblem section is red.. Anyone who can help me here? :(
  2. Gods Companion

    Quick and fun projectile path tracing!

    Hi! I have been using this mod, and i have been wondering if there is a way to make the script activateable, and not just continuously activated
  3. Gods Companion

    Action menu to spawn vehicles

    Hi! I have been trying to use this command, and i would like to spawn in several vehicles by using the one command. As an example, Spawn 200m (Then it spawns 3 vehicles at 200m) i have learned how to get the positions but how do i make it spawn in at all three locations at the same time? Thank you