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  1. Me and my group just recentely switched from the run-of-the mill modern day to UNSUNG and we are all appreciating it. Jungle fighting is amazing, and we're appreciating the mod to its fullest extent, even if its not finished. Its a nice challenging switch compared to the almost point-and-click like fighting of modern day. Our group thanks you for the work you guys are doing and wishes you good luck on future development, we will stay with this mod until ArmA 3 dies.
  2. UH60Lover

    [CO 22] Evolution Nam mission

    Great! I refused to play ArmA 3 until UNSUNG came out, and now that it's here, I'm glad to see its welcome with open arms with missions like these! Good work.
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    I like this one better because it utilizes all the CUP helos and the positions are good.
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    Really, really really enjoyed what you have here! Me and my milsim unit use this for the RHS blackhawks and the MELB littlebirds, and it is flawless. Time to recreate Operation Irene in A3!