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    Bug Report USS Freedom

    OK So I know this is not fixing the issue but I had the same problem enter you enter or exit a plane, or it respawns or other interactions with the planes.. I found... Turning off all simulation on the carrier. Placing an invisible Helipad below the plane also worked... I placed the plane on the deck in the location I want it.. open the attrib dialog get the z value, then place the INV. Helipad, align with plane and open attrib dialog past the z value in.. Save mission and tested On my local system as single player and M-player also test my my dedi server and so far have not had any issues.. but I guess its early days.. OK so on further testing this did not work for me I was just lucky on the 3 days of testing I had not issues but today I seems to be getting nothing but issues with the carrier and sinking issue
  2. I seem to have been lucky with my mission I"m working on. the carrier is the least of my problems I'm still struggling with the rudimentary coding of the sequence of the mission I have a basic mission that runs calling in the first 6 waves of enemy from random locations to attack a common target.. I can test for completion. but get the next bit working is another .. however I digress.. I found a key for my carrier was to set it at the right height.. in the water for me this was just above the black line for the water level.. I have a fully operational defense system that is called apon by the players and a timer.. all the plains I have placed on the carrier work. I have not had any issues with taking off or landing with both catapult, or manual take off .. or landing via manual landing or autopilot landing... I have tested ai taking off and landing both plains and heli's without issue... I have also got a service station onboard working happily. I haven't done any special coding to get anything to work.. but then I also am stressing here that my mission is not stressing my server pc either.. in fact its hardly ticking over.. ass there is not a lot for it to do yet.. I'm still adding mission objectives and its not a random AO or Objective mission everything is scripted to happen in an order just the locations are different. if that makes a difference I"m not sure.. how much you guys have going on in your missions while still trying to do carrier stuff..
  3. I'll try to get back to this tomorrow .. when I'm near my computer...
  4. Targ35

    Screen shots in Eden not working

    or if you search how do I find my arma 3 images there is a nice little guide on youtube that can help ou without going through steam.. I forget where to find them I'm and I'm not at home.. so I cant look.. sorry but its on you tube.
  5. well I'm currently using _spawnpos = nil; while {true} do { scopeName "SpawnPosGen"; _randir = floor(random 360); _randis = _mindis + floor(random _radius); _spawnpos = [(_markpos select 0) + ((sin _randir) * _randis), (_markpos select 1) + ((cos _randir) * _randis), 0.1]; _houses = nearestObjects [_spawnpos, ["house","wall"], 50]; _vehicles = nearestObjects [_spawnpos, ["LandVehicle", "Land_BagBunker_01_Large_green_F", "Land_TTowerBig_2_F"], 20]; _isFlat = _spawnpos isFlatEmpty [10, -1, 0.5, 10, 0, false, HaloFlag ]; _danger = false; { if (floor(_spawnpos distance getPos _x) < 20) then { _danger=true; }; } forEach _houses; { if (floor(_spawnpos distance getPos _x) < 10) then { _danger=true; }; } forEach _vehicles; if (surfaceIsWater _spawnpos) then { _danger=true; }; if (count _isFlat < 1 ) then { _danger=true; }; if (!_danger) then { breakOut "SpawnPosGen" }; }; To find a fairly flat location.. on the map in an area however since APEX release and moving to the new map .. this is not working as there are really big hills..
  6. So I'm struggling with this a little its been years since I even wrote anything... but I'm checking 2 variables for a "true" so if CONDITION1 or CONDITION2 =="true" then {do this command} I have it like this if (CONDITION1) || (CONDITION2) then {COMMAND}; so would this work? if (CONDITION1) then {Command} else{ if (CONDITION2) then {Command } else{ }; }; if either CONDITION2 or CONDITION1 changed to true? Cheers Targs