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  1. This is quite possibly the best mod i have ever used for A3!! Its amazing!! Well done and thanks. Can you tell me if its possible to order a section of machine guns (3 x GPMG) to supress a building or area even if enemy are not visible there? What would be the sequence of menu commands and how do i indicate the target? No problem doing this with a section of 3 mortars but can't figure it out for MG section? How does the "Active Suppression System" work as well please? Oh and one other slight issue? I don't seem to be able to get any HC Bar to display at all? I can only select units by clicking on their map icons or dragging a box etc. Everything else works fine but no bar along the bottom of the map screen with the unit names etc. on it? Thanks.
  2. minimi66

    Oculus Rift & Arma 3?

    Hi, Can anyone provide a link to an up to date and working set up guide to get ARMA 3 to run with the CV1? Or tell me which post number on this topic has a link to one? And i mean a complete idiots guide that leaves nothing out or assumed knowlege etc? I know nothing about Opentrack, LIB0VR etc and only got my Rift 2 days ago? Many thanks.
  3. Yeah it works if i have my HOTAS throttle already set to 80-100% when i complete the start up sequence. No problems getting airborne now. Does anyone know if there is a way to set up a mission that enables you to fly as Gunner (or Pilot/Gunner) but be able to order the AI Pilot not to fly off all over the AO when you become Gunner??? Very annoying!!! Have Googled a lot of potential solutions to this but none work? Pilot always does his own thing as soon as you jump to Gunner and it's then totally impossible to engage anything? Thanks again for all your help.
  4. Hey floris, Thanks for the assistance. I have got the clickable cockpit working now, i disconnected all controllers, restarted PC, started A3 from the game launcher rather than SyncBETA and with all mods disabled other than the Apache and CBA. Assigned \ key as cockpit control switch (User 20). Jumped into the mission and all was good! What i have had a problem with though now is getting the start up procedure to actually get me off the ground? I follow through the sequence specified in the manual but shortly after disengaging the rotor brake the engines spool down and shut off before i can apply power and lift off. I re-connected my controllers and they are detected and working but applying power via the throttle controller (or hitting Shift on the keyboard) does nothing and i have to keep going through the start up process but with the same result? If i create a mission with the helo in flight all is good and i can fly it and control the systems via clickable cockpit etc. Any ideas mate? Very many thanks for your help and Happy Christmas!
  5. Just tried disconnecting all my controllers but still nothing works and mapping won't work although controller axis now obviously not being mapped. Just re-read the manual on Cockpit Activation and it refers to a "small pipper" well all i get is a small green cross or X?? No pipper like the one shown and mentioned in the manual? But the Help text does show when i hover the X over a clickable switch or button in the cockpit? Oh and i'm using the Arma 3 version of the mod, downloaded and installed via withSix. No other mods installed other than those required to run the chopper.
  6. Hi guys, I'm new to this mod but love the look of it!! Am sure this question has been asked and possibly answered previously and i've searched this topic for an answer but with no luuck so far. I am having real problems getting the clickable cockpit to work with User Control 20 and any key or combination of keys? Have tried Alt-X, Left Ctl, E,`, and numerous others? When i press a key in the Config>Controls>Custom Keys menu, it maps it as that key + the Z rotation axis from my Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Throttle, yesterday it was doing the same for my Saitek Rudder Pedals!!!! I can get it to map the correct keys if i hit the chosen key again and delete the one that maps my throttle + the key etc. But still nothing works to activate the in-cockpit switches so i can't even start ground power or engines to power up systems etc? Any ideas? Many thanks and Happy Xmas. EDIT: See post below.
  7. LMAO!! My bad, big time!! Too many Apache's in my life? Oh well, best i mosy on over to the right forum and re-post then! Merry Xmas everyone, glad i brought some laughter to your days!
  8. The mission i'm referring to above is the one by RobJ from Steam Workshops. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=391986894 Thanks.
  9. Hi, I'm having real problems getting the clickable cockpit to work in the first AH-64D Apache Longbow mission? I can't get User Control 20 (as directed in the manual) to do anything in the game? I mapped it to Left Control via the Config>Controls>Custom menu, that didn't work. So i tried mapping it to another key (`) but it came up as the ` key plus some Saitek Stick controller that i don't even own? I have a Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS, Saitek Pro Rudder Pedals and TrackIR connected (TrackIR not switched on at the time of trying this mission). Head tracking is turned on, if i turn it off i get NO mouse cursor at all in the cockpit or external view and moving my mouse moves the pitch on the main rotors!!!! WTF?? My Joystick and Throttle and Rudder are properly set up in the main config menu for Helicopter Controls i.e. Cyclic and Collective, Tail rotor etc. All i have in cockpit is the little green x as a mouse cursor, it brings up the Helper text when i hover it over a switch but left or right clicking does nothing? This is after hitting Left Ctl, holding Left Ctl down or holding it down while left of right clicking on the switch? What am i supposed to be doing here? Am i missing something here? Please, somebody help? Many thanks.
  10. minimi66

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Ok, so with some searching the web and downloading some tools (Eliteness, DePbo etc.) i've now managed to edit the first of the two AC-130U missions that were linked above from the Steam Workshop. I deleted the pesky ZSU's, increased altitude to 1000m ASL and added a few more targets for good measure. Made it much more what i was looking for and i'm going to continue playing with and adding some more elements. Thinking of using it as a basis for a mission that follows the lines of the US SOCOM attack to re-take Khandahar Airport from the Taliban in late 2001? I think it was featured in one of the later Medal of Honour games? Certainly well documented in several books on the early days of Op Enduring Freedom. Big thanks to Sharkdude for the original mission without which i wouldn't have had a clue or a starting point and also a big thank you to corporal_lib for the links and obviously Sgt Fuller for the mod!!
  11. Hi, I've just downloaded and installed this fantastic mod and am trying to get to grips with learning the aircraft and its systems etc. I have the link to the manual and am busy going over it. Are there any existing single player scenario's or missions around that would enable me to practice both piloting and gunnery in this Apache? I am not yet very familiar with mission editing, especially missions that involve being able to jump between crew stations and set the pilot to just orbit or hover at a certain point so that i can employ the different weapon systems and sensors etc? Awesome mod, any help or advice very gratefully received! Happy Xmas! Cheers.
  12. minimi66

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Hi there, thanks very much for the links! Much appreciated. Unfortunately i've just tried the first one you recommended but i get shot out of the sky by OPFOR ZSU Tigris about 1 second after engaging autopilot!!! Tried 3 times and same outcome every time? Is there a way to edit this file and delete or degrade the AAA etc and begin mission at 10,000 ft AGL? I know i'm being picky but Spectres don't operate at 300m altitude in a high threat AA environment (or any other 300m AGL environment other than take off or landing? Not interested in dodging AAA or SAMs just want to practice taking out targets in the exact manner that the AC-130 was designed to do. High altitude, low threat, precision CAS mission. I was a Marine on the ground on first night of the ground war in Iraq in Feb 2003, my unit had 2 x Spectres and 4 x A-10C's in direct support overhead for the entire night, best fireworks display i've ever witnessed!! Just want to experience that from the air? Again, i really appreciate the links and the help but that mission needs editing to make it flyable and not frustrating. As i said i have tried to make my own Spectre practice mission but there always seems to be some issue with getting the aircraft to orbit a target area reliably at around 10,000 ft and enable me to take the role of the gunners and engage targets. I have no knowledge of scripting in Arma yet so don't know how to create custom scripts etc. to achieve this result in mission? Many thanks again and a Merry Xmas to you too mate.
  13. minimi66

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Hi, Please could someone tell me if there is an exiting SP mission for the AC-130U or Spectre that enables you to just orbit at a decent height and speed and practice engaging targets with the 3 weapon systems? I have been trying and struggling with the existing showcase scenario and with creating my own such mission in the editor but my knowledge of editing is very limited and the aircraft just drops to 100m and fly's so fast and low that engaging anything is impossible. Or some direction on how to do the scripting or editing myself. Believe me, i have looked and searched through the threads on this but so far have found nothing specific, but i'm certain it's probably there somewhere? Sorry! :-) I absolutely LOVE this Mod and really want to get to grips with the Spooky! Thanks very much.