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  1. Hi, would like to req 2 slots ;) We've got maybe a third guy from our group but he is not sure if he gots time. I will update this post if he wants to join the event. We're good with CBA and ACE3. EDIT: We're just two guys like listed below. We would like to fill. REQ JOIN - Nightmareshadow - KRK REQ JOIN - OnlyBone - KRK PS. - Is it the outdatet version from cup units from armaholic or the actual?
  2. Nightmareshadow

    Mission Parameters

    How do you disable / graying a paramter with another parameter. For examaple I've set up some parameters to configure ACE3 medic modules. Now I want to graying the paramters for the advanced system when the basic system is selected, because there is no need to define them anymore. I've seen things like this before, but I've lost the mission data.