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  1. Well shit ... i just noticed that you cant run an dll on an ubuntu server ... Any help or sugestions?
  2. Oh gosh O.O this happens when you dont look at your script last time i did somthing on my script so that it is dynamic and stuff and i obvius didnt saved it and i didnt noticed that till now :D. thanks for helping me see ! Normaly i take understandeble variable names but i mostly do this in german so i thougth i should change this in somthing else But new problem i want to know if an database exists with the players id my try was but (i know i did the call OO_inidbi false) it dosent work but if i say ("new" dbname) it would create evry time a new one. how do i need to do it that it goes right. Edit : I guess i should explain what i want to do so you can follow me ^^. I want that every player/vehicle on the server gets his own .ini an that he ches if this player alredy haves one or not
  3. Thanks for the help code 34 in this castle but tod told me the end is an other castle :D Code: The new problem is i guess he is reading the Arry as an string but how i fix this again no plan. i am also working on this problem (not waiting till somone fix this for me) but i am happy and greathfull woth any help. also i wish Happy Holidays
  4. Hi, i relly put a whole lot of efford and time into my project and all i have left to do is an database to "complete" the project. Edit: In my arma launcher i just saw (trying things on my own) that the inidbi is getting blocked by BattelEye and i dont knwo how to fix it either (Iguess just turning it off bit this cant be the anwer or ?) Edit from the edit: Okay now as i disabeld the battle eye i get an example database file (stil need help because i dont have an clue) But this is my stand is now _sender = player; _playerid = getPlayerUID _sender; sleep 30; b = items _sender; c = getPos _sender; _inidbi = ["new", _playerid] call OO_INIDBI; ["write", ["section", "items", b]] call _inidbi; ["write", ["section", "pos", c]] call _inidbi; sleep 10; removeAllItems s1; hintC "your things are gone"; sleep 10; ["read", ["section", "items", "ARRAY"]] call _inidbi; hint "are they back?" but they never are back so what i then get is what i want to. it get's his items and anything but i dont knwo how the read will work because if i only read the data nothing will happen i guess because i need an add item command and set pos right ? and i dont know how to build that he checks if i alredy have an entry in the database
  5. Hi im not actualy new at coding in arma but i don't relly undestand the database codes i would aprechiate it if somone would make a few examle codes and say what hey do i gues i could figur then the rest out my self. (somthink like example car should be saved status inventory and position evry half houer and only load on server restart)