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  1. Hello, Does anyone have any solutions to this? https://imgur.com/eU3OyTv Thanks
  2. Hello wondering if anyone could help me, ive currently done this _group_name = _myGroup select 0; _group_leaders = _myGroup select 1; _group_members = _myGroup select 2; _group_funds = _myGroup select 3; _group_wars = _myGroup select 4; _uid = getPlayerUID player; serverGroups deleteAt (_group_members find _uid); publicVariable "serverGroups"; however this seems to delete everything within serverGroups
  3. oh so how could i just delete the the uid in _group_members?
  4. hey wondering if anyone could help me out ive been looking at other whitelist topics but had no luck in have a player uid whitelist where the file is serverside and editable? or would i have to use a addon such as extdb3?
  5. It Works! However i cant edit it 'file in use from another process'
  6. Thanks, is it possible for the file to be edited while the server is active or would i have to use something like extdb3?
  7. Hello, wondering if someone could tell me what i am doing wrong? i currently have this in my config.cpp class CfgWorlds { class Zargabad { cutscenes[] = {"IntroZc"}; // Class names of used scenes. When more than one is present, the system will pick one randomly. }; }; class CfgMissions { class Cutscenes { class IntroZc // Class referenced in 'cutscenes' property in CfgWorlds { directory = "\ZC\data\ZCIntro.Zargabad"; // Path to scenario with the scene }; }; }; however it doesn't seem to work. i have followed the guide here https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Main_Menu
  8. Im wanting to use BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd however im struggling to add it to a dead player body any ideas? i can easily do a addaction but cant seem to work out what the target: Object - Object the action is attached to" would be for a players dead body.
  9. thanks for the help any idea how i could remove that action after a certain amount of time?
  10. _unit getVariable ["Organs",false] seems to work but its a little temperamental......... also how does the BIS_fnc_holdActionRemove because whats the id?
  11. thanks not getting any errors now however i am getting no action on the body?
  12. player addEventHandler ["Killed", { params ["_unit", "_killer"]; [ _unit, // Object the action is attached to "Harvest Organs", // Title of the action "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_connect_ca.paa", // Idle icon shown on screen "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_connect_ca.paa", // Progress icon shown on screen "_target getVariable ["Organs",false];", // Condition for the action to be shown "_caller distance _target < 3", // Condition for the action to progress {}, // Code executed when action starts {}, // Code executed on every progress tick {hint "test";}, // Code executed on completion {}, // Code executed on interrupted [], // Arguments passed to the scripts as _this select 3 12, // Action duration 0, // Priority true, // Remove on completion false // Show in unconscious state ] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd", [0,2] select isDedicated, _unit]; not sure if i should be using _target or not? i also get this error 12:18:03 Error in expression "_target getVariable ["Organs",false];", 12:18:03 Error position: <Organs",false];", 12:18:03 Error Missing ]
  13. T Thanks guys really helped however can you not use getVariable in the Condition for the action to be shown?
  14. Hey, wondering if anyone could help me saving a weapon to the profilenamespace as well as loading it?
  15. Hello wondering if anyone is able to help me currently i am attempting to create it so when a unit enters the INCAPACITATED state a dialog appears on the screen not sure if i am going about it right however i currently have if (lifeState _unit == "INCAPACITATED") then { createdialog "blah"; }; this ^ in my event handler handle damage but cant seem to get it to work any ideas?
  16. @Larrow @pierremgi thanks guys, don't suppose it s possible to stop the player from rolling over when Incapacitated?
  17. Hello wondering if anyone can help me? i am trying to come up a way of counting all the players with a variable and if their is 5 players already with the variable the player will be prevented from joining?
  18. How would i go about doing a gobal array that manages players depending of which variable they had? like in terms of adding/removing?
  19. Hey everyone, I am trying to get all the players in a mission with a certain variable into an array and when their is already 5 players in the array it will stop the player from having a gun. So far I have found this and attempted to use it. player setVariable ["hasweapon",true, true]; playerArray = []; _players = player GetVariable "hasweapon"; { if (!isNil "_players") then { playerArray PushBack _x; }; } forEach allPlayers; hint format ["%1 players have the variable 'hasweapon'.",(count playerArray)]; _result = count playerArray; if (_result >= 2) then { removeAllWeapons player; }; however this didn't completely work I was testing earlier and it wasn't working as expected, am I doing something wrong, or even going about it wrong?
  20. Chris_37

    Arma 3 freeze

    Getting the same issue as well its just started to happen recently. I've even reinstalled my windows and arma in attempt to fix this? Any one got any solutions?
  21. Hi all, been using the default arma respawn/revive system however it it possible to remove this icon/player revive symbol as seen in the image below? https://imgur.com/a/Ar2iI Thanks
  22. Chris_37


    ignore this - my mistake
  23. Thanks Guys really appreciate it.
  24. Hello, i am wondering if anyone is able to help me but i am struggling to be able to come up with something which, on the mission loading, will create a random load out and exec it on everyone on the server. I have looked around but haven't been able to find much. Any suggestions?
  25. Chris_37

    [WIP] Weapon store

    Looks Fantastic any ideas on when it will be available?