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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is it just the H variant of SCAR that is being worked on, or will there be L too?
  2. I understand what you mean there. Finnish Defence Forces are in the process of replacing that vest with a new platecarrier though. In 2017-2020 as I hear.
  3. I told you'd make good M05. Good work, dude! I wish you had just made it for the M93 uniform like other uniforms though
  4. Don't doubt yourself! :D I'm sure you can top uniforms in that mod. M05 is too brown and M04 desert doesn't even look like the pattern.
  5. Hello wsxcgy! :) Really loving what you're doing so far for most part, except maybe I would personally use 6B27M helmet from RHS:AFRF for most western helmets. The serbian M97 looks oddly wide to me. But hey it's YOUR mod, you do as you feel best. IF you have any motivation for more camouflage patterns right now, I would suggest you make uniforms with the finnish M62 or M05 pattern I believe I saw M62 being shown earlier in this post so I'll just jump into M05. There are plenty of colour schemes used for M05 The ones used by Finnish Defence Forces are only the ones to the left side of the picture (Woodland, cold weather, desert and snow). The lower desert uniform with urban camo are only prototypes as far as I know. ( I would REALLY love to have urban M05 cause no one ever has made it before for arma and it's so pretty). I get this is probably a plenty of work, especially since you have other uniforms to work on. So just throwing this here in case it could possibly catch some interest sometime. Cheers! :)
  6. Ovelapaskiainen

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Will there be a black variant of the balaclava with wide eyeslot? Thanks for answer in advance, even if it's a no.
  7. Ovelapaskiainen

    Killoch's MultiNational Pack

    Could you make at least one multicam uniform without any flags on it, please :)
  8. Ovelapaskiainen

    Killoch's MultiNational Pack

    I absolutely love this uniform pack (especially the finnish M05) I thought you could make more of these, if you have time and motivation ofcourse https://static.ylilauta.org/files/tp/orig/paoasdyy/efefsfsfsd.jpg I'd personally love to see a desert (the one most right one on first row) and urban variant (the grey one in low right corner :rolleyes: