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  1. KokayneKrayzie

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Sorry it's been a while (Vacation time)...but...it works. I can't remember why I thought it didn't work.
  2. KokayneKrayzie

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    @spunfin any idea on how to get this modified reinforcement script working on a server? I have it working in Single Player and LAN but as soon as I put it on a dedicated Server... it doesn't work.
  3. KokayneKrayzie

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Nevermind, I must have had an incomplete download of the script. Everything is working as expected. 🙌🏽
  4. KokayneKrayzie

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    So I was finally able to get some time to test everything out! Just wanted to test the simple script first before doing anything too complex. I have everything popping up correctly, the map and add action. However, once I click, nothing happens (I don't get the Reinfoments requested to position system chat). When I get out of the map, I do get the reinforcements canceled though. Am I missing something?
  5. KokayneKrayzie

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Oh my goodness LOL Once again...amazing work
  6. KokayneKrayzie

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Wow...after a very LONG search for a proper script, I believe you have the solution. Im going to use the reinforcement script but I have one question...I see the following on the description: Parameter 1 - Spot: "Landing spot (object/unit/marker/position array, remember to use "quotes" with marker)" Can this also be done with a map click? Im also assuming I could call the script with an AddAction Nice work, and REALLY great stuff with the documentation 😊 🙌
  7. I seem to be having the same issue or something somewhat similar. My files are failing the signature check; I triple-checked all file destinations, started over from scratch, and even it still fails.
  8. I have also tried the modules and having advanced placement (excluding those from virtualization). I can use the support on LAN but as soon as it is uploaded to the server...combat support option isn't there. My C2ISTAR and logistics modules use the same requirement of the alive tablet. Those two options are visible.
  9. I changed all that for the Alive Tablet. As mentioned, everything is fine when I test on LAN. No issues at all, once im hosting on a dedicated server, the combat support function doesn't show (but I can still talk to pilot).
  10. I'm having an issue with the combat support modules. I placed the modules down (Transport, CAS, Arty), they show up in server but Combat support doesn't show up as an option at all. I can walk up to them and "talk to pilot" but even if I have the required item (alive_tablet in this case), the supports aren't an option on a dedicated server. I have already tried, deleting them and re-syncing with no luck. Everything work when I test on LAN though.
  11. I tried HAS script version on a server and I couldn't get the support options as well. It works when I test in single player and LAN connection. I'm going to see about this now that I know of the -autoinit server config. Anybody else have any issues with going on a server and not receiving the support options? Any other troubleshooting tips may help me.
  12. KokayneKrayzie

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Im still having issues with caches and hideouts not being able to be destroyed. Any suggestions/fixes?
  13. KokayneKrayzie

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    So Im currently having a problem with ammo caches and hideouts not able to be destroyed, I place demo charges (heck i even tried 10) and the caches still exist. Anyone else have or had this issue before?
  14. KokayneKrayzie

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    I understand that we can adjust enemy spawn settings by having more hideouts and setting the max groups to 10 in the parameters but in the case you want more enemy to spawn in areas non urban areas (jungles, hills, rural areas, etc.), is there a way to do that? EDIT: Im guessing its in the Core>fnc>city>activate.sqf L 105-114? Seems like thats it, want to make sure 🧐
  15. KokayneKrayzie

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    I'd like to do an Unsung version of the mission but How do I go about changing the enemy weapons caches and some of the hideout items to NVA/VC stuff? Thanks in advance for any guidance.