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  1. mono_man

    Feedback Thread

    Tracking and firing is only required when your enemy is strafing full speed while firing at you which is silly and not at all tactical. The extra health promotes this as a viable strategy because they can take a few rounds. You can't have a damage model that takes so many rounds and cautious tactical play because there is no reason to be cautious. There is a reason people play tactically and as part of a team in Arma. If they don't they'll die very quickly. That's not the case at the moment in Argo.
  2. mono_man

    Feedback Thread

    Most of the clunkyness is part of the arma engine, I'm not sure how much can be improved as it has been the same all through Arma 2 and now 3 (the step to 3 was a HUUUGE improvement though). I disagree, most fights have focused much more on running around and spraying and praying. When you can take a few rounds and keep going there is no reason to be cautious and tactical, just charge in there and shoot back. If Arma's damage model was used no one would do this as they'd die far too quickly.
  3. mono_man

    Feedback Thread

    Health levels are way too high Or damage is way too low, either way. The game is being promoted as realistic with tag lines like the following: ...where a single bullet is all it takes... If this is truly your vision for the game then you need to move back inline with Arma 3's damage modeling. A few rounds at point blank to medium range should kill. This will lead people to play tactically and aim for centre mass rather than sprint around strafing and trying to spray control onto targets heads. This will fix many of the problems with gameplay that I've seen people provide as feedback. where a single bullet is all it takes
  4. mono_man

    Feedback Thread

    Both of these points x 1000! Players have so much health, 6.5mm rounds to the chest at point blank range should incapacitate in 3 rounds TOPS. If incapacitation isn't part of the game (fair enough) then just death. There is a whole lot of marketing saying "one round can change everything" or something. Not really, 1 round barely scratches a player. If you wish to maintain the current damage model at least change the marketing so people know they are getting an arcade experience. Forcing zoom when I ADS is sooooo annoying. I understand balance reasons around not letting me zoom at other times, but make it optional while ADS or remove it completely.
  5. mono_man

    Feedback Thread

    - I disagree, zooming obviously shrinks your field of view which is shit, I want to be able to move with sights up but actually have some reasonable peripheral vision. Plus if I'm breaching into a building I don't need or want to be zoomed in to see my targets and shoot them. I also want to be able to zoom without my sights up, not sure why this was removed. - I agree the stamina is super casual, but they're trying to make a high(er) paced tactical shooter so I get that decision and can live with it - Vault is needed (as above) - I haven't played much but I felt like crouching and being prone assisted with weapon stability, maybe not enough. At the moment (imo) its halfway between. Too casual for most ArmA fans and too clunky for most CoD fans. I'm sorry BiS but any game based on an ArmA related engine will never be as smooth as a CoD or Battlefield engine so you can't compete with those games on that front, play to ArmA's strengths not its weaknesses. For Argo realism and the size of the battlefield would be the best way to leverage its strengths I believe, neither of which are being leveraged very well. Decrease health and increase combat zone sizes.
  6. mono_man

    Feedback Thread

    Vaulting is needed to get over some small walls, at the moment I can walk up to a knee high wall and I have to walk along the length of it to get around it, that's super silly. You could remove all low walls but that would probably make the terrain look daft, just include vault (including the little hop animation while running). I can't think of a downside to including it?
  7. mono_man

    Feedback Thread

    Except it takes several 6.5mm rounds from close range to kill someone... Their "single bullet" line in marketing makes no sense.
  8. mono_man

    Feedback Thread

    Hitmarkers - No hitmarkers, this game is still supposed to be realistic-ish, right? Even the kill log should be removed, knowing that you have killed your target affects gameplay negatively. You should have to visually confirm that you managed to get a kill before you are confident an area is clear Middle of screen display for kills - HELL NO!!!! That is super arcadey and not at all fitting with something that is suppose to be similar to Arma. Also stuff in the middle of your screen is distracting and just gets in the way Role selection - Better how? Be specific Weapon custimisation - Sure, but its not important. No we shouldn't have people running around with bright red guns, that's arcadey. Longer rounds - Most my games have lead to everyone being dead before time is expired, but a slower game would be a nice possibility. Conquest mode - Fair enough, though I think that would require respawning rather than rounds which personally I don't like as much as perma death each round Clash cover - The whole point of no cover is to make the attackers move in slowly and secure the area, not just sprint in and hide in cover.
  9. Rifling Matters 2015 year in review: Screenshot version. Full album: http://imgur.com/a/SPgZJ