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    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    No update queued yet, but there's another apex_sneak_preview branch you can subscribe to.
  2. seb3sec

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    After switching to Dev Branch on my main install I finally had a chance to start exploring Tanoa. Looks and feels completely different, and sometimes it reminds me a bit of Panthera. After flying and driving around for a while I set up a little assault mission in the jungle with AI. Even though it's far better than in Arma 2 the AI is still able to spot enemies through vegetation. But I think for PvP game modes like Battle Royale or even some hidden basebuilding this dense vegatation is a whole new experience. The downside of these many objects are the usual ones we already know. So Arma being Arma makes it difficult to move around nicely on rocky areas. At some points the rocks also deal damage as you glitch in between them. And if you get in/on the treetop at steep hills you'll enter the "hoverbug state". So jungle combat will be nice... once you get used to the typical Arma flaws. There are two things from the player and modder perspective that "could be better": First thing has to do with indestructible buildings. Not sure if it's because it's still dev and not all models are finished but not all enterable buildings like the one at fuel stations have a destroyed model. No matter how much C4 you use you won't be able to destroy it's structure. In mods that allow base building this is a huge advantage and makes it far too easy to build a super safe base. Second thing is the number of enterable buildings in some areas like the harbor. Both the containers and the factory buildings don't offer a lot of space for loot piles and may become dead and useless zones in mods that rely on looting. (Nearly every small village on the early DayZ Chernarus map had this issue.) ...and some minor map things: - [12091.2,9219.69,0] The mud track goes a bit too far on the road. - La Rochelle [9552.27,13505.9,0], [9533.22,13384.3,0] / Ovau[12371.3,12704.5,0] Where will the water flow here? I think there are some tubes missing. - Not sure if it's just me but the wave breaker barriers look weird as some objects don't connect to the rest of it. So the basically float in the air. (It will be hard to keep track of all these map issues on the bugtracker. Wouldn't it be easier if the Devs would set up a Leaflet map where everyone could place markers and assign issues? For example a new ticket "missing water tubes" in the category "missing objects" plus these 3 markers.)
  3. seb3sec

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Would also like to see some more specific information about the playstyle. I'd like to know if a group is restricted to first person view or if they are using scopes (and other high tech military stuff) in their operations. There is a difference between the Shactac style (no or just 1x scopes) and groups where you are free to choose your loadout as long as you play your role. The "attitude" is actually not helping here (again Shacktac has "Semi-realism", but how exactly is that defined? It's more like "Realism" imo).