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    Getting stuck on the MP loading screen

    Quoting myself here for context. So far we have not had any problems other than missions with the respawn settings above (we are using the newest MCC as well). We did some testing and for now it seems that changing respawnOnStart = 1; to respawnOnStart = 0; fixes our problem.
  2. I mean the update they call update 11 on their steam workshop page, v1.1 on Armaholic. Sorry, I should have made that clearer! You can read more about the issue here, here and here. Just to be clear, I'm not trying to dissuade anyone from using this mod. As I said, we had a lot of fun with it! Just giving a heads up to people using AiA TP.
  3. That's a pretty good terrain, our group used it until update 11 and had a lot of fun with it. I would like to point out that since update 11 it is no longer compatible with AllinArma Terrain Pack as it throws errors and buildings disappear on terrains like Takistan. I asked around and apparently this mod is not meant to be used with other mods at the same time, so keep that in mind if you are using multiple other mods.
  4. NessunoNL

    Getting stuck on the MP loading screen

    Some more info: My group has been dealing with this issue for a while and luckily it only appears every now and then. What I have noticed is that the problem only occurs in missions with the following respawn settings: respawn = 3; respawnDelay = 5; respawnOnStart = 1; respawnDialog = 0; respawnTemplates[] = {"Base", "Counter", "MenuPosition", "MenuInventory"}; respawnTemplatesVirtual[] = {}; The loading screen sometimes hangs at exactly the same point when testing one of those missions on my client on a LAN-server. However, after a couple of seconds it will go away and the respawn menu will show an already finished countdown. We have not experienced this issue with missions that have no respawning. I first reported that loading into a mission on the same map in the singleplayer editor before rejoining the server would solve this problem but that has since been debunked. I guess we were just lucky when that happened.
  5. This is looking amazing! Looking forward to it very much, keep up the good work!
  6. NessunoNL

    Getting stuck on the MP loading screen

    Our group is having similar issues. For us it seems to happen while joining after a mission has already started. We are not using any of the mods described above. It should be noted that sounds of what's happening at spawn & background noises are there, but it just won't put us beyond the loading screen. Could using a headless client have anything to do with it? Edit: I think it might have something to do with an error that we've been getting for ages "/soundbipoddeploy ....". The error pops up for .2 of a second and then disappears, leaving the loading screen. What I did was to load into a playable unit in the editor on the same map and then loading into the mission on the server after that and it worked again.
  7. Just did some testing, no problems with other files. If I download Ca.pbo plus other files at the same time the download hangs.
  8. I have retried a couple of times, problem stays the same, The DEBUG console is showing me this, which isn't much, while the ftp server interface displays this. I had a friend try the same thing and it worked perfectly for him, like it did for you. As a side note, he uses Windows 7 and I'm on Windows 10. Maybe that has some effect?
  9. Yes, this definitely fixes the problem we have been having! It does not work perfectly yet though. It downloads the complete file but doesn't finish it, staying like this. When I manually cancel the download after it is complete, the file is completely on my drive and works like it should.
  10. Hello. Me and my Arma 3 group have switched from PlayWithSix to Arma3Sync a couple of months ago, and so far we're enjoying it very much! So first of all, thank you. Since we updated our modpack however, we've been experiencing some problems with one specific mod: URAL. What happens is that the client tries to download the mod which consists of multiple PBO's, and all goes perfectly fine until it arrives at 'Ca.pbo', which has a size of 3,5 GB. When it reaches 2 GB exactly, it says it is finished and stops the download, leaving the file incomplete. I have tried rebuilding the repository multiple times to no effect. Then I did some testing and connected to our FTP-server using Filezilla to try downloading it. When I tried that, it downloaded the complete file with no errors. Are there any suggestions on how to fix this issue that we're having? Thanks in advance!