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  1. ArmA Hunger Games Status: currently in Beta. Currently supported Maps: HungerIslands(custom), Stratis. At Hunger Games there is one goal for the player, to be the last man standing. All Players spawn in a circle with vehicles around and crates inside it. Players can decide if they wanna stock up and go rambo style or take their chances into the wilderness. Everything is possible. Alliances are possible, but short lived. There can only be one winner. If after the gametime is up no winner was found all will die. Features: Custom Map HungerIslands. Custom Hunger, Thirst, hunting system. Custom HUD with Health, HitPoint, Hunger, Thirst, Game Status Display. Custom random Loot/Crate System. Custom (Circle)SpawnSystem. No Fatique no Stamina. Custom Bleeding System. Custom Safe/Hunting-Zone System. Custom Weather System. Jump Script. Mod is created for a fast paced survival PVP Gameplay (1 Round takes max 50 minutes). Supports 32 to 96 Players. Win-Lose Statistics(WIP) and much more! You will need to download the mod from Steamworkshop in order to join a server. For more info about Systems etc open Map->Briefing ingame. Link to Mod http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=564434094 Inspired by the novel/movie 'The Hunger Games'. List of Mods included: ASDG Jointrails. Community Upgrade Project weapons pack. FHQ M4-A4 pack. FHQ Accessories. UIcorrections by Beazley. Recoil Weapon reduction by Lao Fei Mao. RH Pistols. Kiory SR25. C1987 MP7. Good luck have fun. Hope to see you ingame soon!
  2. This solved my issue, Thank You so much. :)
  3. Sorry for pushing this old thread, but anyone got a fix for this? I am trying to setVariable foreach player on server and then read it from client, but the variable is never synced to the client. Server: { _x setVariable["myTestVar",1.0,true]; _x setVariable["myTestVar2",1.0,true]; }forEach playableUnits; Client: waitUntil{!isNil (player getVariable "myTestVar")}; diag_log("myTestVar success"); waitUntil{!isNil (player getVariable "myTestVar2")}; diag_log("myTestVar2 success");
  4. YeY

    MP unit switch.

    Just execute your scripts one by one again. Or create a script which executes the other scripts / mod inits and run this on first Spawn and then after using the selectPlayer.