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  1. Hey Everyone, I have been playing arma for a long time like most of you. I have been into coding for a good amount of time, and I have done something similar to this before in the past (Project SnowBacon). But I am making a personnel management system, It is a standalone program separate from arma and I need your help to find out what would be the best things to put into it. The program is based around making it easier for units to manage their users, operations, trainings, etc(I.E Keep track of attendance, make comments of performance, after action reports for operations,etc). Later on down the road once I have the main points of the program in place I want to have it connect into your arma 3 server to give you personalized reports on each user as added information based on rounds fired and % of which hit the target, etc. I have a lot of ideas for which direction this can go in and I need your ideas. Hopefully I get some good one from you guys 🙂
  2. ?? I couldn't find it no matter how much I searched but I might of just been what I searched didn't bring it up. I kept getting tutorials on intro camera and stuff. Thank you everyone.
  3. I am hoping that someone would be able to help me with this. I need to make a security camera that I can place on the map into a jail cell. Then i need to be able to take all of the cameras and display them on their own monitors/TV's. I have been trying to figure out how to do this but i have no clue. please help
  4. I'm not so much looking for people to work with cause the main point of this project for me was to improve my C# and development skills. I was mainly looking for feedback for this application.
  5. Djoutlowd

    New York City

    I agree but it does put some limitation on mission makers. For example if they wanted to uses the baseball field as a rebel out post, In this version they cannot because it has been taken up by a base. The many broken vehicles also put unnecessary stain on people's computers
  6. Djoutlowd

    New York City

    It would be amazing if there was a version that did not have all of the wrecked cars and extra items. It is great with that but it limits what people can use the map for.
  7. Project SnowBacon I have been working on a Police Database program for the Arma 3 Community mainly for Life Roleplay groups. The program is still in very early stages of development but it moving along quickly. Project SnowBacon is a separately run program that is meant to run outside of the Arma 3 game as an individual program. It currently features a Login System, HIstory Search System, Radio Frequency Page, On-Duty Officers Page, Admin System, and an Online Users Page. As I said before the program is still in early stages of development and a lot more features will be added to the program. The Program uses an Online Database to store and manipulate data from multiple systems simultaneously. This is the normal user's homepage which allows access to all of the many functions that are going to be in the program. The identity Search page allows you to do a search on a suspect to get information like prior history with the police department, if he/she is a criminal or if he/she has any active warrants. It also features a suspect image but it does not currently function. It is a pre-loaded image. The Radio Frequency Page allows an organized page to allow all departments to be allowed to know the corresponding frequencies that they need to be on or if they need to contact another department. It will soon be able to be updated by an administrator allows ease of access when it comes to changing the frequencies. This is the Homepage for an Admin. The only different feature that it provides is the button to access the Admin Page. This is the Admin Page. It doesn't feature much right now because the program is still in early development and more features will be added in the future. This is the Online Users page for Admins. There are going to be more features added to this page to make it easy for administrators to get and change information for users. Project SnowBacon still needs a lot of work and that is why I would like to get suggestions and feedback from the Arma 3 community to help make this program something special. If you have any suggestions or feedback in relations to this Program please feel free to comment on this post or send me a message directly. Thank you for your interest. P.S. The Codename is SnowBacon because I'm Canadian and you can probably guess the other part.
  8. I am currently working on a police database program that will run as an independent program meaning that is no a mod for Arma 3. I am hoping it will be used in Arma 3 Life communities that do Police, Civilian, and Criminal Role Play. I am looking to the Arma 3 Community to get different suggestions from different people about what I should have in the program. Just some information. Uses an Online Database for ease of access and operations on multiple computers. A login system that will provide separate logins for each member of your police force to restrict and permit access to certain functions in the program. A history search that will provide a great system to bring up peoples past history A ticket and citation system that allows you to keep track of peoples past history in conjunction with the history search and there are many more possibilities to add with the help of the Arma 3 Community. If you have any ideas that you might think beneficial to add to this program please feel free to let me know. Thank you for taking an interest.
  9. Djoutlowd

    Healing script help

    My bad for posting in the wrong spot, and thanks man. :)
  10. I have been getting into arma 3 scripting lately and i made a simple script the other day but i had an idea to improve it but i don't know how. The script is This addaction ["heal","setdamage 0"] It gives your player a scroll wheel to heal your player and other players. It is gonna be used with in my current arma 3 milsim unit. It gets annoying when its all ways in your scroll wheel menu or when you look at someone else so i would like to change it so it will only so up for you or anyone else if they are injured. Thanks for reading, -SSg. R. Austin [104th] Enclosure Teamspeak: 4ts.4thrrs.co.uk:27022 Website: 104thidru.enjin.com
  11. Djoutlowd

    Arma 3 FanArt

    Really awesome
  12. i am a part of an arma 3 unit and we need more then one admin. i dont know how to write code but i can understand some parts, i was looking through it and i noticed that it needs a persons UID from the game in order for someone to use. "if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["76561198083039115"]) then {" i was wondering if you could put more then one UID into the code and still get everybody with there UID in the coding to be able to use it at the same time. and like i said before i dont know how to write coding or scripts so could you posibly put it in a comment with just 5 UID slots in the coding. thanks - SSg. R. Austin [104th C.A.V]