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  1. scottdog62

    Making Ai never miss

    ok, il try that Greenfist
  2. scottdog62

    Making Ai never miss

    The AI is a passenger on top of the M113
  3. scottdog62

    Making Ai never miss

    ok, Tried doing that, not sure if AI will fire on troops ontop of an apc. What about just the fire command? I tried using that just so he will fire his weapon. but not sure what to put as m16 he doesn't fire, as he is firing an SVD(from unsung mod). _soldier fire "M16";
  4. For a mission I'm making I want to make a sniper take a shot at soldier and never miss. Is there a way I can do that? The target is going to be on top of a vehicle (M113), so i need the AI to hit him every time even if moving. will the AI be able to fire at targets ontop of vehicles? because sometimes they never fire. Also, i want to follow the bullet using bullet cam.
  5. Bulldozers has been freezing for me for some time and I have no idea how to fix it. The problem i have is it freezes when loading either at the start of the load or when it gets into the map like shown in the video. In the video buldozer loads for a long time then freezes at the end, and have to control + alt + delete to close it. Logs ===================================================================== == C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Tools\TerrainBuilder\TerrainBuilder.exe == "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Tools\TerrainBuilder\TerrainBuilder.exe" Exe timestamp: 2017/03/17 16:49:03 Current time: 2017/04/11 12:27:36 Type: Public Version: 140800 ===================================================================== Application initialization finished. Layer 'default' successfully loaded. Repair tool - Operation DONE in (0.0 s)! All layers seem to be valid. Connecting to buldozer... Warning: Connection Established... Creating landscape... Texturing surface... Creating objects... Creating road network... Closing connection to buldozer... Buldozer was terminated - Buldozer no longer responding to messages. Connection automatically closed.
  6. Trying to work on a charge script for one of my missions, still very much a beginner. What I want atm the moment is that so when the script is activated, the AI charge(move) forward, without stops and doing all the covering and fire ect. I'm also looking for a way to make the AI randomly fire their weapons at different times to each other during the charge. So the script needs to be activated by the init of the squad leader. // charge script { _x setUnitPos "UP"; _x disableAI "FSM"; _x disableAI "Cover"; _x disableAi "SUPPRESION"; } forEach units _this; _this setSpeedMode "FUll"; while {{alive _x} count units _this > 0} do { sleep 5; _this setCombatMode "BLUE"; sleep 10; _this setCombatMode "RED"; }; The way I've tried making the AI fire at different intervals is by changing their CombatMode with a loop, what i want is for the AI in the squad to randomly fire differently to each other. anyone know of a good way? Serena's helped with most of my script. And also I've finished a few noob tutorials for arma 3 scripting, anyone know of any good tutorials that are just a step up from fockers beginner tutorial?
  7. scottdog62

    basic script help

    Ok that works in the init. I'm trying now to make the script be called from null=group this execvm "charge.sqf' "; SquadControl = { { _x setunitpos "UP"; _x disableAI "FSM"; _x disableAI "Cover"; _x disableAi "SUPPRESION"; } forEach units _this; _this setSpeedMode "FUll"; _this setBehaviour "CARELESS"; while {{alive _x} count units _this > 0} do { { _x setCombatMode "BLUE"; sleep 5; _x setCombatMode "RED"; sleep 5; } foreach units _this; } }; waitUntil {time > 0}; grp call SquadControl; I want them to only take aim and shoot every 5 seconds so i'v changed there "setCombatMode". the problem is I don't think its working. I've also tried adding grp = group this I'm not getting any errors ingame. any help appreciated.
  8. scottdog62

    X-Cam 1.0 for Arma 3 released

    Hey guys, I'm using xcam and when i export to TB using Absolute values, then pack my map using pboProject in game the slope function doesn't work and comes out like this. http://imgur.com/a/iujdq and the train tracks come out like this. Is there a reason why the function isn't working for me? And is there a way around this?
  9. scottdog62

    basic script help

    Moving further into the script. { _x setunitpos "up"; _x disableAI "FSM"; _x disableAI "Cover"; _x disableAi "SUPPRESION"; } forEach units group _this; while {Alive leader1} do { { _x setSpeedMode "FUll"; _x setBehaviour "CARELESS"; sleep (2 +(random 4)); _x setBehaviour "COMBAT"; sleep (1 + (random 2)); } forEach units group _this; }; Leader1 is the name I gave the leader of the group. (not sure how to make it the entire squad). I'm trying to get the AI to change there Combat mode from CARELESS to COMBAT every few seconds. The problem is that the AI won't move, the leader just stays put and the squad just raises and lowers their weapons, going from COMBAT to CARELESS mode.
  10. scottdog62

    basic script help

    @serena Ok yes, that makes sense;
  11. scottdog62

    basic script help

    Ah yes thanks for the help. zulu1 that works for the individual unit but not for the whole group. thanks f2k sel, ah yes that what I was looking for. thanks
  12. scottdog62

    basic script help

    Works if I put the code in the units init box, but not when activating it from script.
  13. scottdog62

    basic script help

    tried that, keeps coming up with "Init: Type Script, Expected Nothing". when using execVM.
  14. Trying to get this simple script to work Charge.sqf { _x setunitpos "up"; _x disableAI "FSM"; _x disableAI "Cover"; _x } forEach units _this; I'm trying to make a script, so that when i activate it in the group leaders Init box, all the AI in the squad stand up and disable FSM, ect. I put " 'this exec "charge.sqf' ". in the group leaders Init box. The problem is its not working.. And I'm unsure of the order to put the code in. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  15. scottdog62

    beginer scripting help

    hey thanks for the help, getting more of a grasp of how things work.