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  1. If Alamut RPG and AT rounds are left at the crates when leaving the base you one won't find them when one comes back. Few other weapons and ammo I tested are not affected. Alamut HE rounds are not affected. What crate an Alamut is left in does not matter. Specifics of my setup - I managed to scrounge Titan launcher at the previous missions. So there're two launchers at the base. May be that creates the problem. A somewhat similar bug used to be in the 1.5xx Arma 3 - if 6.5 LMG and 6.5 rifle suppressors were left at the base - one of them would disappear.
  2. rmroman

    "Assault Copter' The Mi-28 and Mi-24.

    1. 20th OMSBR is not quite a run of the mill unit. 2. I'm talking exactly about regular TOE not a once in a life time event. Even modern Russian SpecOps use another weapon as a part of standard TOE. 3. VSS is not suitable for a DM or sniper role. It was constructed up to very special requirements that it brilliantly fulfills. But they are way far from the regular army sniper role. So here come low VSS production numbers, ammo cost and its meager annual production as well.
  3. 1. It might be lost in time but HESCO bastions were originally created for construction not for military applications. The picture here is about construction I believe. 2. Corvinus, would you mind providing some URLs about HESCO bastions used by Russian military in any significant numbers?
  4. Nope. They use concrete slabs and sacks stuffed with sand. Like here: http://lenta-kazan.ru/uploads/posts/2014-05/1400252003_34_main.jpg
  5. rmroman

    "Assault Copter' The Mi-28 and Mi-24.

    1. VSS is not part of a standard TOE. Effective range is too low, ammo is too rare and expensive, requires too much training to use. SVD is used. 2. Your forgot RPG and GP underbarrel GL. 3. SVDS is used with airborne troops exclusively. Weighs more - no point unless absolutely necessary. 4. Application of the high tech stuff you mentioned vary from strictly mil show to "once in a life time". But you forgot thermal and image enhancing scopes - elite troops have them in numbers.
  6. rmroman

    "Assault Copter' The Mi-28 and Mi-24.

    I'd correct quick passes vs hovers. Quick passes are for CAS. Gunships were originally designed for an AT warfare so the intention was for ATGMs to be launched to long distance from a hover. It implies a European theater like warfare. Fixed continuous lines of contact, long distance shooting, low MANPAD threat. Besides there's no way to target original SACLOS missiles on the move. And even for modern ATGMs if the helo paints the target all by itself (Hellfire) or guides the missile (Russian Vikhr or Ataka) then it flies a more or less straight path if not hovers.
  7. rmroman

    "Assault Copter' The Mi-28 and Mi-24.

    Lots of flares within a short time is a pure air show stunt. Both Russian and American gunships usually shoot two flares every few seconds when in danger.
  8. rmroman

    "Assault Copter' The Mi-28 and Mi-24.

    Though Mi-24 (current export designation Mi-35) has an 8 person troop compartment it is not used as a transport in real combat situations. Troop compartment was designed in as a theoretical exercise with Russian forces having no prior combat experience in gunships. In reality Mi-24 is used as a "pure" gunship and Mi-8/Mi-17 as a medium transport helo. Mi-24 turned to be underpowered for hot and/or high altitude missions plus it's too valuable as a CAS/escort asset to risk a landing. Mi-24 transport compartment was used in three situations: 1. Base to base relocation/transport. 2. Immediate rescue whereas a buddy helo would extract a downed crew. 3. A stock of arms plus a technician to reload at a quick "pit-stop" near AO.