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  1. James Flint

    Infinity Life RPG is seeking developers

    We looked over your work, and was wondering what you want in return ? Feel free to reach out to us in more private matter (ts3.infinityliferpg.com) Best Regards, James
  2. James Flint

    Willing to Write SQF Scripts

    Alright, Just wrote you an PM giving some details on what I need. If you got the time you can write back to me. Cheers, James Flint
  3. James Flint

    Exporting mission in EDEN

    You could just open the map (M) and copy/paste everything over. You wont be able to format the 3D mission back to 2D. But by clicking on M in the 3D editor you will be able to open op a map which works the same as the 2D.
  4. James Flint

    Exporting mission in EDEN

    If you need to send the mission to someone else, you'll need to stay away from the "export" option and just save it. Then go and find it under documents - Arma 3 - mpmissions
  5. Hello, Infinity Life RPG is a life mod, based around how RP should be.. Hardcore. We want to do as City Life does, but better. We believe the way CL is doing some things is the right way, so this is our attempt to make up for the A3L scandal. All our current models are either given to us (as source files) or made by ourself. Nothing is stolen, and this is the way we intend to keep it. We're therefor seeking developers who want to take part in our journey and help us finish it up. You will be able to get paid as soon as we get live, maybe even before and you'll be offered a permanent admin position. What we expect: - A mature person willing to take part in our community and help build it up so we all can call it our project. - Maybe a scripter or modeller, maybe even a terrain builder. - Willing to take on admin position or stay permanent as developer for us. We do understand new life mods is considered as "stealing sons of bitches" thanks to Caiden, but you'll need to understand that not all of us is Caiden. And this is not a Arma 3 Project Life, or A3L. We indeed on following all rules set by copyright owners and Bohemia. Sounds interesting ? Contact details: E-mail: Admin@InfinityLifeRPG.com TS: Ts3.infinityliferpg.com Forum: infinityliferpg.com Or use the PM system on BIS. My name is James Flint, my partner is Sicarius, feel free to get in touch with on of us. Thanks for taking the time to read my thread. Best Regards, James Flint
  6. James Flint

    Willing to Write SQF Scripts

    Still looking for work ? I see this is a bit old, so want to hear if you're still doing scripts. Best Regards, Babylon
  7. James Flint

    Campaign Help

    The mission you're asking help for, just did it again.. They say "retreat to the rogan base", the base you was dispatched from. If you're headed towards the airfield, no wonder you're having issues completing it :)
  8. James Flint

    Lack of map object interaction/IDs in Eden

    I tried the above intrustion from Orion with no luck. But its ok.. My real question is.. 1. Can I delete fences like before, without using the ID? 2. If i delete objects with ID will it revert the removal after the 2D editor stops being supported? 3. Is there any way to delete lets say all structures within a radius.