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  1. i can understand this. But what do you mean with A3HC Module?
  2. Hello Mad_cheese! Its a really great mod and i really like to use it, but unfortunately it is not really suitable if you have many mods running. I use it for playing DUWS and other CTI Missions. I like the possibility to switch of the NUM-Pad commands because i dont use them. I use voice commands so your tool is way to rich for my purposes. The command module for the HC does not work at all. the markers are missing and there are a lot of other bugs actually. If it would work it would be nice, but i just give simple commands to HC-AI so i would rather use the vanilla HC-Command menu. So and here is my question. Is there, or could you implement, a possibility to switch of modules in C2? I mean i just use the circle menu, and nothing else. And i need the C2-buttons for other stuff. Sometimes i use the planning mode, but i like the tablet. It has more immersion for me to use this. Thanks for your answer Servus
  3. My Internet search wasnt quiet successfull. There are some CruiseControl Mods and Scripts but nothing which fits my conditions. Im looking for a mod or a script which alows to set a speedlimit in game for the friendly AI and selfcontrolled vehicles. Has anyone an idea how to realize such? Or does anyone know a mod which includes this. I know AGM mod has such a feature and ACE3 also, but i just need this limiter solely, i dont like to use the full packages. I also dont want to use it in multiplayer. Thank you for your answers. Cheers Skanda
  4. Hello! Im looking for a command that gives the class type of a unit. Here is an example: hint format ["Hello %1, my name is %2 %3, what do you want?", name _caller, rank _unit, name _unit]; It then says: Hello Skanda, my name is SEARGEANT Michaels, what do you want? But i would like to have the class of the unit exported. In this case this is an Officer, but it could be a Grenadier or Medic or what ever Soldierclass. It should say: Hello Skanda, my name is Officer Michaels, what do you want? So I am looking for a variable that returns the classtype, not the classname or the name. Thank you for your help. Skanda
  5. Hey Saok! Could you eventually share your whole data concerning WLA and WLT. I mean all the lists and stuff that is necessary to entangle the scripts. The files to overhaul the GUIs would be nice cause with the existing one it is not possible to open the existing GUIs. And could yo eventually share everything that you used to setup this mission. Excelfiles and other txt files which are not included in the mission files. I get deeper into scripting and planning a complete overhaul over the mission... thank you Cheers Skanda
  6. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/166983-cfs-custom-formations/ This is the custom formations mod but its a bit cluncky to use. Thank you for your fast answer. looking forward to the next version. Cheers Skanda
  7. hey madcheese! Is it possible to turn of some functions? Can you explain which module does what. I would like to use all functionality except the indicator stuff which uses the numpad keys. thank you for your answer. And some suggestions: It would be great if you could integrate more functions from WWAI menu. For example "put on nightvision", so that the WWAI Menu is not needed anymore. Another great functionality would be if there were a possibility to use more particular formations or if you are able to create custom formations. (There is a mod which already fullfills this.) And yet another thing which im missing and there is not even a mod for it. A possibility to limit the speed for AI drivers to, for example, walking speed, slow normal and fast. Thank you very much for the great mod. Cheers Skanda
  8. Looking for a mod to limit speed of friendly AI vehicle drivers independent if the player is in the vehicle or outside. It would be best if one could toggle walking speed, slow, normal and fast. Script would also be ok. maybe i can integrate this into a mission like DUWS or WLA. Thanks
  9. Do you guys can help me. I would like to integrate a script into my mission with which i can limit the speed of a given ground vehicle. The vehicle is either controlled by squad AI or by the player. For example: If you press a given key when you driving, or giving a command to an AI driver of a squadmember the limit of the vehicle is set to a certain number. When you press again, the speed limiter is off. I have no scripting skills at all, so this makes it quiet difficult for me though. Tried to look at the scripts of AGM and ACE but they do not quite help me. I think if one has more clue than i, it is not a big deal. Thank you in advance Cheers Skanda
  10. Thank you for the nice mod, really great for a Singleplayer just like me. But there is a suggestion too: It would be great if you could add a speed limiter for AI. I mean it would be nice to tell the driver that it cannot go faster than walking speed for example. There should be around 4 stages. Walking Speed, Slow, Normal, Fast. So then you can keep the crew in the apc and just advance slowly with your men on the flanks.... Or you can keep the APC on overwatch, and order it to follow up in slow speed, step by step. Can you imagine how awesome it must be? Or maybe some of you guys know a mod which fullfills what i just explaned. So let me know. Thank you very much. Cheers Skanda
  11. I have no radio voice sound output in the missions. Or at least sometimes i do have some. Is it a bug? How to fix that. I can just see the text messages but there is no voice at all. Thank you for your answer. Cheers Skanda
  12. SaOk gave his permission to modify and reupload:
  13. Some times it does but sometimes not. I thought to give them a backpack prevents scripted gear from beeing sorted out by not having sufficient room for it. Sometimes when you add gear to AI some mags are left out, dont know what the problem is exactly. I think its when you fill the backbacks or unifoms completely full. I use the loadout transfer mod to get rid of this problem. Whenever i call for suppies, i call in the cargo net box, this is actually empty but you can enter the loadout transfer there and swap loadouts to your teammates. I saved all custom loadouts and give the loadouts to the soldiers whatever class they represent. Not that realistic but im presuming that they send just the gear my men are carrying. :) And here are the answers to questions I had: GUIcode.sqf: changes the colors of the screen fonts To find the proper color you would like to have i could recommend this tool: http://www.hexcolortool.com/#688d9c,0.5 I choose to use the same color like i use for ARMA 3 GUI in general. this tool fits exactly to what kind of mix arma uses. RGBA, Red Green Blue and Alpha. For all of you who are interested in developing WLA further wouldnt you like to start an own forum topic where we can exchange all files? Or does anybody has a another idea where we can exchange our versions of WLA? I would really appreciate that alot. I already made a chernarus rhs version (just woodland camo on all soldiers and vehicles, and appropriate civilians and civilian cars). I think this could really be worth sharing. And i also would like to play your versions maybe on different maps or with different mods. If you would like to talk about you can add me on steam: Kartikeya
  14. Wrote a topic with some questions: Found the answers already. gearsupport.sqf - here you can exchange the classnames of the vanilla gearboxes with RHS gearboxes, unfortunatly i did not figure out how to implement a custom gearbox. The RHS ones are huge. StartDialog.sqf - If you change the RHS UCP unifoms to for instance MARPAT uniforms your soldiers use them from start. I also added a backback, cause the loadouts are always out of ammo. SaOK: Can you say where the scripts for static launchers are. In the build menu are still the vanilla ones and i would like to change them to RHS. And where and how can i adjust the colors of the screen fonts. This strange orange hurts my eyes. Thank you Cheers Skanda
  15. Finally!!! You made my day. SaOk thank you very much for that. do i understand you correctly, you wont come back modding WLA but you allow others to develop the project further, am i right? Hey Robot! This is exactly what i wanted to do but i do not have the skills for it. Could share your files with us some how?
  16. SaOk could as you are not continuing could you at least provide a description what the major sqf does. I already changed alot of things but to find what i need takes quit a lot of time. A general guidline would be nice but could you answer the following questions: Which file do i need to change to get RHS or other mods equipment into an support ammobox paradropped? I would also like to erase all vanilla vehicles and weapons from the game, where are they located? Some ingame menus are not affected by the mods, which are they and where can i find them? I would like to play WLA on Helvantis as well? Which files do i need to change to realize that? Please dont abandon the community.
  17. I play it in singleplayer game mode. It always lags realy badly every 30 seconds the frames drop without any reason. tried it without mods, with mods, with settings high and low. always the same. Really bad lags. I thought its combined with EDEN-Update, but on other Missions like WLA i dont have this problem. Any clues?
  18. i use bcombat... works pretty good in WLA
  19. I don't know. I'm a more solution oriented person and don't want to stick to the problem as you do. I would really like to try to convince you developing WLA further but it seem there is no way. If i understand you correctly, than it is neither the money nor the contest. It is just that you haven't got the appreciation from BI that you thought you earn for this. I think you are blind if you don't see the appreciation of the people who are playing your mod. (Which is, in my point of view more important.) So there are to parties who either be grateful or not. And with not further developing WLA you are just affronting those people who really appreciating it alot. I think the only people who loose are the players out there. BI doesn't care about either the players or the modders. It's visible in all the bugs that get never fixed. So... Fuck them. It's just a company. Here again is my proposal: Open up a payPal account and try to get some money out of it: I would pay for WLA, and i think alot of people will do the same. Then you could kill two birds with one stone: Earning some money for you effort and emancipate from BI. And here is another solution: Give your work to somebody who could go on with it and cares more about the players than about what a company thinks about him. What do you think about?
  20. SaoK, what do you care about BIS? the community tells you how good your work actually is.What is the left? Is it just the financial aspect. So why don't you just sell your product then. I don't know how many people loaded WLA, but if you would sell it for a small amount of money i guess lots of people will buy it. I would because i just play singleplayer and WLA is really the best for it. And i think its ok if you would not like to go on further, but its really childish not to allow others to develop it further... I mean: "Boy you are not allowed to go out and play football! OK, then i refuse to eat then, and will never eat again.... Come on.