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  1. TheRiddick

    Linux - Textures always reset to Low

    Thought I drop in and say this still occurs with mesa 17.04, I have a FuryX and run at 4k (was able to get 50-60fps with most things on high minus blur). I did notice if I drop it down to 88% scaling I can select the high texture option which appears to persist so I guess that is one work around. I hope the devs working on this port can get 1.68 and fix this texture limit issue, there was a time not long ago where it would not work correctly at all with MESA (except in the VR mode or middle of ocean), so good progress has been made. I don't know if battleeye works or not, can't seem to connect to any servers atm even thought some are 1.64.
  2. TheRiddick

    Are they going to update for Mac?

    Heres the problem with Mac, its stuck with OpenGL4.1... Mac won't allow or support any OGL above that, they also have their own CLOSED API called Metal API, Apple likes BLOCKING software (even open-source) by ensuring the drivers for their platform never support them, such as OGL4.2-4.5 and Vulkan. This as you imagine makes developing under Mac rather difficult, BIS(I mean the 3rd party company) will need to effectively disable allot of higher graphics functions in their Mac versions of the game in order to make it run, this should be doable but is a rather pain in the butt to manage. If BIS someday decide to use Vulkan, they can 'probably' use a Vulkan to Metal API conversion tool that the community will no doubt come up with. Apple has REALLY shot themselves in the foot with their extremely closed platform, essentially blocking 'certain' open-source projects like Vulkan/OGL4.2++. Its going to destroy development for the platform in time, unless Metal API comes to Linux and Windows also (this will never happen).
  3. TheRiddick

    Public Beta

    I hope BIS understands that the egg needs to come before the chicken in this situation. I will be interested in buying APEX (as a upgrade?) but only IF they update the port versions to work online with Windows users (that means 1.60+ and battleye). I can live with the smaller issues for the time being (such as texture resolution selection issues and OSS not working right). Atm Linux is undergoing allot of driver updates and development, the AMDGPU-PRO driver is still beta thus most people will not use it (the AMD website also mis-informs people on what hardware it can function under). NVIDIA seems to be for the most part driver ready under Linux however. Anyway, if ARMA3 and APEX is there in the Steam Linux store, it will be bought over time as Linux stuff comes out of beta and makes it more viable platform. I don't think its a good idea to just WAIT, Linux users are not like Windows users whom only buy the NEWEST titles released in that week, Linux users will seek out games that work on their platform, even if there not new releases...
  4. TheRiddick

    Idea for official support funding!

    A better solution would be BIS to move their engine to Vulkan API, that way ALL windows platform users can benefit as well as making it MUCH easier for them to offer a Linux port. I dunno what BIS thinks about Vulkan but they haft to realize its a good option to offer Windows 7to10 users benefits also! (DX12 is Win10 and XB1 ONLY) PLUS having Vulkan support will generate publicity for BIS and ARMA3+Products. There just isn't many announcing support in existing games atm so it would definitely raise some eyebrows, if BIS Dev's feel they have the skill to make it happen that is..
  5. I'm not sure what the framerate is with the Open driver, but I noticed only VR worked and Ocean spawning worked. Good to know it works with latest now, however I only got 25fps at the time. With the closed driver I get 50-60fps at 4k resolution with decent graphic settings. There is a workaround to getting AMDGPU-PRO working on Arch based systems (Manjaro), don't have link sorry.
  6. Just thought I mention that the game runs pretty good with the recent AMD beta driver release (not open-source one). In fact allot of games run pretty good now, and I run at 4k with a 390x card, the website says only certain cards work, but what AMD was meant to say is those cards are whats tested. Many have it running on other hardware. A few things to note for new whipper snappers. 1) Driver works on more then whats listed, even reports of people with GCN1.0 hardware getting it working. 2) Is UBUNTU based for the moment as its beta 3) I have tested it with Kernel 4.6 and that works well, your mileage may vary with older kernels. 4) Mutter and certain Window Managers can cause WHITE SCREEN issue, I use compton without any troubles. 5) You need a patch to resolve Feral Interactive Games not working (not ARMA3 luckily), COH2 doesn't do so well performance wise but SOM is GREAT! -ask me if you need a link to the patch url 6) Follow AMD instructions on website closely, be sure to install Vulkan part also, it really is quite easy, if you get any issues try uninstalling and reinstalling driver. Note down any issues you face and come ask, I 'MAY' be able to help.
  7. TheRiddick

    SITREP #00146: 1.54 greenlit for Mac & Linux

    Think there is a ALSA config fix for the scratchy sound issue (can help) but I can't really remember what it was, something about unhashing something in Alsa config to do with timings.
  8. TheRiddick

    Public Beta

    The new version has low texture setting issue, and for me and open-source drivers AMD 390x I get issues loading the scenery, I can spawn ok in VR or FAR out in the ocean on a boat but if I travel toward the island (any) it crashes within 3-4km range. I did submit a bug report when it crashed so maybe someone will resolve the issue. By memory it mentioned some problem with a texture shader issue.
  9. TheRiddick

    Linux - Textures always reset to Low

    I'm actually having this issue on OSS drivers and 390x card. However I also have issue whenever I spawn or travel within 4km of a island (can use VR and spawn in far OCEAN ok).
  10. TheRiddick

    Public Beta

    Well there is 1.58 soon no? Perhaps they have decided to get a Vulkan build going which will mean they could make patches internally instead of paying a company every time they release a major update? If that is the case drivers for vulkan are in their infancy with AMD having nothing for Linux yet (no surprise) which means it could be another couple months wait... Wish they give a news statement about what they intend to do for the coming months for Linux build. I do think Linux is the way to go for gaming in the long run considering the scary stuff MS are doing atm, BIS might one day find themselves trapped in a MS environment with no leg to stand on (I.E. forced to publish through MS with there twisted views)
  11. TheRiddick

    Public Beta

    Hopefully once Vulkan comes out BIS will realize that making their game work under that API will probably mean VERY easy porting to Linux/Mac(assuming Apple ALLOWS it). Perhaps that is what their waiting for? As for which videocards will support Vulkan, that is up to the hardware vendor, AMD is claiming they will support it for GCN 1.0 and above cards which should cover most people. Nvidia is putting ALLOT of effort into Vulkan support, so its hard to tell which Vendor will rain supreme with Vulkan.
  12. TheRiddick

    Public Beta

    There is a solution to the Linux and Mac BattleEye which I wonder if BI have considered? That is disable the requirement for BE for port clients and see how it goes, if people somehow find a way to cheat under those platforms (I doubt anyone would bother, most cheaters stick to windows for a reason!) then they can simply just turn it back on again. I think that's the easiest solution short term for BI to take!
  13. TheRiddick

    Public Beta

    Allot of people don't realise this when using Linux and gaming, but vsync for the most part is detrimental under Linux unless the game has a special implementation like Talos which allows fps between 30-60 without any real OVERHEAD. OpenGL in general hasn't been too nice with either AMD/Nvidia drivers when it comes to vsync options, you will get HUGE hits in performance attempting to use it. Maybe later this year we will see freesync/gsync and general improvements in the drivers for vsync if we're lucky. For the most part it's the drivers holding Linux back, AMD still fight with their customers on the performance issues but perhaps there is hope with AMDGPU someday.
  14. TheRiddick

    Public Beta

    Guys please be careful recommending Linux Distros to new comers, be aware OPEN SOURCE drivers don't work on ARMA3, and also that many closed sourced drivers won't function well under Kernel 4.2/4.3/4.4. Please stick with Kernel 3.19 or there abouts, and use the closed source drivers atm for this game (and probably in the future). I recommend Linux Mint MATE, Ubuntu MATE, maybe SteamOS (don't install the kernel 4.2 update). I would steer away from ARCH based Linux, its not beginner friendly IMO (Manjaro is ok I guess). Main point I would say is stay away from Plasma/KDE/Unity8/Gnome3 all those desktops as they are not suited for gamers, LOTS of bling but very few performance related considerations. I run ARMA3 at 50-60fps 4K with high to ultra settings (no blur/FSAA/DOF) with FGLRX and Ubuntu MATE 15.04 and latest FGLRX (kernel 3.19). On a 390X card which often performs worse then earlier models due to driver issues!
  15. TheRiddick

    Public Beta

    I think developing games for Linux is worth it now thanks to Valve and SteamOS giving it some attention. And AMD/NVIDIA are also developing new generation of drivers for their hardware, so the future looks good for Linux. Developers must just get over the lack of short term rewards, people will buy the game and gradually migrate over by having ARMA3 fully updated and functional in Linux. You can't realistically expect everyone to buy and play your game when its largely outdated and dysfunctional in multiplayer because of it (the main component). Most people will sit on the fence and WAIT until VP releases an update that allows Linux and Mac users to play on the Windows servers. Speaking of witch, doesn't the Linux dedicated server support BattleEye? is perplexing that it only allows for Windows users.