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  1. fallenfoxes

    Topology randomly changing

    For the sake of completing this: The issue was solved when I triangulated the mesh and made sure when exporting from Max in the obj export window under geometry to select 'triangles' under faces. That bit was key else the triangles would still break and become ngons without that. No, it wasn't a visual glitch, it legitimately created ngons. And when rendering dx, this proved that was unchanged.
  2. Hi, I've come across an unusual problem, not sure if any of you understand what's going on. I modelled the model in 3Ds Max and imported it into Object Builder but somehow it's changed the topology. It has removed lines where they should be and added them where they shouldn't. I've imported it in as both .3ds and .obj I have also imported a tri only version but to receive the same problem.
  3. fallenfoxes

    Imported obj model into O2

    I find that I can export a model from 3Ds Max and the sizes are different depending on if I save it out as a .fbx, .obj or .3ds - It might be the settings when you export it. Might be worth putting an example model in there for reference. Otherwise... as mentioned already, scale it.