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  1. You have wrong models. You have your units with uniform models instead of unit models For example: universerp_aums_off_duty model="\A3\Characters_F\Civil\c_poloshirtpants.p3d this is correct. The one below it is wrong: universerp_aums_recruit model="\A3\Characters_F\Common\Suitpacks\suitpack_universal_F.p3d This is incorrect. this model is for the uniform only. It should be the model for B_Soldier_F. IT's probably \A3\Characters_F\blufor...... not common. I don't know off the top of my head. But your rangemasters are all correct, I think. A good recommendation, that I use, I try not to include anything that I am not changing. If you have B_Soldier_F as your inheritance, If you don't change the model, just leave it out. I don't include modelSides[]={3,2,1,0}; either. The only time I include model on my units is if I had an inheritance for FIA units. They don't have a repair unit. so I can inherit a O_repair but I don't want the csat model, so I would find which FIA model I wanted. You also have no faction selected. Here is an example of what I leave in. author="Victim9l3"; _generalMacro="Guerrilla_Snow_SquadLeader1"; scope=2; side=0; faction="VCTM_GUERILLAS"; vehicleClass="VCTM_Guerrilla_Fighters"; editorSubcategory = "EdSubcat_Guerrilla_Snow_Infantry"; displayName="Guerrilla SquadLeader1"; uniformClass="Guerrilla_para2_uniform_D"; I hope this helped.
  2. I see a lot of packing error threads, But I don't see any tutorial or checklist on packing. Is there a checklist or format I can look at? For instance. When packing do I start at my project folder or my map folder. -My proj folder/name is victim913 -in that folder I have my map folder "victim913_siege", and I have cfgclutter.hpp, cfgSurfaces.hpp, config.cpp. -In my victim913_siege folder is my data and source folders and I have "victim913_victim913_siege.hpp", and "victim913_victim913_siege"------but I don't know if that is where those 2 files (hpp and wrp) go. -The rest should be in right place. I tried mikero's pboproject to pack but I don't know what settings I need to adjst. I tried packing starting at my project folder and ended up with an error. I also tried from my island folder but error came quickly. Any help appreciated. Oh also, if I used any other mods like jbad or cup, Do I just let everyone know that those mods are required? Or do I need to include them in my island?
  3. Its easiest to see with the Laws of War content. For example, the laws of war gave us new tents and tent covers and stretchers etc. The problem is that only ONE version of all of those are available. For example. The tents. only IDAP versions are available. No CSAT, NATO, AAF, etc are available. Actually only IDAP versions are available for all items. There is only 1 type of tent, I think its the closed one. I saw that the tent covers point to the IR masking covers from Tanoa, but only that csat texture is available. None of the LOW options show up. When comparing, I see that other items like those cargo houses that came with standard arma 3, each texture has it's own p3d model. So I looked at the laws of war stuff and there is only 1 p3d file for each object. So I wonder if bi changed the way the p3d's work with the different textures. Having the option to change textures in eden editor might be the cause. Also tanks have changed. In TB I sometimes import a tank or vehicle so that I have a reference while making my map. I was using The AAF tank. Without changing anything, the tank now shows up with camo nets on it. When I look at the pbo or look at library from TB, there is no difference. Meaning that there is no options for different versions or anything. So the standard p3d model comes with camo nets now. So my question is, how do I get access to the other textures? I know for a fact that I wanted the green stretchers for and a few objects from LOW like tents and stuff in my map. Thanks for any help. p.s. Since updating my bulldozer, I am constantly reminded to save. It never did that before. Its a good idea but seriously, every 5 minutes I get told. How do I shut it off? I tried F1 and going into game or video options but I cant make anything out. All the options are crammed together, some on top of each other and some boxes have nothing in them because the words are floating around on top of or under others..
  4. Victim_913

    Problem after problem tb/bd

    THANK YOU!!! :) That did it. I opened tools, Project drive management, install bulldozer.....It updated, and .....let there be light. I can't thank you enough. Every single time I post a queston, you answer and it works. Thank you. Is there a way to turn down the blackness of the cursor in bd. The last working bulldozer I had, had a completely transparent cursor. just a white box. I saw the link for other cursors but I am happy with the cursor, I just wish I could see through it.
  5. Victim_913

    Problem after problem tb/bd

    I did use arma3p. and updated it yesterday. The extraction was not the problem. I used TB and bulldozer successfully after the arma3p update. I used tb and bd, After I finished for the day, I shut down computer. I turned computer back on, opened steam, opened TB, I clicked on connect to bulldozer, I got the v:000...error. At the same time steam also showed a window saying arma 3 failed to start error 86. So I don't know what problem would cause this when the only thing I did was restart my pc. It looks like a steam error. I will try reinstalling steam but it says it is up to date.. Maybe you can tell me.....In terrain builder under tools, preferences, What do I need to change? The only thing I changed was the bulldozer exe path. I changed it from p: bulldozer exe to C: arma3 exe. Everything else stayed the same. Maybe I need to change something else? or maybe that wrong.
  6. I'm sorry to keep bugging, but I have used TB and BD successfully for 2 years without a single problem. In the last week, I have had one after another. After my other issues were solved, I was using TB and bull for a few hours. I restarted my computer and now I start getting these 2 errors. error v;000065432 and error 86. I searched online for those errors and did everything I could find that was suggested. I verified the integrity of my tools and it fixed 2 files....It always has to fix 2 files... Then I go remount p drive, I open TB and all my settings have been defaulted. I had to turn the sat tex, atts back on, I also had to change the bulldozer.exe to start from C:...arma3.exe.... I think that's the only thing that changed from before. I try to start bulldozer, it zooms in to a spot on map and then gives me error without opening BD. I repeated but this time I refreshed from source, my 3 raster layers, I rebuilt terrain, re generated layers and started BD and it still gives error. I have verified integrity so many times.. I have NO problem playing the game. So I don't get it. I am almost done with most of my map and I keep getting stuck. All I did was restart my pc and it changed everything. in tb I have preferences for bulldozer. the only change from default is my path to bulldozer exe. instead of p: bulldozer exe I have c; arma3 exe. It's been so long, I don't remember changing anything else. and a side note, just in case, I have arma 3 workshop content that is in mid download. I don't have data to waste on those mods at the moment, so I just keep it paused. But theose mods have nothing to do with it. I don't currently use those. Any help please. I've spent double the hours fixing it compared to how little I had it working this week. maybe 2 successful hours and 15 fixing hours it seems. Thanks
  7. Victim_913

    bulldozer stops early

    I got it working. arma3p has an update. after updating it worked. thanks
  8. Victim_913

    bulldozer stops early

    Thanks, you are correct, it IS common knowledge, but as I said above, I did not use the arma tools afterall. I used arma3p like you suggested. And my terrain builder path is exactly the same as it says in that link you supplied. My exe for bulldozer is the arma3.exe in C where the game is, not bulldozer exe in the P; I don't remember where I got that info but it all worked until now. Besides me moving the files and putting them back, and then I used the arma3p to "freshen up" with all bi updated pbo's, nothing is different. The only difference between it working and it not working was the Tank Dlc and the tools update. I did see that there was an arma tools update that got rid of a TB error, according to the sitrep. Maybe that interfered?
  9. I just updated tools and tanks dlc. Either the update ruined something or a problem backing up or etc... Problem: I open my island in TB just like normal. Everything is identical to previous save. But when I connect to bulldozer, problem. First, I used to get an error warning immediately, I click ok and it loads bulldozer. Then I got 2 other errors that I just "tab, enter" and both go away and everything works. NOW, I get no error and bulldozer finishes loading in 2 seconds Nothing but white terrain. Buildings are gone but I can still click on them. As if they were there. I notice that bulldozer is ready after the second init, which I think says loading surfaces, then stops. It used to take about 40 seconds, showing it loading layers and loading objects etc. but no longer. So something is causing it to finish before loading the rest. Since my last good save, besides updating. I tried using project drive management in tools. I never did that before. I saw that TB added support to jets dlc. So not knowing this was option, I clicked on extract game data. hoping the jets dlc would extract to p;. but it showed an error. So INSTEAD I saw that they were no longer ebos so I used mikeros tools to extract like normal. Another possible mistake. I moved my a3 folder in p; to a separate folder in case extract deleted something I needed. I also moved my project folder and terrain builder folder just in case. When I decided to do my normal way, I tried moving the a3 folder back. The first time I did it it moved everything in 1 second. Putting it back it said 1 hour. so I stopped in mid transfer. Undo was not an option. so I had partial folders in both places. So I used mikero tool to re extract all fresh. I figured since game has updated, it might be good anyway. It worked because TB everything was fine. Everything in TB seems to be correct. Paths still same, everything in folders was still the same. I even rebuilt terrain, refreshed my raster layers from source, rebuilt, generate layers etc. Everything is the same. But bulldozer stops loading. Please help. Thanks.
  10. My map was created using L3dt. Im wondering if anyone has any tips to make the satellite texture look real. Most maps have a real sat map that has different colors, textures, roads, etc. on them while new terrain is pretty much 1 color. For this, I am not talking about the mask with layers textures etc. I notice diff shapes and patterns that are difficult to replicate while still looking authentic. different fields, farms, forests, etc. I know how to do this in gimp/photoshop but i'm sure some of you have good suggestions that you worked through. Again, I don't need a painter tool, just a technique or something. The painter tool suggested to me will be good for the mask textures. I thought of adding this question to my thread for mask creation, but I thought this separate thread might make it easier to search for others. Thanks
  11. This is probably answered somewhere but, I'm in the middle of making my island and i'm focusing on the ground textures that are defined by the mask. Which setting do I change that will change the resolution of the ground textures without changing map size or anything else. My texture resolution is too small. You can easily see the checkerboard pattern. Terrain sampler grid size 1024 x 1024 cell 3 terrain size 3072 ----------- sat/surf mask source imag size 3072 x 3072 resolution 1 sat/surf mask tiles size 512 x 512 over 16 ----- text layer 24 x24 p.s. Is there any way to paint the terrain with the mask textures while you can see the terrain? I mean doing the mask thing is like guess work. You have no way to pinpoint exact spots. My map has severe rubble everywhere and painting the ground is going to be the key to making this work. Seeing where I am painting is key. thanks
  12. Hey, I want to add the wrecks from the previous armas (like arma 2, OA, and any dlc) to a map I am creating. Which pbo would I find them under? I have seen each vehicle pbo has a wreck model but i'm looking for the editor wrecks that were designed only as wreck objects. Does anyone know which pbo's I need to unpack? I hope I don't have to unpack each vehicle pbo. Thanks
  13. Victim_913

    DLC Error

    Did you figure it out? If not, First, this section is for terrain builder and you are posting question about eden editor. With no info, i'll guess. The mission is saying that it was created while you had a dlc loaded. So the mission was saved either with a DLC asset, which is no longer present. Or it was saved, and recorded all mods that you had opened the game with. Meaning, if you had the jets Dlc, while creating mission, even though you might not be using anything from the DLC, the mission listed the DLC as a part of your set up. I remember a long time ago, probably with arma 2, if you used a jets dlc asset in the mission you created, once you opened the mission in the editor, it listed the jet as a required addon. And if you deleted the jet later, it would not remove the required asset. As long as you opened the mission with an addon, the addon would always be required. you would have to manually remove it from the sqf etc.. Another thing, it looks like you are making a map and testing it. If that's the case, you must have used a dlc asset in terrain builder. Now the map wont work unless you load the dlc. But again, the error is in eden editor, and the error is referring to the mission, not the island. Your config file is too detailed for me to find a reference to a dlc. Actually the config is not the right one. The error is in mission. you need the mission config not the island config. Your island obviously loads so it must be working. But apex or other dlc are missing in mission. Your config references the required addons... note that you might have an addon requirement that was left off the list. When I made missions and addons, I noticed that the required addon list did not have to list all for it to still work. If I used something from apex but forgot to include it in the list, It still worked. I hope some of this helped
  14. Victim_913

    Expanding current terrain

    First, have you used TB before? Do you know what the controls are? like for movement, etc. They are crappy key bindings. Very diff from game or editor. How did you acquire the terrain, etc? And the .paa file? What is it? and what is it's location? I've learned recently, thanks to ROF, that extractpbo from mikero is the best if not only way to easily get the pbo's in the right place. If its an arma pbo, it's likely in the wrong place. Speaking from experience. Without knowing anything about how you set up and what you are using, it's hard to say. For me, I used L3dt. I create my terrain from there. then import it to tb. I have modified many aspects of the terrain and have made many adjustments to the 3 layers you speak of. TB might be the worst way to edit that. You would have to change the sizes in the mapframes, then adjust terrain by hand. a lot of work. If you have an xyz for your heightmap, you could load it into L3dt. Then from there you can play around with what you want. You should be able to add more terrain without wiping out your original. Im not sure at the moment, but there should be settings that allow you to add more terrain without stretching your existing one. You would have to shape the terrain yourself but it's really easy and you could follow the contours from your existing one........I just thought of a problem with what you want. if you add "random" terrain it would be random, duh, but that means you might have a smooth hill but then, where you added, you might get a straight drop, or straight up, or below sea. So you don't want random. If all that works with what you want, you can import back to TB. Then export the attributes map and the texture(sat) map. They will match your new terrain. And if you want to edit those 2, you can use gimp or photoshop, then put them in tb. I don't think you need a normal map. Then put them in your project. Instead of deleting the old ones, I put them in a backup folder, then rename my new xyz with the same name. Then instead of deleting and replacing and re entering settings, you cann just select the layer and click "refresh content from source" and rebuild terrain. But before that you would follow ROF's instructions. Change the mapframe options to reflect your desired result. You might find this mess I wrote helpful, but as I said without the info I first asked, I can't know exactly.
  15. I am working on a map and was thinking of making it a snow map. I did some retexturing for snow units and I found a major problem with snow maps. No snow is the same. I used Namalsk as a reference but when I put the units on another snow map, the units were grayish. Basically no matter what terrain I textured to, the textures were terrible on any other map. Some maps have to have pure white, others more of a gray. It seems like some "cheat" on the snow by making the lighting so bright the things glow. Others make it more of a desaturation of color making all things gray. So I ask all of you guys. If I make a snow map, Which map would be best or what could I do to make my snow compatible with most snow units out there? Thanks for ideas