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  1. i have tested MCC Campaign and found something wrong 1.sometime, mission completed even though all object wasn't completed. 2.spawn so many AI that CPU run full load which cause the game to crash. 3.AI Spawn outside mission.they aren't around mission so sometime you can finnish mission without taking damage. 4.The mission will delete everything. i had found it after playing for a while. every script will lose and the game will run new object. ETC. (i haven't finnish the test yet.) if i know more, i am going to tell you in this post.
  2. So cute. What about SEA where Everything is on fire as you are on the Sun. that's why my CPU's Temp is always High LOL.
  3. it isn't bug but make me annoyed. that's when Ambient Civilians is used, some units aren't deleted even if there is no player around (Most of it are cars) ,which make my CPU hot so bad. i don't know if it is user error. if someone know how to fix this please tell me that (the more you are driving car through cities, the more cars are spawned.)
  4. In editor you have to set respawn at death position or something to use MCC start location. Here is my mission click Here
  5. This is also my problem but it will be fine if you disable Vanilla's custom resprawn and use MCC start location. i haven't tested it in new version yet but if i found it again, I will post comment here.
  6. I found the new bug form mod when it's on dedicated server (Host server in the game is fine). you are always immortal even if Bleeding Time is on. before you died and respawned. it's like second chance in borderland. you're able to run everywhere and kill all enemy without taking damage. if i have some free time, i'm going to editing video to prove that as well. your mod is amazing but the game's update always ruin everything.
  7. It is when you finish loading data and the mission will load again before select respawn points. When the mission finish loading. It should have you select respawns (Vanilla's custom respawn not mod's) but it's always freezing like this : http://imgur.com/Hc9qTiA OK, I know something from dying in helicopter. in fact when vehicles was destroyed from guns or accident. player's going to be forced to eject from vehicles but with unknown issue, the player isn't forced to eject from helicopter and teleported to the sea. it is because of game's setting which player can't eject when they are pilot, i guess. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feaKAKsORwc I will test it as passenger to prove it soon.
  8. i found a problem with MCC Mod Version. when i tried to play zeus missions (or custom respawn), it's always Freezing at second load. like this : please check it. i will wait for the fix one and enjoy playing it.
  9. I can't use Multi tool to open any door in missions which are in Mod version and use claymore explosive to destroy the door. is it bug? please help. P.s. I use the Mod with CBA
  10. thank you everyone! I have learned a lot
  11. hi i'm new here. i was tying to make stealth mission but i don't know how to make it. is it possible to decrease and delay ai detection to make stealth mission? because they could see me and my friend at 500m, which is too much for me. thank you.
  12. hi i have problem about my mission because some players who don't have any mod can getin my server, making them not see​ any enemy. this's why I have to edit mission for player who have the mod which I want. please tell me how to do it because I don't want to kick off some of the player who don't have the mod ​.
  13. can you teach me to call artillery fire in MP Mission? I try to press 0-8 and it's nothing P.S I have already buy Sandstorm.