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  1. smootch

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    They never said 2019.
  2. 11th Airmobile Brigade (Netherlands) New update Added * Multicam camo pattern. * Koninklijke Luchtmacht faction. (Helicopter classnames has changed and may interfere with your missions) * NH-90. * 3 new wheeled vehicles (LSV, VW Amarok, Mercedes G-280). * C-130 (CUP optional). * All helmets can be Slingloaded with ACE and GRAD SlingHelmet. * All vehicles can be edited in eden & Arsenal. * 3 flags >> Download Link << >> IMGUR Gallery << If you have any bugs or mistakes leave a message.
  3. Make the turrets opfor by grouping them to an opfor unit.
  4. 11th Airmobile Brigade (Netherlands) This is a rapid and light infantry unit from the Dutch army. They are the Red Berets from the Netherlands. 11 Air Manoeuvre Brigade is known for its ability to be rapidly deployed and its mobility. Using light land vehicles and air assets (Helicopters & planes). This is a retexture from the arma 3 vanila units using only CBA_A3 and COLT C7NLD/C8NLD Weapons as dependency. Names has been changed to mimic the original names of the gear/weapons they use. I used the fennek as we don't have the Bushmaster in ArmA3 vanila. There is a CUP Optional pbo in the optional map that gives a few more vehicles in the mod if you use the CUP mods. For now it's just the Helicopters (AH-64D, CH-47D/F, Cougar Camo/Grey) but it's on my ToDo list for adding more. The mod comes in: * 4 camo patterns (Desert,Multicam, Winter, Woodland). * 7 types of uniforms. * 2 types of vests . * 3 types of backpacks. * 9 different insignia's. * 21 Classes. * 4 Helicopters. * 19 Wheeled vehicles. * 2 APC's. ToDo list: CUP optional (more vehicles & Units). RHS optional. Custom ammoboxxes. Known issues: COLT C7NLD/C8NLD Weapons give a picture error message. >> DOWNLOAD LINK << >> IMGUR ALBUM << If you have any bugs or mistakes leave a message.
  5. smootch


    Have you tried http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26734
  6. smootch

    Force Defense des Malden.

    Update: Special Forces Added 10 Special Forces units + groups Added 2 Helicopters Added 7 Wheeled Vehicles Link to IMGUR screenshots Download Link for Steam Workshop.
  7. Force Defense des Malden. The mod represents the army & airforce of the island of Malden. It's an Independent faction within ArmA 3. It features: APC's, Boats, Cars, Helicopters, Men , Planes, Flags & Markers All in their unique camo pattern suited for the enviroment of Malden. Everything is a retexture of ArmA 3 content. Link to IMGUR screenshots Upcomming: Special Forces, Gendarmerie, More vehicles & Gear. Special Thanks to Bohemia Interactive for the ArmA 3 game. Download Link for Steam WorkShop
  8. I came up with a bug.. If you deploy your bipod on the top floor off the Modular Bunker (TALL) it is too high and you can see out of the bunker.. The lower bunkers don't have this bug and you can see out clearly. So I gues it's an easy fixx. Smootch
  9. Great MOD finally some train action in ArmA 3. The only thing that I want to see more is. Sounds, AI can control the trains, on the flatbeds you can transport cargo. maybe in the future ;)
  10. smootch

    NLD Units: OPFOR

    Link is fixed, sorry about that..
  11. smootch

    NLD Units: OPFOR

    Lowlands Tactical is proud to present a new concept NLD Units: OPFOR. With NLD Units: OPFOR we like to bring OPFOR Units in the mix of conflicts where the Dutch were involved. Think about about places long forgotten or places stil being fought in. Places like, the Korean war, afghanistan, Iraq, yugoslavia, Mali, etc. In this version we will build further on the conflict over the MH17 airliner downing. We updated the existing russian factions and also have the ukrainian faction now as indfor. We have chosen 2 different groups to represent Ukraine. -95th Airmobile Division. -Border Guards. The units for now are reskins of BIS units based on what we could find about that country armed forces. At the time of writing this mod is by no means finished or mirrors their armed forces very well. So please be patient and expect these changes in the future. We are open to suggestions and contributions in any way! :) This said, we are searching for a 3D modeler to create content for this mod. If you have any experience with modding weapons and vehicles for ArmA or would like to contribute, please contact me via PM. Download: You can download this release from: http://lowtac.nl/NLD_Units/@NLD_Units_OPFOR-201611224.7z http://imgur.com/a/R0YQW Dependencies: - CBA_A3 - CUP_Weapons v201611234: - Removed error in Zeus - Fixed missing keys - Less (no?) Errors during startup - Fixxed issues with UA AA group Factions: - nldo_ru_vdv_76 - nldo_ru_vdv_31 - nldo_ua_uaf_95 - nldo_ua_uaf_bg Notes: - This mod is made to run in ArmA3 vanilla, adding mods like ACE3 or other mods can change the experience and loadout of this mod, although it shouldn't be anything gamebreaking ;). - The uaf_95 and uaf_bg configs were made for a big part with help from the configGenerator2 https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/188794-configgenerator2/. Known issues: - The helmets give a series of errors in the .rpt-log. But this is one-time and doesn't affect actual gameplay. Credits: Textures : Smootch & ShiftySean. config.cpp : Smootch & Sacha Ligthert & ShiftySean. Models : Bohemia Interactive. Helmets : Craig (@SP_Pack). Weapons : Community Upgrade Project. NLD_Units
  12. smootch

    Apex Gear Feedback

    Today I saw that there was something strange about the insignias on the new CTRG uniforms. When I looked closer I saw that they had a relief of the uniform in them.
  13. Well that's easy put the timer on 2 and press F12 on each new unit. The downside of that is you see the path name in your screenshot. The upside is you know what unit it is ;) (doubt you even see it on the small jpeg).
  14. he makes the folders, but won't save any screenshots/pictures.
  15. Hey I retextured a Marid in 1 of my mods, but now BiS has changed their config and it's gone back to the CSAT texture. I searched but couldn't find anything on the net. Then I looked in the BiS config and tried what they did, but no luck. They used to use the camo1, camo2, camo3 option that doesn't work anymore. Now they use this. textureList[] = {"Hex",1}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"a3\armor_f_beta\apc_wheeled_02\data\apc_wheeled_02_ext_01_opfor_co.paa","a3\armor_f_beta\apc_wheeled_02\data\apc_wheeled_02_ext_02_opfor_co.paa","a3\data_f\vehicles\turret_opfor_co.paa"}; }; you might think "ah thats easy just replace the texture paths to yours and done.." tried that doesn't work. The setobjecttexture ingame works but, I want it to work in the config ;) SO there must be a way... Maybe you guys can help me.