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  1. I'm making a mission about Polish police where you need to chase criminals. I've placed Surrender Module so after some time of chasing, criminals stopping their cars, getting out them and surrendering. That's a perfect moment for mission to end. How to make a trigger that activates by their surrendering? Thanks!
  2. Hmmm... I see now HANDCUFF action but it won't do anything
  3. Also I'm not sure if I got this error by placing this script in init, but this showed up when I closed the game
  4. Hmm, strange, can't put this script into init of the suspect, it's says "Missing ;" no matter if I change _range to 4 or not. handcuffAction = this addAction ['HANDCUFF','handcuffScript.sqf','',1,true,true,'','((_target distance _this) < _range)'](error appers here)"
  5. Thanks. That seems to work but I got an another problem. First, when I was making the first mission, suspect's car was stopping after 2 or 3 minutes of chasing and driver was getting out and surrendering. Now for some reason in the second mission driver won't surrender even if I block his way with my police car and even when I shoot it's wheels. He just getting out and starting running away. And the second problem is when I name suspect a "suspect", games thinks that suspect is car, not the driver. That's weird. Car can't surrender. Then I came up with an idea, I remember some old script for ArmA Armed Assault where you could capture a unit in action list when you're enough close to him. So can you give me this script? For example, when suspect leaves car and running away, you just coming near him, choosing "Handcuff" from the action list and he being setCaptive and handcuffed animation.
  6. Thank you! So I need to place a trigger and put "if (captive _suspect)" in On Condition? UPD: "Local variable in global space"
  7. I have a mission where you must capture a town. For the first, I placed soviet flag and red marker. Then I made a trigger "OPFOR doesn't present" that changes marker color to green when all enemies are killed. Then I need soviet flag to change into Estonian (I have estonian flag with mod), is there's any way I can do this with my trigger?
  8. dabrowskipl

    Change flag by trigger

    I know that I can use setflagtexture, thanks, but is there's any way I can place two objects (flags) in editor, make one "false", one "true" and then swap them by the trigger?