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  1. corellian_storm

    CMCSSC MK20 SSR Beta test

    First off, great gun. I've been waiting for this to be created since I first started Arma. It seems like the zeroing or ballistics or...something... is a bit off, as aiming at a person's face at exactly 500m , while my scope is zeroed to 500m, results in hitting their chest, which for heavily armored targets means I have to do follow-up shots. Zeroing-to-aim seems to be okay if I'm shooting 100/200/300m with appropriate sights but anything remotely in the marksman range and my shots seem like they're off. Also, it seems like while bipod deployed, there's more sway than there should be, making headshots all the harder. Still, these are fairly minimal complaints, and the Mk20 is otherwise my favorite gun of all times.
  2. corellian_storm

    NIArms Release Thread

    Out of curiosity, any chance the 7.62's will ever get C-mags? And when will the G3 non-rail wide foregrips get bipods? IRL, they're equipped for stud-mount bipods, plus there's always the trunion-mounted bipods. NiArms is one of the best modpacks I've ever used, keep up the awesome!
  3. lol, my bad. I just discovered the dozen-some variations in the editor. Now I just need to figure out how to actually use it...
  4. I don't know if this is on the radar yet or not, but is there any chance of ever seeing a Shiva missile added to the longsword's arsenal? Given its immense size and hippo-like agility, it seems like atmospheric dogfighting is a bit out of its league, hence it'd be awesome to see it gain further bomber capabilities, especially in the nuclear category.
  5. corellian_storm

    EricJ Release thread

    Well...that might explain it... Guess I gonna need to learn me a stick :D
  6. corellian_storm

    EricJ Release thread

    I like the handling and I think its okay. My thing is more the acceleration feels way too slothful. Cruising at 200 kph, its the sweetest ride I've ever flown. Just takes a long time to get there. The same goes for the other bird. Good handling, just needs a slight acceleration boost, at least imo.
  7. corellian_storm

    EricJ Release thread

    Ever think about doing turbojet versions? UD-6 Talon Gunship and UD-12 Shepherd transport turbojet VTOLs from Battlefield 2142, just an idea I thought I'd throw in the mix. Still loving the ducted blackhawk, and excited about the coming Cobra!
  8. corellian_storm

    German Weapons Pack by Marseille77

    Pack looks good, I'll have to try it out tonight :) Quick question, did you make any of your handguns in .40? I've been looking for 40's everywhere.
  9. corellian_storm

    EricJ Release thread

    Just saw pics of the blackhawk pack on the armaholic feed and DUDE! A ducted bi-rotor Blackhawk! That is the most awesome individual vehicle I have seen for this game ever! Thank you for that brilliant idea!
  10. corellian_storm


    So if its true devs read threads like this, concerning the Blackfish's AI pilot's complete inability to fly well, there are a few AC-130 gunship mods out there, some of which have an autopilot feature, which when activated, put the plane in a large, smooth circular flight pattern around a point on the map. Getting it to circle around the right point on the map, though, is a bit tricky without knowing where the center of the circle is going to be in relation to your plane. So here's my idea. As a pilot, have an action-menu item "autopilot" and as a copilot/passenger/AI leader, an AI command menu item "designate flight pattern". Selecting either will bring up the map, where you can create a waypoint. On the side could be a menu like the artillery computer, where you can select your desired altitude and radius of flight around the waypoint. You then select "execute" and the autopilot or AI will go into the desired flight. This would be immensely beneficial both flying with AI and noob players, and for flying solo when your team is under-staffed.
  11. corellian_storm

    Co-op Campaign: APEX PROTOCOL

    I haven't played the apex campaign simply cause I never did the campaign with the canon ending and wanted to do that first. I'm half-way there. So I know nothing of what actually happens on Tanoa. I have heard enough, though, to know that at the end of East Wind, James is alive and Kerry is a sergeant. Anyway, It'd be cool if the campaign somehow got dragged into episodes like east wind. What I would love to see is some scenario where (Sgt) Kerry gets dragged to Tanoa and back into Miller's secret ops, Miller turns out to be the bad guy, and even Lt. James gets betrayed. The player character (Kerry!) gets to shoot Miller (just the way his accent gets right up my nose, ya know?), Lt. James becomes the team leader, and Kerry has the choice to get a well-earned vacation or become a full-fledged CTRG officer under James (depending how the game's rank system works, that would either raise him to his old friend Adam's role as Staff Sergeant, or James now vacant position as lieutenant)
  12. corellian_storm


    Lol, yeah. Hoping the campaign gives me the opportunity to shoot him myself. But if he goes and dies, that'd be enough. Lt James was okay before he was KIA, but Miller...that dude is a prickle-bush in the face.
  13. corellian_storm


    Miller, it would seem, as he's in the editor in CTRG jungle gear.
  14. corellian_storm


    lol. I don't remember complementing the hind's looks, either... :lol: Just out of curiosity, if the Xian isn't the worst vehicle design, which one is?
  15. corellian_storm


    Well, after yesterday's update, it looks like Blackfish handling has immensely improved. Have to land in wide open spaces, cause I don't think I'll ever be able to manage a precision drop. But if I can't land precisely where I'm trying to, at least now I can land with a stable flight path, and its now correctly called vectoring rather than auto-hover. As far as the yian goes, still ridiculous handling. Though for that matter, its a ridiculous design. No flaps, no rudders, and chunky. Thankfully, I have no need of its services, and its one big target to shoot at. :D