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    Basic Scripting help

    "bump" kind of. Also i got another question, Can i somehow change the "Spawn AI" modules so that they can spawn custom units, by that i mean non vanilla units such as a "Squad leader" from the "RHS" mod. I'm trying to make waves but the spawn AI modules can only spawn normal blufor units and vehicles. Thanks!
  2. So.... I messed up and edited some stuff in my mission.sqm file to get rid of the requirement of an addon. Ended up with me not being able to open the mission and i think the mission.sqm file is corrupt. So i've decided to ask people who might be better at this than i am :) How can i fix this, i've put a lot of time into this mission and i really don't want to redo it. I've put in a lot of trial and error into it, got stuck for an hour because i missed a semi colon :D. Anyhow, if anyone knows how you can revert the file or find out what's wrong then i'd greatly appriciate it. :)
  3. Thank you so much! I was about to start over but decided to ask people on here. Thank you! :D
  4. When i edited it and tried to launch the mission the first time it said something about line 4468 or something, can't remeber what. I belive it said it was missing a "{" but when i added it it wanted a "}" and after i added that it wanted an "="...
  5. Also how do i enable scripting erros? :)
  6. Thanks a ton for the responses, here is the code inside of the mission.sqm file. Sorry i was a bit late. http://pastebin.com/n3uaBndc
  7. cookies2432

    support available on trigger

    I belive you can sync the virtual support module with a trigger and the unit that you want to have the support available for. Because you synced it with a trigger it'll wait for the trigger to become true and after that you can call in the support. I can be completely wrong on this, feel free to correct me. :)
  8. So what i wanna do is to make an ai join my group when i'm at a certain distance away from him. Problem is, it could be random where he is. I've tried the "Attatch To" script but it doesn't seem to work for me and i've also tried to use "if (_x distance <5) but that doesn't work either. I'm not very good at scripting : /. Any help with this would be appriciated.
  9. cookies2432

    Need help with mission script

    It works perfectly! Thanks a ton!
  10. cookies2432

    Need help with mission script

    I will try them all. Thanks a lot people! :D Bohemia has such a nice community, that's a big reason why i love this game!
  11. cookies2432

    Need help with mission script

    I will! I can't today tho : /
  12. cookies2432

    Need help with mission script

    Thanks! :)
  13. cookies2432

    Need help with mission script

    I gotta learn arma scripting at some point, it's just the fact that there are around 1700 scripting commands O____O
  14. cookies2432

    Need help with mission script

    SP and wow, thanks! I understand what the script does but i don't like, understand the scripting language.
  15. cookies2432

    Need help with mission script

    Well. A pilot is ejecting from a plane and then the player needs to find him and when he does, the pilot will join his group. Thing is, he could parachute out anywhere.
  16. Have you tried turning on UpNp in your router settnings, could be that, also when you're in the hosting settnings (when you've press new in the multiplayer tab) you should see a box and "UpNp", click that box after you've turned on UpNp and it should hopefully work. :bounce3: