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  1. Hi Everyone, I have a big problem with texturing this little plane, for whatever reason (probably me) textures are displayed correctly, however when I try to add details I get this: Texture from Photoshop: and Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. bhcluster

    Aircraft wheels and suspension

    This might be a stupid question but you do have LandContact LOD? Sorry ignore this I've just realized that you do. Your offset0 and offset1 values are different to your maxDroop and maxCompression values.
  3. OK I've got the plane flying like a brick fixed, what I did was edit the values in the "flightModel.hpp" file relating to the "aileronSensitivity", "aileronCoef" etc... More info here.
  4. Everything "works" to my satisfaction except the plane handling, it still flies like a brick. Does anyone know what part of config is responsible for this? I used only the sample files from Arma 3 Samples for plane. One other thing when I try to binarize #include "cfgHUD.hpp" within config.cpp I get this error "config.cpp: circa Line 563 bad eval/exec"? Line 563 is last line and it has closing "};"
  5. I really appreciate you help which was more than I have expected.
  6. When I do what you have suggested it does binarize, however when I load it in the the game it takes full length of airfield to take off and when in the air it handles like a brick.
  7. This is the what I get, classes are in the above post...
  8. @Jackal326 thanks for the input. This is the full packing output.
  9. I think I got this sorted by doing this: class Air; class Plane: Air { class HitPoints; }; class Plane_Base_F: Plane { class AnimationSources; class HitPoints; class HitHull; class Components; class Eventhandlers; }; ...and then: class Components : Plane_Base_F class Eventhandlers: Plane_Base_F class AnimationSources: Plane_Base_F However new problem has arisen, a plane class which looks like this: //Plane class class Test_Plane_01_base_F: Plane_Base_F { simulation = "airplanex"; scope = 0; //base class should be hidden displayName = "Soko G-4 Super Galeb (N-62) Base"; // how is the plane displayed (named) in editor model = "\CLUSTER\Soko_G4_Super_Galeb\G4fuselage.p3d"; // path to model of the plane accuracy = 0.2; // how hard it is to distinguish the type of the vehicle (bigger number means harder) editorSubcategory = EdSubcat_Planes; // category in which we want to see this plane in editor memoryPointTaskMarker = "TaskMarker_1_pos"; // The memory point defines the position where the task marked will be displayed if the task is attached to the particular object armor = 55; // base value of the vehicle armor, reduces the damage taken from the direct hit. Affects armor parameter in the HitPoints class armorStructural = 2; // value affecting passThrough parameter in the HitPoints class (divides the extent of the damage transferred by passThrough). It also increases overall durability of the object (even if it has no hitpoints). armorLights = 0.1; // level of protection for lights located on hull epeImpulseDamageCoef = 50; // coeficient for physx damage damageResistance = 0.004; // for AI if it is worth to be shoot at destrType = DestructWreck; // how does the vehicle behave while destroyed, this one changes to the Wreck lod of the model driverCanEject = 0; // needed for hiding engine "Eject" action if we want to use ejection seats instead slingLoadCargoMemoryPoints[] = {"SlingLoadCargo1","SlingLoadCargo2","SlingLoadCargo3","SlingLoadCargo4"}; //array of memory points for slingloading hook position driverAction = Plane_Fighter_03_pilot; // what is the standard pose for the pilot, defined as animation state viewDriverShadowDiff = 0.5; //diffuse light attenuation viewDriverShadowAmb = 0.5; //ambient light attenuation radarTargetSize = 0.8; visualTargetSize = 0.8; irTargetSize = 0.8; driverLeftHandAnimName = "throttle_pilot"; // conecting throttle animation to left hand of pilot icon = "A3\Air_F_Gamma\Plane_Fighter_03\Data\UI\Map_Plane_Fighter_03_CA.paa"; // icon in map/editor picture = "A3\Air_F_Gamma\Plane_Fighter_03\Data\UI\Plane_Fighter_03_CA.paa"; // small picture in command menu LockDetectionSystem = CM_Lock_Radar; // this uses macros from basicDefines_A3, just add more to gain more systems for the vehicle incomingMissileDetectionSystem = CM_Lock_Radar + CM_Missile; // for example CM_Lock_Laser + CM_Lock_Radar, parser is able to evaluate that, or simply 12 in that case }; ...but when the version of the plane is created like: class soko_g4_super_galeb: Test_Plane_01_base_F // CAS version of the plane { simulation = "airplanex"; scope = public; // scope 2 means it is available in editor, this is one of the macros in basicdefines_a3.hpp scopeCurator = public; // 2 means available from Zeus, whereas 0 means hidden displayName = "Soko G-4 Super Galeb (N-62)"; // how does the vehicle show itself in editor side = 2; // 3 stands for civilians, 0 is OPFOR, 1 is BLUFOR, 2 means guerrillas faction = IND_F; // defines the faction inside of the side crew = "I_Fighter_Pilot_F"; // we are using "Fighter Pilot" for now, but we can use the sample soldier we have as captain of the boat, too - "Test_Soldier_F" hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = // changes of textures to distinguish variants in same order as hiddenSelections[] { "A3\Air_F_Gamma\Plane_Fighter_03\Data\Plane_Fighter_03_body_1_INDP_co.paa", "A3\Air_F_Gamma\Plane_Fighter_03\Data\Plane_Fighter_03_body_2_INDP_co.paa" }; availableForSupportTypes[] = {"CAS_Bombing"}; // use any number of expressions from "Artillery", "CAS_Heli", "CAS_Bombing", "Drop", "Transport" cost = 3000000; // we need some high cost for such vehicles to be prioritized by AA defences }; I get this "missing inheritence class(es)" don't know why? Please any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi everyone, I am bit stuck at the moment with the "missing inheritence class(es)" when binarizing my little plane project. What I have used is the sample plane files provided by arma however when binarizing i get the already named error, nothing was changed except when I remove }; after plane class I am able to binarize the plane however then it needs a full length of air field to take off and once in the air it handles like a brick. So this is what I have: config.cpp class CfgVehicles { //Needed class definitions since we are inheriting parameters from those classes class Air; class Plane: Air { class HitPoints; }; class Plane_Base_F: Plane { class AnimationSources; class HitPoints: HitPoints { class HitHull; }; class Components; class Eventhandlers; }; ... And the errors happen on the folowing classes: class Components : Components class Eventhandlers: Eventhandlers class AnimationSources: AnimationSources etc... Please be gentle.
  11. bhcluster

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know how to fix this error? pboProject v2.80.7.76 Environment Variables... PATH is set correctly
  12. bhcluster

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    That's why I asked, cos the link on the front page didn't work and on google I got that one.
  13. bhcluster

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    Is this the website to buy the Tools https://bytex.market/products/item/weodpphdknnzm70o0h8q/Mikero's Dos Tools
  14. bhcluster

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    As soon as you have done it please let us know.
  15. bhcluster

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    Hi Mikero, You have mentioned that the subscriber version of your tools will 'allow' unbinarised config.cpps to be the pbo in the next release. Can you let us know when will that be?