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    AttachTo static AI weapon glitch/bug

    Found the solution! https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/219251-setposing-the-liberty-and-its-turrets/?tab=comments#comment-3313614 attach the static MG to a game logic seems to do the trick. Tnx for the help!
  2. grandbravo

    AttachTo static AI weapon glitch/bug

    Hmm... I don't see the solution here.. You attach the gun to the barrel ("Land_MetalBarrel_F") or barrel to the gun? Try this little code in the editor Debug Console: _bunker = createVehicle ["Land_HBarrierTower_F", [0,0,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _bunker setPos ((getPos player) vectorAdd [0, 10, 0]); _MG = createVehicle ["O_G_HMG_02_high_F", [0,0,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; createVehicleCrew _MG; _MG attachTo [_bunker, [0,-2,1.9]]; _MG setDir 180; You'll see my issue with the AI static MG. If you have a different/working way of attaching a MG to a bunker while using code and no Eden editor or zeus powers, I would love to see a code example!
  3. grandbravo

    AttachTo static AI weapon glitch/bug

    Turret attachTo [carrier, [x,y,z], "staticWeapon"] doesn't seem to work. That function is only usefull if you have 2 objects in the editor/zeus that you want to attach with each other without actual x, y, z coords. Anyhow I bet I found the issue: If you attach 1 object to 2 objects, it will detach from the first attachment and then attach to the second object. Example: obj1 attachTo [obj2, [pos]]; obj1 attachTo [obj3, [pos]]; (this will cause obj1 to detach from obj2) doing it reverse: obj2 attachTo [obj1, [pos]]; obj3 attachTo [obj1, [pos]]; (no issue, but obj2 and obj3 have no vehicle collision, aka simpleObject) with static MG (and other turrets) I bet that the game use attachTo as for AI manning these static weapons but in reverse order: StaticMG attachTo [AI, [pos]]; If you want to attach the StaticMG to a bunker: StaticMG attachTo [bunker, [pos]]; causes the issue This limits the option for me to weaponize the freedom carrier or destroyer and have to place them losely. If someone has a working way to weaponize these ships, I'm happy to hear all about it!
  4. So, a while ago I've stumble across a bug with attachTo and static AI weapons (.50 cal, launchers, Preatorian 1C etc). If you attachTo a MG .50 cal (or any other static MG, launcher, etc) to the H-barrier Watchtower, house, bunker or a Praetorian 1C to the freedom carrier / destoryer, the AI starting to glitch. The turret rotates without reason in a shocky way. This however, doesn't seems to happen if you attach the weapon to a sandbag barrier of some sort. First I thought this glitch appears when a static weapon is placed inside the object virtual box (boundingBox) but that seems not to be the case when I attach it far outside the object. Using workarounds like a VR Cube as a sort of attachTo bridge between the two doesn't seem to do the trick eighter. Detach object is a fix, but most cases you dont want that for a good reason. Its a shame though, using attachTo for the carrier and destroyer is impossible and buggy but very necessary. I’m out of options and hope someone here has a simple solution.
  5. grandbravo

    =BTC= Revive

    Hi guys, I'm working on a new map and got stuck on a part of BTC revive script! I'm looking for a way to spawn infantry players in the mobile spawn vehicles instead of spawning them outside. Any one that can help me with this??? Would be great! Greets GB