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  1. Hey, so I am helping with a terrain being made and we are trying to set up our floor textures. However, when we try to set up a 4th texture it seems like the engine just doesn't know what to do. It will just do a mix of the 4 originally defined textures, and in the center will be just a solid random texture of one of the 4 already existing textures. class Colors { Grass_Green[] = {{0,255,0}}; Sand[] = {{0,0,255}}; Rocks[] = {{0,0,0}}; Forest[] = {{255,255,0}}; }; those are the colors defined in our mask, however when we tried to add a coral texture for under water and define it as red, we get the issue I stated above in which it just doesn't choose the correct texture for some reason. It's been checked over and everything looks correct however we are still receiving the issue. http://prnt.sc/d845agthis is the mask from terrain builder, and if we were to add the red which is defined to be the coral it just chooses say grass instead for instance. Any help is greatly appreciated thanks!
  2. Worked thanks this thread can be closed!
  3. Thanks. Will test it when I get home and convert to wav Cheers for the help
  4. Hey, I am working on a custom building and wanted to add custom sounds to my building, however im having some issues figuring it out. Information config.cpp: http://pastebin.com/ZLqdJuvh model.cfg: http://pastebin.com/L4qf557i sound file directory is: \proRP\chemicalFactory\data\GarageDoor.ogg I have looked around alot trying to find info and have so far got little info on the subject, so anyone who could help me get the custom sounds working would be greatly appreciated. As I have it right now I get no errors, however the sound does not play when opening the garage door. thanks in advance!
  5. jimmybulmer

    plugins for 3d max

    what do you mean 5 9 and 17?
  6. jimmybulmer

    plugins for 3d max

    Im not to sure as to what your getting at here but ill try my best to answer what I can, 1) There is apparently a plugin to do so but it is very old and outdated, and may not work very well for what you intend, If you are desperate to use a plugin in the modelling software and have any experience with it, I recommend blender, it has a great plugin that allows all the LOD's and everything to be done straight from blender and exported as a p3d file once you've finished. The only catch is that you have to open and save the p3d once it is exported otherwise it will not convert to a PBO. 2) I'm not exactly sure what your asking, but if I guess right, no. All your LOD's are done on seperate layers in max then you export those layers as an fbx or an obj (or any other supported format) then import those into the p3d file using object builder and define the LOD then. So basically you can create the LOD in max, but I dont believe there is a plugin that allows you to define that LOD, you have to do that in object builder. 3) If you are talking about RVMAT's I believe that is an example one but I recommend reading all the BIS files links on the wiki related to it, as well as some of the tutorials on this forum. I to am currently looking into collecting a good amount of ways so I can learn RVMATS
  7. jimmybulmer

    Arma 3 Modelling - A house

    Yer that is wrong it should not be like that for a roadway, https://gyazo.com/5a6e5b26bdd318e79d75c21d68ab3c18make it out of that (planes) not cube
  8. jimmybulmer

    Arma 3 Modelling - A house

    hmm im not to sure on the reason, one thing I am aware of is that the AI uses a 'path' LOD to control where they walk through buildings, im not sure if its relevant to this issue as I have placed AI on custom roadways in the past without them falling of it. However it appears to me that you are using a box not a plane, does your roadway look like this in 3dview: https://gyazo.com/39edbdb0f39a730eaa7e923db4d8f891(notice how its clearly a 3d object not a flat 2d object) you should be using the 'plane' not 'box' to create something like this: https://gyazo.com/a4880d8e14f8d55dbaa08813185788ba(its a 2d plane with one face only, you do not use any sort of 3d object)
  9. jimmybulmer

    Arma 3 Modelling - A house

    are you saying that the roadway isnt working? Make sure you have it defined as the correct LOD and that your faces are the correct way up, otherwise they wont work. Also a roadway is ONLY made out of flat planes and no 3d objects, in-case you was unaware. As for the doors, theres a few things you need, first is the memory LOD with 3 vertex points per door which are the following: One vertex point at the doors handle (wherever you want the player to look at to open it) Two vertex points for the axis (where the door will rotate from (this can be done with one vertex point but is often easier and just generally more often done with two as it makes the engine able to see the correct axis easier I believe)) an example of how these memory points should look: https://gyazo.com/1e735cd7c9f6ddb755a7821cd15d8878 how the door looks: https://gyazo.com/deeba6e9388ed04a6e86216582f487b5 you then need to make sure that the vertex groups are names (you can look at the right side of those screenshots and see my names, the names themself do not matter so long as you reference them correctly in your config) A good guide for how to write the configs and a video guide of setting up the door is this: just take what he shows you and make it fit your door
  10. jimmybulmer

    Below ground level

    what your issue sounds like to me is that its treating it like a physX object and not a static structure make sure in your config it uses the house_f class
  11. Not much I can say, the arma 3 tools have started having a really weird issue with the size of the program image; https://gyazo.com/34a970bf0beeaf1c7702cded476f9dea has only been like this since my last restart, have tried restarting again cheers in advance
  12. jimmybulmer

    Collission Box`s

    I to have never tried without a collision box underneath but I dont see it being an issue, are you sure you have been re-packing the PBO after saving the edits to the p3d? (ik its a stupid question but sometimes people forget)
  13. jimmybulmer

    Collission Box`s

    as george said, roadways are ONLY planes do not use a cube or anything else to make it just planes, so add a plane to your roadway LOD and put one edge of the plane at the same level as the rest of the roadway and the opposite one at the floor level (0)
  14. jimmybulmer

    Collission Box`s

    also note that is an old model so for instance where the railing has two seperate boxes that could just be one single box as this is only for player collision and one box that covers that area would work fine, of-course if you are using your player GEO for your bullet collision as well (not advised) then that would be the best way to do it
  15. jimmybulmer

    Collission Box`s

    wait if you don't have anything on the visual lod for the ramp you just want them to kinda walk up a 'invisible' ramp, you do not need any collision box what so ever, just the roadway, collision boxes should only be used to block the player walking through visual parts of the model or areas you dont want them to access. Also for steps no you do not need a different box for each individual step https://gyazo.com/0004c03f66a643eaec8f3c81187b8875that is my collision for the steps in the previous model, this works just fine as the player only needs a rough collision area, and the collision box themself have nothing to do with where the player can walk (ontop of that is, obviously it blocks areas)