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  1. Nevermind, I got the respawnonstart = -1; to work correctly... now i just need to see if the respawn selection works with other players on the server. Thank for all of your help so far
  2. Is there a way to do this without the use of a description.ext file? I currently don't use them as alot of the information is in the Eden editor now and I really don't want to add it all to the description file again. lol
  3. Well, I have the Multiplayer Respawn point placed in the base where I want it. And I did the initPlayerLocal.sqf as you told me. But it was making me select a spawn when the mission started which I thought was wierd; I want it to just place the players down in the designated starting position upon the mission start, not ask where they'd like to "spawn". I will try to change the MPEH to EH and MPkilled to killed and see if that changes anything.
  4. Okay, actually, it seemed to work perfect - but for me only. Any other player that joins the game cannot spawn in anywhere. There are just stuck at the map. I am hosting and playing on my own PC.
  5. This seemed to have worked - thank you!
  6. I am making a scenario without any mods running. I would like to give players the option to either respawn at their location of death or at a set location (IE in a base of operations). I currently have RESPAWN enabled in the scenario and have it set to POSITION OF DEATH, but I am unable to set it to both "position of death" and "custom location". Is there a way to accomplish this in the Eden editor? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  7. I have a training scenario with shoot-houses containing "live AI targets". Once the AI targets are neutralized in a run through the shoot house, I would like for them to respawn in the same spot they died. I would like for this to occur infinitely, maybe on a 1 minute timer or something. Ideally, it would be nice to have the respawn occur on a player-activated switch, but I'd assume that would be alot more complicated. haha Is there any simple way to accomplish this without the use of any mods?
  8. I've searched the internet for quite awhile and can not find exactly what it is that I'm looking for. I would like to know if there is a way to change the "z" value of an alternate spawn marker. For example, I am placing an AI unit in the editor and would like the unit to spawn in one of three different locations. By using a marker and setting it as an "alternate spawn location" for the unit, I can get it to work. But is there a way to edit the "z" value of the spawn marker? Basically, the three different locations would be on three different floors of a three story building. My other questions revolves around Re-arm and Re-fueling stations/bays for a MP mission. I would like to have something as simple as a trigger area that when a vehicle drives/flys into the area, it is re-fueled and re-armed either instantly or over the course of a few seconds. Is there any SIMPLE way of accomplishing this? (ie a trigger with a simple script in the init field or something). Also, it must work in a MP mission. Thank for all of your help and input!
  9. I've recently noticed an on-screen error appearing every time I load my current under-construction mission into Eden, and again when I test the mission out. I'll copy and paste the error below right out of the log. Any help would be appreciated! Mods running are: RHSUSF, RHSAFRF, ACE, ACEX, CUP TERRAINS, CUP CORE, BTC MILITIA, VSM ACCESSORIES - GEAR - UNIFORMS. This is the one that appears on-screen in both Eden and when I test the mission: When I check the logs, there appear to be a ton of them or maybe the same one over and over? I'll include a larger portion of the log below. Sorry it's so long!
  10. gadjr114

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I understand this, but wasn't sure if this is intended or if it's a glitch of some kind with the armor. And if there is any way around it if it's intended?
  11. gadjr114

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Okay, quick update. Six demolition charge assemblies at once will turn both tracks, the hull, and engine red, but the ZSU still fails to cook-off and eventually blow up.
  12. gadjr114

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I was wondering if there was a way to destroy the Russian armored vehicles with demolitions such as demolition charge assembly or the m112 demolition blocks? When I try to do so now, all the demolitions do the the Russian armor is disable their tracks -- no hull, turret, or engine damage. I'm just curious as I have a mission where a ground team needs to take out some ZSU-23-4V's, and after some experimentation of placing up to SIX demolition charge assemblies (the largest charges) on all sides (even underneath) of the ZSU, the only damage that occurs is two disabled tracks. Any help/input would be appreciated.
  13. gadjr114

    Respawn Decision

    I'm having trouble getting it to work properly. It's either I get to chose a spawn location (off of markers I place down) or I respawn where I died. It doesn't give me a choice of spawn at a marker OR spawn where I died. Any ideas?
  14. gadjr114

    Respawn Decision

    Do you mean by using the built-in features of Eden now where I can set the respawn type, ect? What type is "base"? and what's the part about "templates"? Sorry, scripts aren't my strength. Again, thanks for your help!
  15. gadjr114

    Respawn Decision

    Wow, thanks man! So, all I have to do is make an init and description file and put it in the mission folder? Do I have to do anything with the current respawn conditions I have setup in the Eden editor (Respawn on position of death)? Oh, one last thing: What's the difference between the init.sqf & initPlayerLocal.sqf? If it matters, this will be for a MP mission. Thanks again!