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    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Having a problem. I am making a mission, and every time i call an artillery strike (M5 sandstorm, on a position on the sea), the Ai retaliate with a extreme accurate mortar fire. The problem is, no matter what i do, the AI automatically knows my team position and start calling fire on my positions, even if there no enemy close enough to have line of sight on my group.
  2. Hi everyone. Need a little Help. When using the support module to call a artillery strike, I get a option to choose the vehicle attached to the artillery module, i.e: M5 Sandstorm MLRS (alpha 1). Is possible to change the Vehicle name? Like, instead of "M5 Sandstorm MLRS" show "Naval 16 inch naval gun" or something like taht on the dialog options?
  3. Hi everyone. I have a area trigger of 250m in circumference. Activation: OPFOR Activation Type: detected by Bluefor. In the center of it the trigger I have an Opfor soldier. Then when the player visualizes the target the AI of the character detects the enemy (detected by BlueFor), and the trigger fires and the task is completed. The trigger will start another task, something like "eliminate HVT". In the Editor the AI of my character can detect him at a distance of up to 4000m. In Altis, the AI of my character fails to detect the enemy, even at a distance of 1km looking through the binoculars, a distance that a human player can easily see it. If I exchange the soldier for a truck, the character easily detects because of the size. I tried to put a building (tower1) or an empty jeep (jeep1) and use them as a reference, but I can not think of how to do it and all the searches I found is about the "Knowabout command" that is too complex for me. The question is: There any way I can put this trigger to fire when I look at a building (tower1), or a specific (empty) vehicle i placed, such as a jeep (jeep1)?
  4. I don’t know much about the Ai, only thing I can do is look they behavior when I disable or change something. In Disable “MOVE”, the AI is fixed and forced to stare at the chosen door or bottleneck. Then it is 100% guaranteed that he will have the firing line on the BLUEFOR as they walks through the door, and that’s is why they are sol lethal. Then, it only depends of their reaction time (subskill spotTime I think). The Disable "MOVE" have a narrow fire angle: 30º or something like that, creating a blind spot. Because of that, Ai sometimes fails to hit a enemy. In the Disable “PATH” option, the AI does not move either, but the enemy can still move 360º in his axis to cover other points of interest. What happens is that on Disable“PATH”, the enemy gets confused with the footsteps of my soldiers and starts to watch another door and loses the advantage when my team enters the room, sometimes they even react turning the back on my team. And that's why they are less effective, they make more mistakes. Mad Cheese, I was watching again your video tutorial in the YouTube and realized that I forgot to turn off the Autodanger to my team at the time of doing these simulations. Another thing, if you increase the subskill “spotTime”, they improve performance and react fast in CQB. My soldiers with this maxed values seens to performer much better. Is this skill is boosted by the C2? Or only the global Skill value? In Ace3 it apparently theres a AI change regarding "No dead zones in CQB". The reason behind this is that apparently some weapons have a minimum distance to be used and AI stops firing or stutters for a short period at smaller distances. I do not know if this problem persists in the Vannila AI or even in the Vcomai. But it may be that if it still exists, if so, it may cause a delay in AI reaction time as well. The only problem I saw with the "clear building" function is that sometimes they fail to enter the last room in the building. I think that happens when some of the soldiers die in the raid. Do you think it's possible to include a more complex "storm that room" option in the future? making then peek against the door as they do when they storm the building.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Seems like all these functions that you can not map through keyboard options seem to suffer from it. What I saw other people doing was mapping these functions to voice commands. In the absence of the possibility of including these functions, the C2 “Planning mode” does the job. Little Feedback: Leaving this aside, this new function used to “clear buildings” is excellent. In my tests Ai can handle herself very well. I have tested some scenarios: 4 against 4, same firepower and VcomAi enabled. Without any interferences by my part. I used "this disableAI" MOVE ";" In enemies or "this disableAI" PATH”, and to make things more difficult, I placed the enemies guarding the doors and Bottleneck areas. The enemy with "this disableAI" MOVE "; It's extremely deadly. Still, my soldiers were able to be successful a very few times, which is a lot. The enemy with "this disableAI" PATH ";" Is a little bit easier, but still lethal enough to decimate my soldiers most of the time. The enemy with nothing of his capabilities turned off, is the easiest, with a high degree of success for my soldiers. Looks like when the enemy AI is free, it tends to make more mistakes. If I lower the enemy's firepower to simulate a police raid scenario, my soldiers show a much more satisfying result, except when I use the against the "this disableAI" MOVE " enemy: where Ai remain deadly to the extreme. Again, thanks for the hardwork! And sorry for the bad English.
  6. Thank you. It worked perfectly, and thanks to that I was able to finish the dialog box.
  7. First, Happy New Year! Second, Thanks for the hardwork! If i may, i have little Suggestion: I was testing the latest released version of C2 and noticed something interesting about the standard AI commands of the Vanilla game. If you select a few units or a team and press "1" the following options appear: 2.Advance 3.Stay back 4.Flank left. 5. Flank Right The name kind of fails to describe what actions actually do. All these options send the chosen team forward 25 meters in the indicated direction, and they keep the distance to the player, moving parallel to him when he advances. So if you have a 2x left flank unit, the unit will distance itself 50 meters to the player's left, and advance parallel to it when he moves. You can send the blue team to the left, red to the right and use the "advance" option for double envelopment against the enemy position. These commands are very useful, the problem is that the clumsy controls of the game + the need for repetition to make a manoeuvre work, making impractical to use them in an intuitive way. Do you think it would be worthwhile to include these commands in the radial menu? And if possible create a shortcut for the command on Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys on the keyboard? What in the case of infantry control are redundant functions with W, S, A, D? Sorry for the bad english, And again, thanks for the hardwork!
  8. Hi everone. I am making a dialog box that allows the player to select the equipment for him and his team (AI), and choose between certain schedules defined for the beginning of the mission. In addition, the player would have the option of choosing how many soldiers he would have in his combat group. However, I need a way to delete the remaining soldiers. I needed help to solve the following situation: Suppose I have two groups: Alpha and Bravo. When alpha activates the trigger, the Bravo group is deleted. It seems that the deleteGroup command does not work while there are members within the group, alive or dead and in the forum I only find tutorials to do the despawn of vehicles with crew. Could someone tell me how to delete group Bravo?
  9. @Jshock Thanks! Before the player need to kill every enemy in the area, losing time looking for one or two guys alive in AO. Now when the player capture the objective, the enemy surrender like it should and mission is over. Much apreciated.
  10. @jshock Worked!! Thanks! Much apreciated. Can i ask another question? The surrender command plus the dropweapon? if a m not asking much. {if (side _x == east) then _x action ["dropWeapon", _x, "primaryWeapon_man"]; { _x playMoveNow 'AmovPercMstpSsurWnonDnon'; _x disableAI 'ANIM'; _x setCaptive true; };]; } forEach thisList; or: {if (side _x == east) then _x = createVehicle ["GroundWeaponHolder", position cursorTarget, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; { _x playMoveNow 'AmovPercMstpSsurWnonDnon'; _x disableAI 'ANIM'; _x setCaptive true; };]; } forEach thisList; (Is raining so i am in the notebook now, i cannot test)
  11. So, i was tryng to make the AI (opfor) present in the entire level surrender when their total force is reduced to below 10 alive. So in the "On condition" space on the trigger configuration, I inserted the code below: ({alive _x && side _x == east} count thisList) < 10 The "on condition" part above works fine, if i select end#1 and kill some of the enemy. in other topic (from 3 years ago), someone gave a solution to a similar problem with a code that goes like this: ["({(side _x) == east} count allUnits) <= 10", "{if(side _x == east) then { _x playMoveNow 'AmovPercMstpSsurWnonDnon'; _x disableAI 'ANIM'; _x setCaptive true;}} foreach allUnits; win = true;", ""]; So i tried to insert that in the "On activation space" only this part: "{if(side _x == east) then { _x playMoveNow 'AmovPercMstpSsurWnonDnon'; _x disableAI 'ANIM'; _x setCaptive true;}} foreach allUnits; win = true;", ""]; I tried understand the mistake and change some brackets or inserting the original code, and i still get a error (more common one is "on activation missing"). And of course, it doesn't work because i really dont know what i am doing. I not sure if i am making a mistake on the On condition and on activation spaces and how this sections work or is some brackets that i leave behind. (I cannot find a surrender module o A3 either) If someone could help. The original post of 2013. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/158387-how-to-entire-side-surrender/?hl=surrender Ps- Sorry for the bad english.
  12. @Zenophon Thanks for the script, I was reading the tutorials and began to understand that is far above what I can do. And I realized how complex and the amount of work to do what I asked. So, thank you for your time and effort. I'm finishing the construction of a mission and then I will try to include it in this script that you did. Again, thank you for taking the time to answer me. much appreciated.
  13. Hello everyone. So I was looking for the forums and it seems that the only option that allows the inclusion of a lodoaut editing system for the AI teamates is this Framework. Like that included at the beginning of the Dynamic Recon Ops missions posted in steam. The other option is to leave a teamate as "playable" in the editor and switch to it by pressing "U", edit the lodoaut and return to the main unit (Team leader), but this option ends up giving "extra lives" for the player and breaks immersion. Saddly I do not have enough scripting knowledge to make this feature to work (and English is not my mother tongue, so it does not help to learn how). Someone, please, if possible could send me an example of how the script would have to be for the work? Thank you very much in advance. PS - Using the tutorials to learn from scratch how to do, who knows a miracle happens and ends up working.
  14. alezil

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    I found a small problem: In mission editor, when I put a waypoint to AI, it fails to follow him. She simply stands still, or rather, she is dancing to and fro. When I come closer I can hear the leader giving instructions: such as "move" and then "go back". When I turn off the AI (this SetVariable ["noai", 1, false]; ), putting the script individually in each of the units, they will start to follow the path chosen. If I opt to use: this SetVariable ["VCOM_NOPATHING_Unit", 1, false]; the error persists. The unit in question is the squad size (ie, has a team leader and squad leader). Does anyone have any idea what I did wrong?
  15. Hello, Thanks again for your time and for the careful response. I expected there to be some kind of limitation with Ai and especially with the settings of the buildings. The truth is that I am a layman in these matters and have a very limited view of the problems you faces to make a mod like this. In fact, using the tip of my rifle as a reference I can sometimes select different locations and get a satisfactory raid by the AI, something that is impossible without the C2 HUD Mode. Using the same building as the test site, I managed to get the AI ​​to invade and clear the building for several different angles. I just can not perform better because I lack agility to command several teams of operators (choosing the location for the red team raid, and immediately choose the blue team and indicate to them a position, while red team is on the move, it is very difficult). Other people have commented before about Door Kickers and go codes, maybe that's one of the keys to improve the rooms cleaning: With Go codes, the player would have time to make small adjustments and send the teams to attack different positions simultaneously. As I said before, thanks for the reply. This mod, you've done is perfect, as someone who grew up playing games like SWAT 4 and recently doorkickers I really can not express my gratitude, so once again: thank you. (sorry for my bad english)