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    Join the new London mod!

    NOTICE TO ALL DEVS - WE NEED YOU ! - fed up of the same life mods ? Join the new London mod! To All The London Map - "Uk Life Mod" has been under development since mid 2016. However we have recently started modelling , coding etc to make this become the ultimate reality. Unlike many life mod groups that setup a dev team then break up before completion, we are 100% committed and dedicated to the success of this mod. We understand that most of you devs are also bored of the same repetetive American themed life mods. The map itself you can imagine features in London. The map is already fairly populated with London landmarks. Features Totally civillian, no factions. Thats right ! Cops , Medics and any other authority will need to drive to work and sign on duty. Fully interactive ATM's requiring a pin number and bank card. We are including caravans, car trailers and more. We are finally lifting the barriers and removing the blinkers developing a framework packed with features that no other community has even thought of. Dream Talk ? Nope !! - We're not dreamers at Uk Life Mod, we just believe its time a dev team existed to create something worth playing and worthy for the Arma 3 Community. # http://www.uklifemod.com/Forums/
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    Working on new content and thanks for the support, helps us grow and improve. We are original Non modded server.
  3. mxchaz741


    TanoaLifeRpg.co.uk is up and running feel free to join and be a part of the community !! Server ip: TS3 ip: ts.tanoaliferpg.co.uk
  4. mxchaz741

    Arma 3 Bowling

    Hey all I come up with this new idea it's called Arma 3 Bowling as said in the title. So people join you in this bowling ally building you can't leave the building but you can walking around and sit at tables and when people join you can walk up to your area and play against other people. I would love your opinions and ideas and if you think it's a good idea then progress can take place.
  5. mxchaz741

    Uk Life Mod

    Permission has been given.
  6. mxchaz741

    Uk Life Mod

    As time goes on many cool features will be added.
  7. mxchaz741

    Uk Life Mod

    the screen shots are placeholders and have permission using them but creating are own models.