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    WIP - Digital camouflage uniforms

    Already working on it with GIMP, although I would love some opinions on the patterns themselves. I have tried them on the AAF uniform and they seem to work decently around Altis and even Chernarus. I will start working on a more precise version of it soon. ---------- Post added at 11:19 ---------- Previous post was at 10:00 ---------- My extremely slow progress ._____________.
  2. MachiViBritannia

    Conventional Warfare In Arma 3

    Now before people say this should go in the Addons-Request // Wishlist thread I would like to say it is more like a statement about the game. So I know we all totally love our extra-terrestrial friends from CSAT, but after reading through a lot of the history and fictional back story about the Arma 3 setting, it seems that CSAT is actually made up of more than just Iran (our favorite ETs) but larger Eastern countries as well like China and Russia (Canton Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty). Seeing how the NATO forces have assets from The United Kingdom, I could almost say I expected some exterior assets for CSAT, like Russian or Chinese special forces to give a bit more flavor to the game and scenario. NATO has UK special forces under it's subcategory "Men (story)" meaning that the units weren't exactly meant for use outside the story and custom mission making. When I see this potential yet missing content I really feel as if there is a lack of resources inside the Arma 3 game. I mean, there are two types of boats for use. For ALL factions. There are roughly 3 base uniforms for troops, not too many ground vehicles, and almost no ground forces in general. What I am saying really is that I expected BI to really make a DLC like a "DLC". Meaning not releasing platform updates along with the DLC to make it seem like there is a lot with the new update when really there isn't. I just wanted to see a change somewhere along the lines of how they made OA for Arma II where they introduced a whole new list of factions, multiple terrains, gameplay, and campaign. I would just love to see Arma 3 take on conventional warfare as it did with every other installment of the series. Not just small battles between Aliens and Cowboys.
  3. I have read the entire thread from start to finish, I'm more or less referring to the childish reddit fights they have been having. If you disagree with me i'm cool with it, it was only my opinion that I posted.
  4. MachiViBritannia

    [A3 Island] Alpha: Pianosa!

    Looks pretty awesome Great job so far
  5. MachiViBritannia

    EricJ Release thread

    Looking forward to seeing some new AR styled lmgs
  6. It is honestly a shame to see the mod in this state. It looks like the mod isn't "dead" as many people think although I can't see it going any further than here. The way I see it, a certain someone had a lot of blame thrown in his direction (even though I personally feel like SpaceNavy's actions are completely justified) leading to a game of "He said it first" and so on. I have full confidence that SpaceNavy and another team will deliver another breathtaking mod sooner or later as his ambition founding TEI sparked the flames for an entire community to grow. From the looks of it TheDog and some others are already starting on another interpretation of Halo//TEI but I doubt it will have the same feel. -fan of TEI
  7. Hello, I am currently working on my first addon. It will be a simple re-texture of existing items, I have currently made 4 camo templates to work from. One of which will be applied to some vehicles. Please keep in mind that the colors will be faded and worn when I implement them into the models to seem less bright and color-concentrated. (I am open to opinions for color changes or pattern scale changes) Urban (Needs some improvements) Mediterranean (Main infantry uniform) Littoral environment Vehicle Dazzle
  8. MachiViBritannia

    ADF Uncut

    I use a laptop . Resolution doesn't interfere too much in fact it helps a little, for example; Enemies from 400m+ are black figures, making them easier to spot, yes it's like cheating, but I don't have any other options.
  9. MachiViBritannia

    ADF Uncut

    *cough* some AMCU..