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    Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) [v0.90]

    Thanks for responding! I was just curious about the weapons, because I also agree that releasing them with the SAF mod altogether is the best option. I'm still interested to see if maybe an M59/66 will come along though, as no ARMA3 modders have attempted to do an SKS or any variant of it. :( If on a slight chance you actually want to do one for a future update, I agree that it shouldn't be used among the SAF units. But instead, it could be implemented as an enemy or militia/civilian weapon... (?) There could be an attachable bayonet, classified as a suppressor or flashlight in config. (I don't know how config works with custom objects at all though haha) It's just a suggestion, so there's no need to take me seriously! :D STILL, I can't wait for this mod to be updated and released in its entirety! Cheers!
  2. Jrodsqod

    Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) [v0.90]

    YES! I just found this mod for the first time after SPECIFICALLY scouring the forum trying to find someone to help me make Zastava weapons! Might there be a Yugo SKS (M59/66), M72, and M92 (draco) in the works, and is there a plan to release the weapons as an addon of their own? It's just that there are so many AK/M4/H&K/etc. weapon addons out there, and it would be phenomenal to finally equip my custom units with Zastavas!!! MASSIVE respect for this mod! Keep up the great work! :)
  3. You are literally the best! It took me several minutes to figure out how to download it, but I got it finally. (Still, you should include this as optional content or at least include a link to it in an update!) Thanks much! JR
  4. Hey there, Toadie! Been a fan of HLC for quite a while now! I have a couple questions for ya! The other day, I was linking the HLC weapons to the A3 LEA. (3rd party loadout editor by the French sonsofexiled team) The weapons and in-game linkage work PERFECTLY! However, in extracting and analyzing the .pbo information, I found a LOT of ammunition for various WW2 weapons... Did I uncover something secret by chance? :3 Also, is there an HLC pistols pack? I'm new(ish) to the forums, and I know there's released content here that isn't on Armaholic that I can find! Would be cool either way! I thought I'd drop the idea of doing a complete Chernarussian-Zastava weapons kit. The M92 is a perfect start, but I'd like to see maybe the M76 sniper rifle, the M72 rpk variant, and possibly even an M59 Yugo SKS variant! :pray: I'm on a map-development team, and thought about possibly making some units that would utilize them if someone ever made them. ARMA hasn't had weapons like that since a small pack from the original Armed Assault, so a group like that would make excellent loadouts for the rebel type faction in any map/scenario! Best regards, and keep up the amazing work!! -JR
  5. Hey there! This is an impressive addon!! In a future release, would you consider providing the CSAT alternatives with an optional link to a weapon addon like HLC or Massi's NATO/Spetsnaz weapons? It would be nice to use real world weapons, (for missions set in present day) but it's fine you don't think so. Even better: is there a way to possibly change the .PBO (just for personal use of course) to make the alt. CSAT spawn with different weapons like the ones mentioned above? And if you would like, I'll provide that optional config for others to use as well in your next update!