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  1. ninjademon05

    [SP][Campaign][RHS] The East Wind RHS Remake

    (4SFG) jarrad96 on Steam would like to attempt an RHS remake. He would like permission from this team first, in order to avoid any unpleasant contact in regards to this team being the original team to attempt a TEW RHS remake.
  2. ninjademon05

    [SP][Campaign][RHS] The East Wind RHS Remake

    I honestly did not expect such a civilized answer! Nor such a modest remark! I need to spend less time browsing Reddit... Really appreciate the post! Hopefully the mods being on Steam make the process easier, should this project be revived! On a side note, have you personally created any Arma 3 missions or scenarios I could browse?
  3. ninjademon05

    [SP][Campaign][RHS] The East Wind RHS Remake

    I honestly despise being that guy who pulls a necro on a post, but I would like to ask if there is any consideration on a revival of the East Wind remake. I ask simply because there are now FOUR RHS mods, all of which are now also available on SWS instead of batch updates. Not to mention we (the community) have little to no way to tell if the reality complications have been sorted or not.
  4. ninjademon05

    [Mission] Dynamic Zombie Sandbox Arma 3

    THOSE WHO VENTURE HERE. DZS is broken, long dead. Find a zombie sandbox elsewhere, if possible... Good luck.
  5. ninjademon05

    Unlocked Uniforms

    Hey Donnovan. If you go to the very front of this & read the description, the part under license that says DO NOT UPLOAD TO STEAM WORKSHOP means it is not going to be on steam workshop. As for integration into your mod, as long as credit is given, & the mod you upload does not unlock uniforms regardless of the scenario, I would assume integration would not be a problem. Biggest worry there is someone digging through your files & uploading Halek's mod from your mod.
  6. ninjademon05

    United States Colonial Marines

    Is this still being worked on? If so, asking the OPTRE team for help with a full uniform or two might get you results, as a few of the team actually do auxiliary mods to be used with the official content. Maybe one of them could help out?
  7. ninjademon05

    Unlocked Uniforms

    Ahh, my apologies. I do forget you are the owner of the Ravage mod! Still play that & I love the new opening! Too much Zombies & Demons... I forgot to ask, does/will this also include unlocking hidden selections, such as the Sangheili armours & uniforms from the OPTRE: FC mod? Or just make it where I can wear them after looting only? Also, not sure what the player is considered, but in the DZS zombie sandbox, I was unable to wear the Combat Uniform (MTP) [NATO] uniform when I found it... Not sure why that is, but in all honesty, it could be one of multiple, numerous, exhorbant bugs found in that scenario... Still, figured I would give you a quick flash on that find.
  8. ninjademon05

    Unlocked Uniforms

    Could anybody pick up this mod since Halek seems to have discontinued support of this? (Unless someone redistributed it as their own, we don't seem to hear any news on updates for this anymore...)
  9. ninjademon05

    The CSAT Modification Project (Release)

    Played with the Woodland variant last night. Woodland uniforms, quite a few Urban Protector helmets as well.
  10. ninjademon05

    The CSAT Modification Project (Release)

    EDIT: downloaded the armour fix. All is well, recommend that be incorporated in the main download link! Also may want to have people watch the Steam WorkShop, as mod theft has been abnormally high as Summer gets closer, for some reason...
  11. ninjademon05

    The CSAT Modification Project (Release)

    Well, looks like Massi's replacement pack is no more. I grabbed this a few days ago, loving it deeply. Not seeing any of the DLC stuff, nor the shotgun, also seem to be having a problem getting the camo pattern to show on CSAT vehicles, & I have all of the DLC content. I have also used the appropriate PBO & bisign files. Unless I also need the files from the Replacement folder in lieu of the Semiarid/Woodland files? Also noticing the CSAT vests have no armour values. I have v1.5.3
  12. ninjademon05

    Animation swap?

    I am hoping for a solution where I can change a single thing, & the change will remain throughout all missions played, as well as logging off & back on, such as the notepad change I made to be able to perform micro-stances (Sidestep left & right, Stand straight up, down to default lean, low lean, tall crouch, standard crouch, low crouch, sitting down, default prone, small left lean, full left & right prone stance)
  13. ninjademon05

    Animation swap?

    I am wondering if it is possible to change the salute animation to the shadow boxing animation? If so, details on how to do so? I have no experience in coding, scripting, so on. Further details about the animation is basically the character acts like he is practicing melee combat in a samurai style.
  14. Sorry to bother everyone, but this seems like a proper group to ask. I still have AGM, simply because I can hotkey things better than in ACE3. Is there a mod that will allow me to simply join an AI group, leave, & change my team colour, even if it is just affecting me? SinglePlayer only, I don't do MP.
  15. ninjademon05

    AAF Desert

    UPDATE! MOHW mod (Medal of Honour) was the one that caused the error.