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  1. Hello everyone, I'm building a new terrain with some friends, but our map is based on a tropical climate, so, it would be nice if we can use some of the apex content (we bought that expansion, thats not cheap, so why can't we use on our map?). So, its possible to use the apex content (like textures, vegetation, bridges, etc.) on our map? Thanks.
  2. niunzin

    Smooth My Terrain Fast

    On your TB: Terrain > Edit Terrain Select a region on your map In Properties > Actions choose Smooth Set a Scale Click "OK" and done.
  3. Problem solved, just missed the roads lib. Thanks a lot!!!! ♥
  4. Thanks. I've added the files, but i still can't import anything...
  5. But where i put the addons?
  6. Hi. A few times ago i've started a project of a life map. I did the terrain heights and textures ok, but i can't import my objects placed on xcam. Exported txt file: And i got this error: I think that is a noob question, but i can't solve it :/ Sorry for my english and thanks.
  7. Thx for this nice map! How can i use the life house system?