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  1. It's very sad you simplified the game with marks, but now it can be cunfuse in hard situations and sometimes it hinders... And real gameplay sittuation (2:20):
  2. So it's look as interface bug, because you can buy pack by a category button (with steam icon), than will have redirected to Argo Supporter's Pack. It's not scary, but will be confused new players.
  3. TeNoR

    Hello, I'm a "cheater"!

    Play with pistol -_- 90% players of Project Argo
  4. Today I bought Argo supporter's pack, but new items with last halloween update are unavalible )=
  5. TeNoR

    Argo Videos

    Rissian letsplay improvisation (GunGame mode). You have a pistol, 2 grenades and light armor. And one more improvisation: achievements in Project Argo (10 headshots).