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    Well thanks for it :)
  2. DentonJC.bio@gmail.com


    Can tell me somebody tip how i find first weapons and gear fast? Because raiders and zombies everywhere and i die almost always :) It is very good mod, but I'm frustrated.
  3. DentonJC.bio@gmail.com


    Dead, dead and dead. I'm dead all of time :D
  4. Sorry for bad ENG and my expression :) Asking for future support this mod. I mean this topic https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/186131-inidbi2-save-and-load-data-to-the-server-or-your-local-computer-without-databases/ When i enable Role Select in MCC GUI then me say INIDb isn't running. Anyway i post this issue in INIDBI2 topic too.
  5. INIDbi2 support :) But good work for this amazing mod.
  6. Simple: When i have MCC Sandbox mod (latest) and click to Enable Roles in MCC GUI then mod me say in screen - INIDbi isn't running to play with this feature. With old version INIDbi works fine. But this new version no. Well maybe i need waiting for next release MCC for compatibility.
  7. Well not working with MCC Sandbox 4 Mod for role selection :( INIdb isn't running error.
  8. DentonJC.bio@gmail.com

    Eula licence not accepted

    Hi All! I have small problem. When install oficial A3 BI Tools from steam and run it, i get windows with eula licence. I accept the licence, read all from top to down maybe 5 minutes, but i'm still getting error when i launch something app like GUI CFGConvert, Buldozerconfigurator etc. - The error: You must agree the EULA before using Arma 3 Tools. I try new and fresh install tools, validating files and still not work. Anybody who help me? Thanks! :) Btw. i have original game - extended edition with all mods and dlc. Edit: Now it works :) I must accept eula and start tools from steam, not exe from install folder.
  9. Again, yes i download with six, but i read before messages and now everythings seems to be fine :) Thanks for all developers for this! My gratitude.
  10. Yes, many mods downloaded from PwS. Ok, thanks for info. I'll wait :)
  11. This mod have requires errors. HLC Weapons, CUP, ASDJ Joint Rails..... Please edit your first post and section Requires.
  12. Hi! Thx for this amazing mods. But i have a little problem. I use google many days and search nothing. I'm very frustrated. Not with this mod but everything mods and other scenarios like PayDay mod in this game. If i start scenario and playing game, everything works fine. But... When i save game and quit and then load, no more action with key for login mcc etc. Problem is when i load game, something controls not work and have no response. For example: T key is Food Menu Script in my custom mission. Save, Quit, Continue Game and T key have no response. This problem is in Arma Game. I'll try off all mods and try it with vanilla game, but problem still persists. When i have another mod (like ACE3 or something) and load save game, some controls and action not work too. I have small addon Moduload and even initialize mod not work. Next problem, when load new game, in zeus i have all addons and others. But save and then load in zeus i have only vanilla game. Thx for help and sorry for my stupid english. I'm amateur in CZECH REPUBLIC :) Sorry for writing to this thread, but i'm new member and i have no permission for new thread. Anyway, this problem is in MCC too. My Game: latest ver. 1.44 with all official mods (marksmen, heli, cart...) - I have Extented Edition Steam MCC - latest patch with PlayWithSix launcher. Thx for help marines!