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  1. macfifa

    grid issue

    this what it looks in the game but i had changed it as you see in the pic 651657,3451946
  2. macfifa

    PBOProject Type 70

    in terrain builder did you setup the library from a3 folder or another one ? and also make sure that all object are in maps boundaries
  3. macfifa

    PBOProject Type 70

    you used a copy vergepost_f.p3d in your project this will not work just refrence the object where it is in A3 foulder
  4. macfifa

    grid issue

    no reply after some playing with the grid class i make 10m x 10m grid with actual Universal Transverse Mercator as in the pic
  5. macfifa

    grid issue

    hi all My map size is 12288 m and the lower left point in real live is 51657,51946 in altis config.cpp class grid:grid { xoffset = 0; yoffset = 30720; in my map the yoffset value came from adding 51946 and 12288 = 64234 but the xoffset is a problem after alot of testing the value is 48357 why? class grid:grid { xoffset = 48357; yoffset = 64234; and the game give me the lower left point as in real live 51657,51946 can some one explane why the xoffset value is like that ? res 4096 x 3 m = 12288 m
  6. i solve this now there is another issue,the airport lamp sample in arma 3 samples is not complete becouse i try to study it and there is a huge diff. between the sample lamp and A3 lamp in game the high LOD is missing and there are a white emmisve plates that do not show in the sample lamp are the BI company doing that in perpose and why? how can i learn what to do to make a lamp works
  7. color[] = {1000,650,400}; Land_LampDecor_F color[] = {1000,1000,1200}; Land_LampHalogen_F color[] = {700,600,500}; Land_LampHarbour_F color[] = {1100,700,500}; Land_LampShabby_F color[] = {2500,4000,6000}; Land_LampAirport_F (all the value above are under 1200 but here there are 3 value above 1200) if someone know what is going on plx explane to me i want to make a lamp in arma and these numbers does not make any sense
  8. I want to make a street lamp with fake flare like the runway navigation lights and after looking i found that these nav. lights have something called light_1_source in there p3d file i dont know what is it and how i make one becouse in config.cpp there a class animationsources that uses it to make the fake texture glow light hope you understand me
  9. macfifa


    thx again no reply, i find the solution it is in the class MarkerLights in the CfgVehicles , the lights are now on after i changed the config.cpp but i put 50 lights from two types and only 20 from them are active at the same time from each type i wonder why? i have changed the intensity and flareMaxDistance with no affect at all i hope someone will help this time.
  10. macfifa


    hi all I just place a navigation lights (NavigLight_3_F) on my runway by TB set the time to 23:00 and the lights are not on. what am i missing here?
  11. hi I am new at making terrain and i am having problem with the clutter and tried alot to solve it but no luck the clutter i used not showing on the game here my simple setup cfgClutter class maz_Grass: DefaultClutter { model = "A3\Plants_F\Clutter\c_Grass_Tall_Dead.p3d"; affectedByWind = 0.0; swLighting = 1; scaleMin = 0.7; scaleMax = 1; }; cfgSurfaces class CfgSurfaces { class Default{}; class Water{}; class maz_Grasstp: Default { access = 2; files = maz_grasstp*; rough=0.11; dust=0.1; soundEnviron = "drygrass"; character= maz_grassy; soundHit = soft_ground; }; }; class CfgSurfaceCharacters { class maz_grassy { probability[] = {1}; names[] = {maz_Grass}; }; }; layers.cfg class Layers { class maz_grasstp { texture = ""; material = "\hatzerimairbase\data\maz_desert.rvmat"; }; }; class Legend { picture="\hatzerimairbase\source\maplegend.png"; class Colors { maz_grasstp[] = {{207,115,0}}; }; }; edit : I followed a tutorial for the name of the classes and i should have at least 4 or 5 layer then the clutter works fine also there is an arrow showed up in the bottom left corner of my map in the game not buldozer
  12. i found the mistake i have downloaded a new copy of Altis 360 Degree Training Course and it didnot have AB module enabled i thought it is enable by deafult thx man
  13. hi after last update i dont find my set zero adjustment option in ace ->equipments and also that range table only have one column it seems that AB is not working for some reason game 1.46 ace 3.1.1
  14. do this class CfgFactionClasses { class HAMAS_faction ------------------------>this name { displayName = "HAMAS"; author = "Excess3"; icon = "HAMAS_Faction\hamas.paa"; // Needs to be 16x16 in resolution and it needs to be in the form of a PAA. priority = 1; = 0; // opfor }; }; class CfgGroups { class East { class HAMAS ---------------------> and this name must be the same { name = "HAMAS"; class Infantry { name = "Mujahedin group"; class Mujahedin { name = "Hamas squad"; side = 0; faction = "HAMAS_faction"; rarityGroup = 0.3; class Unit0 i did ti long ago and i m playing with alive every thing is ok
  15. hi i do not know if some one noticed it befor when i use mini titan with AP missile the titan locks but the rocket goes away and works normal with AT missile. is it normal in AP missile to do so?