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  1. williamequalsd

    [WIP] Tilos Island - 2016 Version

    Sounds great! At first I thought it was missing a Bass drop, but then stepped back, thought about it, and felt its perfect for the sunny Tilos! #DidntBuyOffSteamSales #HaveCashToThrowAtYou!
  2. williamequalsd

    [WIP] Tilos Island - 2016 Version

    So glad your back Antharial! Was actually worried something happened! Fell in love with your first Tilos map and the province so i know this will be an extremely detailed terrain! From memory your 2015 map you were talking about adding a bottom island, will this be in on the 2016 version?? Cannot wait mate! Much respect! p.s announced it within our community!
  3. williamequalsd

    Tilos : Greek Island

    Anthariel, Has this and Kandahar province projects been forgotten/halted ?
  4. williamequalsd

    Tilos : Greek Island

    Been playing quite a few matches of capture the flag on this map and Kandahar Province, love your work! Hope you are still on it =)
  5. williamequalsd

    Tilos : Greek Island

    You my friend are a god amongst men! Honestly love it!
  6. williamequalsd

    Tilos : Greek Island

    Awesome! Love tilos and cannot wait for the Provence! =)
  7. williamequalsd

    Tilos : Greek Island

    Is this map still on hold to finish off your other Map? I cannot wait!
  8. williamequalsd

    [Terrain] Kandahar Province - WIP

    I hope not too, hanging to see how this turns out and also tilos map, his work is so detailed!
  9. williamequalsd

    [Terrain] Kandahar Province - WIP

    Just signed up to bistudio.com because I LOVE your work! Keep it up man! cannot wait !!!! :)