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  1. Does anyone else have the problem in the commander console that when moving the map by holding down the right mouse button, it forces the last player controlled unit to move towards wherever you had to click to move the map?
  2. I've noticed that my MCC4 tends to runs slow after I start running a mission. I don't have a huge FPS drop, everything in the MCC4 menu tends to stop or slow to crawl. Moving units becomes a big hassle. In your guys experience what kinds of mods tend to slow down MCC4? The other mods I'm running are equipment mods for new gear, like SMA3 and RHS, a few factions, a few map packs. Also just watched the video for R19 and am super excited for it. Last question is do you think I should even bother with ACE3 at this point? You seem to be adding a lot of the same features as it does but better suited for singleplayer stuff.
  3. Been playing this mod since release and still got goosebumps. Good music choice.
  4. I have a random request. For all of the groups that can be spawned in Zeus and things like MCC4 or ALIVE, can you increase the ammo capacity for all units? I find that on missions with the AI they tend do run out of ammo pretty fast and I have yet to be able to get to rearm at an ammo box.
  5. Will ACE only work with the latest CBA? I use a mod that does not mesh with the new CBA so I still use the previous version.
  6. Thank you for the response Shay! I did not make it clear what I meant. That's my fault. I'm talking about when I select a unit in MCC and give it the player. Then I give it the order to unload at a location with troops inside, either by MCC or the commander console. I love the commander console and use it all the time in my missions. Beyond that problem, and the console being slow when a lot is going on, everything else works fine.
  7. I can't get the interaction keys to work at all. The menu for ACE is there when I hit escape but hitting either windows button does nothing. Any ideas?
  8. I still can't get my units to unload out of a vehicle. The chopper gets to the location then just sits in the air. If it can attack it will fly around attacking units but never try to unload the troops. Fast ropes are working better now though.
  9. I cant find the ACE mod to download.
  10. This would be fantastic. That's basically what I keep having trouble with. Pilots especially. Just trying to get a helicopter to land with MCC can take 10 minutes sometimes. Especially on a Arma 2 map.
  11. I love what you guys have created and good luck with everything new. If you could, I have one question. What could cause the scripting in it to slow down to a crawl? It seems like when I make a mission I get a huge amount of script lag. Not sure why. I mostly mean units not moving at all, or after a while, and things like the commander console taking almost 30 seconds to fully load. Any help is appreciated! Thanks again!
  12. As far as I'm aware no. As for the HVT, I just always return him or her to where I started out then call it mission complete. You have to use the MCC interaction to get them to surrender though. after that you can use agm to secure and move around.
  13. On the bottom left of the MCC menu is a tab called brushes. Click it, select the option for unlock doors, then drag the brush over the mission area. Not sure about the HVT thing. Make sure that under mission settings you have both the interaction option and the button turned on. The mission settings is top right of the MCC menu.
  14. Well I got a mod that does great roping but the MCC AI still cannot get to the exact spot I need it to be. Using both EVAC and spawning one with waypoints. I tried to get to a spot in a town and it got about 50 feet then just stops. Won't budge. Frustrating.
  15. HAHA. I've never had it drag me like that. Same problem on ropping me but no one else in my squad. I've tried it with just MCC loaded so I know it's not another mod causing the problem. If you spawn a helo in mcc, tell it to land, have you and your squad get in the tell it to drop you off via the interact keys, it gets there and immediately heads back to its spawn point. Does not even slow down. The evac selection works great for getting me to a location but then I have to tell the helo to leave because it just sits there. A pain if under fire. I wish the helo casting (thing where it hovers over water then everyone jumps out) could work on land. The chopper hovers while everyone gets out. Shay, if you and Spirit are seeing this please let us know. I love using MCC but this basically breaking it for me.