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  1. I obviously didn't add it right, as it simply worked after I tried a couple of days later. It's probably just been added to the wrong file. I guess adding the CfgRemoteExec made the difference!
  2. You're right, I should actually know better... the non existant magical chrystal ball ;) This is my CfgRemoteExec: And I added it to the config.cpp like this: Right before, I just uploaded it to the same folder as the config.cpp and added #include "CfgRemoteExec.hpp" in the end, but my server didn't start then... The CfgRemoteExec is included in the description.ext right now in my mission folder, wich works fine. description.ext : If you need anything else just give me a wink ;)
  3. Yes, but it won't start by symply including it in the config.cpp via #include and writing the whole script inside doesn't have any effect as well. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong... @bad benson Your suggestion does also unfortunely not show any success...
  4. Could adding another CfgRemoteExec solve the problem as well?
  5. @Jawshy I'm not trying to bother you, but you probably know more about how the life_server works. I added the following to the life_server/functions/systems/fn_vehicleCreate [_vehicle, ["HitPart", {_this remoteExec ["life_fnc_handleVehDamage", 0, true]}]] remoteExec ["addEventHandler", 0, true]; This isn't being executed (the EH doesn't trigger) and I can't see a reason why, as there are no errors messages showing up. Any ideas/suggestions?
  6. It's working completely fine from the mission. But to apply the EH to all vehicles I also have to add it to the spawn script for unparking vehicles, wich is located in the life_server addon.
  7. @haleks @davidoss @bad benson So a little update: [_vehicle, ["HitPart", {_this remoteExec ["life_fnc_handleVehDamage", 0, true]}]] remoteExec ["addEventHandler", 0, true]; This code works fine as long as it's local, but I didn't test it with another guy yet. I also tried to apply this in my @life_server when a vehicle spawns (from the altis life framework), but this doesn't work. So it seems like remote execution still doesn't work completely as it should, but I'll test it and update this post when I know more! EDIT: Code works global if the spawning vehicle function is executed in the mission file, but doesn't work at all if written in the script in life server that spawns the vehicle. I'm really confused...
  8. I'd think that it would be enough to broadcast the EH on all clients as it's triggered to ALL clients when the vehicle is being hit. So broadcasting the function would trigger it twice.
  9. I just wanted to copy paste but your post is gone... EDIT: Ah no I just found it.... I'm a bit fuzzy as well ;) I'll just be able to try it later.
  10. Might this cause the problem? While you can add "HitPart" handler to a remote unit, the respectful addEventHandler command must be executed on the shooter's PC and will only fire on shooter's PC as well. The event will not fire if the shooter is not local, even if the target itself is local. Additionally, if the unit gets damaged by any means other than shooter's shooting, "HitPart" will not fire. Because that's actually what I wanted to work around...
  11. The function is meeting all criteria, as it only param is _vehicle wich is being created right before. The function is whitelisted and JIP is on. And it does exist in all clients mission folder. @haleks I'll give it a try, but is it even possible to hand the arguments to the eventhandler right in front of the addEventHandler? Or does remoteExec allow this?
  12. Dear Community, I'm trying to trigger an effect for a vehicle when it's hit by a flare (kind of a superman EMP flare). The only function that triggers when a vehicle is hit by a flare is the "HitPart" eventhandler. Unfortunely this only works local, but I'd really like the engine to break for every client! I already tried adding the following lines in the function that spawns the vehicle: [[_vehicle, {_this addEventHandler ["HitPart", {_this call life_fnc_handleVehDamage}]}], "BIS_fnc_spawn", true, true] spawn BIS_fnc_MP; [[_vehicle, {_this addEventHandler ["HitPart", {_this call life_fnc_handleVehDamage}]}], "BIS_fnc_call", true, true] call BIS_fnc_MP; Created a file that adds the eventhandler: [[_vehicle], "life_fnc_addVehEH", true, true, false] call BIS_fnc_MP; [_vehicle] remoteExec ["life_fnc_addVehEH", 0, true]; Neither client log nor server log are showing any errors. None of these does work... Do you have any suggestions or see any mistakes? I'd appreciate it! Cheers, Faron
  13. Dear Community and helpful happy helpers, while I was scripting around a bit, I experienced the very uneven case (sarcasm!) that something simply didn't work. Today it's a loop: Greetz, Faron