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  1. Hello, I'm sorry to post. I've read and tinkered with settings for days and there don't seem to be any clear docs on this. The basic problem is: I'm trying to allow my group to join the server via the vanilla launcher. But when they go to join the server, I can't get any mods to show up in the "Required Addons" section. Here's what I've tried... Mods are launched via the -mod parameter (of course) All mod's keys are in the keys folder Mission.sqm's define mods in the addons[] and addonsAuto[] array verifySignatured = 2 battleye enabled My server is registered with out unit page But no matter *what* I try, they don't show up in the required part. Here is what it looks like while trying to join... I believe my server config is correct or close to it. So what does "Server can't transmit all data; list of required mods might be incomplete" mean? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. flexgrip

    Ragdoll Effects Overhaul.

    Does this mod need to be run on client and server or can it be specified as a -serverMod and be optional?
  3. Buuurn I'm fairly familiar with the VTN damage event handlers. The code is written to try and accommodate all carriers and backpacks and stuff; however, it is geared to really only consider their gear. Basically, if VTN, if not. I'm assuming the one of the two mods is missing a parameter in the gear that the VTN scripts need. So the script is getting a string instead of an int.
  4. Does this actually change the number of hits needed to take out a vanilla AI? We always have to do things to make the bullet hit values more realistic. Otherwise, arma 3 AI just wiggle 7 times before dropping from the 8 round out of a 5.56.
  5. Oh and one more thing. Our server is currently able to run 30 separate mods. Now that I have it working, I almost like having that limit, so the modpack doesn't get out of control. It forces me to make decisions about removing and adding stuff.
  6. So yeah, I've been through the ringer with this one. It seems to all come down to the server's UDP packet size and the steamquery api. Basically, the more mods you add, the larger the packet. And I've been told there is an upper limit to the packet size. The only workaround for now, if you want to use the steam workshop and get by this limit seems to be to combine insignificant stuff into one mod. Which is against some service's ToS. I think I've seen another bug report on this, and it's doubtful it will be fixed any time soon.
  7. flexgrip

    Ragdoll Effects Overhaul.

    Hello! We love this mod in our group. Great job! Would you mind putting this on the workshop and giving it a proper meta.cpp and mod.cpp so launcher tools can properly name and attribute this mod in server lists? I would be super greatful :) Thanks!
  8. Is there a license for this? All I want to do is extend the medical system to keep people from being instantly killed. So they have a chance at being revived. I've looked through the scripts in the pbo. Looks like I could modify them. But I don't want to make anybody angry. If there's an easier way, please let me know.
  9. Are any of your custom user action keys bound to `?
  10. Weird, ` doesn't do that for me. Are you sure you don't have a different mod that does that?
  11. Dude made a mod to fix the zoom thing. What do you mean "shouldering"? Does VTN have a button to "shoulder" your weapon other than the normal arma right-click?
  12. I will test it, but I haven't seen that behavior. -serverMods are the mods that are not published to the client. I think the reason you are seeing the mods under "Suggested and additional mods" is because you have the keys in the keys folder. But hell, if it still works by putting some mods in -mods and some mods in -serverMods, then I can stop packing a bunch of mods together just to make shit work. I'll test it some more!
  13. Actually, I finally found the sqf inside the vtn_wounds.pbo. Trying to read through it all now. I noticed godmode :) Any quick tricks on getting "prevent instant death" working?
  14. Also, does VETERAN add eventHandlers for damage at all? I would like to keep players from going down on the first shot. Since we can't use ACE with your med system, we don't have a prevent instant death option. Wondering if you have any ideas on how we could prevent death using the VETERAN mod. If not, I'll get to scripting I guess. I looked through the _core_ pbo's in VETERAN and didn't see much regarding the HandleDamage event handler.
  15. Thank you thank you thank you... sooo much. I'm going to make a shit load of factions for this.
  16. Thanks for the release... But please... give us some documentation. How do we use earplugs? What cfgs do we need to make a custom faction work with VTN? Love your work so far :)
  17. I actually found a medic guide finally. For those interested: Would still love to know how to put in ear plugs and use a lot of this stuff. Also, if there's a way to tweak any mission settings like bleed-out time, prevent instant death, etc.
  18. Is there anywhere we can find documentation on this mod? I've looked on your website, in the readme files and I'm starting to actually depbo the files just to figure out what's going on. For instance... 1. What are the User Action keys bound to? 2. How do we put earplugs in? 3. How do we use the medical system? (Pale skin == ?) 4. How do we use the advanced grenade throwing? 5. Are there any clackers for explosives or is it just the vanilla explosives? ... I have so many questions. If you could even point me in the right direction, I wouldn't mind making manuals or PDF's.
  19. Hello, I've tried doing exactly this and it doesn't seem to work. I used addaction on a laptop to fire execvm which contained a script with that code block in it. I've replaced _bam with the variable name of the bam I'm using "boat1". But it doesn't work. I've tried calling it directly like boat1 animateSource ["compuerta", 1, true]; etc etc. Any other tips on getting this to work?
  20. flexgrip

    Loadout Transfer 2

    Hey man, I'm seeing slightly similar issues on dedicated servers. So I can setup the mission loadouts and test them from multiplayer in the editor. They work great. However once I throw that mission onto our dedicated servers, people can see them all, but when they use them they are naked. Any ideas?
  21. It ended up having nothing to do with an individual mod, it's that the UDP stream can only send so many bytes before it gets truncated. So you can't have more than, say, 15-20 mods before it fails.
  22. You know what? Someone else mentioned that it might be too long too. I'm going to test that in the morning.
  23. Haha yep! Well, I appreciate your help. The TL:DR to the question is still, "What is it that makes a workshop mod shows up in the 'required' section of the vanilla launcher?" Many people say that any mod listed in the -mod parameter will show up there. But it's just not working for me. And there aren't many docs about this :(
  24. No, those numbers in the mod string are the folder names, not the workshop id. Well... actually they are the workshop id as well. Basically, I'm using steamcmd to get the mods from the workshop onto the server. They are downloaded to the arma 3 server directory. So for instance, my @ace directory is named 463939057. So it's not that I was trying to load the mods via their workshop ID, it's that my mod folders are named 12345 instead of @mod. Get it? The server loads fine and is running all of the mods. I can create a mission, put it on the server and then launch with the modpack and direct join. But the entire point of using the workshop is so that I can have my team join through the "Server" tab in the launcher and be told what mods they need to subscribe to. Make sense? Things would be so much easier if the workshop downloaded mods using file names instead of ID's :)