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  1. Awesome another 06!. I would agree with you on choosing the PRC-150 if you want to double your range, however HF Comms are the most finicky out of them all. HF relies heavily if not entirely on sky-wave propagation. So if the atmosphere is not condusive to HF communications, meaning the E1 and E2 layers are not ionized correctly you will not get the correct sky-wave reflection causing your signal to skip your intended target or just not make it there. I would definitely just stick with SATCOM as your goto choice for long-distance communication.
  2. Would you consider maybe making a non-TFAR version? or is that out of the question? and by Non-TFAR i mean the same backpack just with out the TFAR dependency.
  3. Awesome!! Also hope my corrections didn't come off as being a dick, definitely did not mean it that way if they did!
  4. So as an currently serving Marine 0621 Radio Operator, I must correct you on a couple of things... the antenna is this pic is not the "Whip" antenna, that is a common blade antenna, most commonly used with VHF-Low Band Communication(20-108MHZ). The antenna in this pic... is what is known as the "10ft Whip" due to the fact that when fully assembled it will "whip" back and forth when you move. It too is also used in VHF-Low Band Communication commonly associated with SINCGARs(30-87.975MHZ) operations.
  5. timothyj080

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    TFAR runs with DLLs if your server provider does not allow you to upload DLLs via the Control Panel, then TFAR will not run.
  6. timothyj080

    EricJ Release thread

    i was T. Johnson back then, i believe it was J-SERE we first met.
  7. timothyj080

    EricJ Release thread

    Hey EricJ, doubt you remember me but we used to play together with Megatron if you remember him. Long ass time its been. But anyways... I was wondering if you ever plan on adding AFM to your UH-60 pack.
  8. timothyj080

    British Ridgback PPV

    Check to make sure your Anti-Virus( If you have it) isn't deleting things. I had a problem some time ago where Norton decided to go ahead and delete my arma3.exe file from my game. Had everything needed to play the game except the file to launch it.
  9. All we need is for someone to model and animate some EMUs to attack the Aussies!! Then we can re-enact the Great EMU War... XD edit: i dont mean any disrespect if any occurred
  10. Hey everyone. I was wondering how to diasble the built-in auto-sync feature on the nimitz. I was reading through the posts and TeTet said to set the " TTT_builtin" to false. How exactly do you do that? I cam up with the following: this setVariable ["TTT_builtin" ,false]; Is that correct? Or am I way off?
  11. timothyj080

    US Military Mod (80s 90s)

    Now thats a proper fucking ALICE pack! Can't wait for this mod to be released!
  12. timothyj080

    [WIP] Terrain: Sugar Lake

    Id say that personally at 20-30FPS is the point when I personally say screw I can't play on this map anymore
  13. timothyj080

    [WIP] Terrain - Isla De Spero

    I'm pretty damn handy with XCam. I sent you a PM inquiring about the project.
  14. timothyj080

    [WIP] Parris Island

    Being a current US Marine, I would absolutely kill to see this map made. If you pull this off, you will be a god to me. I will definitely slay bodies on the Island