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  1. Hey there, that error don't really affect the game and everything is running as intended, but the script error is some kind of annoying and just wanted to know if someone knows a workaround to use the Preload and "fix" the script error. ["Preload"] call BIS_fnc_arsenal; causes this script error: Error in expression <, ["put", 23] ]; private _ctrlList = _display displayctrl ( 960 + 26); { > Error position: <_display displayctrl ( 960 + 26); { > Error Nicht definierte Variable in Ausdruck: _display File A3\functions_f_bootcamp\Inventory\fn_arsenal.sqf [BIS_fnc_arsenal], line 2122 I had a look in the fn_arsenal.sqf, as I've thought I've missed a param or something, but in the appropriate switch case branch the _display variable really don't get defined. So the basic question is, if there is a way to fix the script error and if the Preload is really that kind of "performance improving" to use it. But as I say, everything working fine, it's just the error which show's up (but don't interrupt anything obvious or really needed).
  2. Just don't use the preload, hide the error or get used to the error. As said in the first post and confirmed by larrow, there is a not defined variable referenced in the switch case branch of the BI fn_arsenal.sqf.
  3. Liberation stores the save data in the profile vars. Having different save data on your local machine and the server is by the way fully normal. Information to port save data from one machine to another can be obtained here: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki/EN:SavegamePort
  4. Whitelist the control element of the dialog than. I can't explain to you how you configure, whitelist or setup your AntiCheat on your server. Refer to the manual or support of infiStar. Last time I used it was while I hosted exile and epoch server. You can find all defines of the dialogs and control elements inside the ui definitions: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/tree/master/Missionframework/ui
  5. What do you mean with "variable for the sidemissions"? These are scripts and not only a variable. To setup your infistar, you should just look into your BE filter logs and adjust your BE filter accordingly (just like for any other mission or gamemode). There is nothing to do inside Liberation for a "infiStar compatibility", as you've to configure infiStar to work with the mission/gamemode you want to run. Bet you'll have to whitelist some remoteExecs etc. And as Liberation runs many scripts etc. also on clientside I could imagine that setting up all the BE filters etc. wouldn't be worth the benefit of running Liberation with infiStar for Anti-Cheat. But well, concerning your question in short: Nothing different in Liberation concerning configuring infiStar than for other missions/gamemodes, so do the same what you've done for other servers.
  6. Small Information Update Just to keep you informed, here's the actual rolling changelog of the 0.96 development state. Added: Parameter to disable the skill handling of enemy units. Thanks to veteran29 Added: BI Support System functionality. Added: Parameter for access to the Support System -> Disabled, Commander, Whitelist, Everyone. Added: BI Artillery support for artillery vehicles and mortars (if built manned or AI ordered to get in as crew). Added: Chinese Simplified localization. Thanks to nercon Added: Civil Reputation. Added: Config variables for the civil reputation. Added: Reputation penalty for killing civilians. Added: Reputation penalty for seizing civil vehicles. Added: Players can request artillery support from players (generates task). Added: Reputation penalty for destroyed/damaged civil buildings. Added: Mission parameter to choose building penalty for damaged or only destroyed buildings. Added: Reputation gain for liberated sectors. Added: Automatic server restart script for dedicated servers. Thanks to k4s0 Tweaked: Terrain aligment will be persistent during repeat building of objects (like walls). Thanks to veteran29 Tweaked: Some reordering of UI elements. Tweaked: Localization support for the extended options menu. Thanks to nercon Fixed: Player got custom recoil and aiming coefficients on respawn. Fixed: Rare script error on closing respawn screen directly after joining the mission. Fixed: Players could deploy multiple FOBs when they selected deploy fast enough on the same container. Fixed: It was possible to disassemble a mortar in preview. Fixed: Preview vehicles could get saved if you shut down the mission right after canceling the build process or if you'd still the preview in front you. Fixed: Small issues due to the default "hold fire" combat mode for AI. Fixed: Single Infantry units weren't saved sometimes. More details in the always public GitHub branch of the 0.96 development. https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/tree/v0.96
  7. I guess it could be connected to the OS of the server maybe. You could (for cross check) start the dedicated server on your clients machine (which is Windows I guess?) and if you don't encounter errors there, we all can be sure that it has to be something with the OS. Or maybe someone else, who is running Liberation on a Linux server could mention here, if he's running the mission without issues. I'll ask also in our discord, if someone uses a Linux server.
  8. Than its maybe an ArmA related thing due to Linux server files. I can't reproduce that error on my machine or on my server. the log throws some errors right at the start with ArmA related files (Zeus, etc) anything i can recommend from my side to this is to check the server installment and run the server without any Mods and the vanilla missionfile from apple, to check where the issue might come from.
  9. Can't say what's with his issue now, as there is no reply since my last answer from his side. we can't reproduce this issue with the Malden version we've provided. I need a full server log (with heading and not without). And concerning your version you use I would need an exact overview of all the made edits which were made. But as I'm working on the next version I can't support any edited version of other publishers in the workshop by review all the things they've made in their special version. So the first person to report issues would be the creator of the version which someone is using. I'll have a look in your full log, but if it's nothing I can identify there, you should report it to the creator. The Malden version from @Applejakerie works fine and don't throw any errors during our reproduction tries.
  10. Ok, so I guess it would be best to ask the creator of that version concerning the issues you experience. As I don't know what he may have edited additionally to the preset. Beside of that your log is missing the head information with version, startup parameters, etc.
  11. Why you call it "russian malden version"? Provide a full server log via hastebin link or something (not just the error)
  12. No, it's not the united state of the map, because in the united version the bases are mostly damaged and destroyed, which are placed on the map by default. Also the borderwall in the central city would be gone in the united variant. Sahrani and United Sahrani are the exact same map size and only some small details are different between them, as they are not different maps, they are only two "time states" of the same map.
  13. I think Altis, Takistan or Sahrani
  14. It is, sure. But on Al Rayak for example are many "custom preplaced enemy bases", as the map didn't has much military sites. And each sandbag, wall or camo net is a vehicle.
  15. @loopdk Then you've done an edit which contains a mistake. Where did you get the missionfile, which version and what edits have you done?
  16. There is no "caching of vehicles". The diagnostic marker on the map shows the total amount of vehicles. And "vehicles" in ArmA aren't only vehicles like cars or tanks. Vehicles are also dead bodies, preplaced objects (from enemy bases), ground weaponholder, etc. So it's all fine with that amount.
  17. @Rabid Squirrel Check the server installation. I can't think of anything at the moment beside of that the server may miss some files. @constance68w Sure, you can do that without problems. Just a small script change. One way for example: whitelist.sqf add a new array KP_liberation_logistic_whitelist = [ "123456789", "987654321" ]; for the entries use the steamIDs of the people who should be able to access the interface. action_manager.sqf at lines 237 and 249 replace the && (player == ([] call F_getCommander) || [] call F_isAdmin) with && ((getPlayerUID player) in KP_liberation_logistic_whitelist) with this way it wouldn't matter at which slot the player is.
  18. Any mods running? Any edits made? Which version of Liberation?
  19. It's not connected with the permissions. The access to the production and logistic interface is intended restricted to the commander and admin to prevent issues which could occour if players change things in this dialogs "at the same time". It would be very rare and maybe even not happen, but basically the commander leads his troops and manage the resources etc. If you still want to change it on your own risk, do the edit I told you already in Discord: scripts\client\actions\action_manager.sqf Remove && (player == ([] call F_getCommander) || [] call F_isAdmin) at the lines 237 and 249
  20. Just raise the difficulty and deactivate the adaption to player count in the mission parameters.
  21. @yxman You can get older versions on the relase tab of GitHub https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/releases Everything before 0.95 is with the old resource system.
  22. \scripts\server\sector\manage_one_sector.sqf affected by the difficulty parameter
  23. ArmA 3 Morse Script This script will encode given plain text to morse code and send it via flashing light signals. It can be used to let a player send a morse code via his weapon attached flashlight or send the code with the lights of an empty vehicle. Currently it contains A-Z, Whitespace, period, comma, 0-9. Common used operation signals like BT, AR, IMI etc. will be added if someone wants them. You can choose the WPM (words per minute) if you call the script and also choose if you want the code will be decrypted via hint text to the player. Download: Github Changelog: v0.1 - Initial Release
  24. Haven't thought that someone really use that script, so I removed it from GitHub. Also I haven't looked into it for a long time, so I guess it could be done much better. I've written that in the early beginning of my SQF learning ^^ I'll reupload it during the day. Until then you can still get it from Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30859
  25. No. Editing the preset files can't cause a reset. Only if you've done a mistake in the edit it would cause a "stuck on respawn island".