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  1. frostb1te198

    XCam import to Terrain Builder Issues

    Didn't xCam release fixes? For me, it's currently working. http://www.arma-sim.de/xcam/contents/pages/download.html
  2. frostb1te198

    Horrible multiplayer lag

    What me and my friend did is that we went on Steam library and down to properties and we changed the betas to "Development" After that we launched the game in the launcher and chose development mode after that we didn't have really any lag what so ever. Hopefully that helps you :D
  3. So When you said create a test.sqf do I put those in the test.sqf and it automatically adds it or do I add it to the dialog.hpp?
  4. frostb1te198

    How do I make a Intro ?

    Thanks for the help, And I did look it up it was that I looked up Intros but I didn't think it was that because I thought it had a different name for it. But thank you for the help :D
  5. So I seen a lot of servers that would have when you load into a server it would load a cutscene and then it would pop up the logo and a bar that says "Loading Functions", "Loading Client" and so on. I'm wondering how would I create something like that? I seen RealLifeRPG have it, ArmaLifeRPG, CityLifeRPG. Here's a screen shot of what I'm talking about. http://i.imgur.com/WT1eYVp.jpg?1
  6. So I'm sorry if someone already post this but I couldn't find it and I don't know what it called so I have a screenshot from a video I was watching. But the reason why I wanted to know was because when picking up cargo in my mission you would have to confirm your cargo and the info was to pop up and to says you need to go to that location. http://i.imgur.com/tHTK9Sc.jpg?1
  7. frostb1te198

    AppleGate Community Project WIP

    So I wanted to use the "Roads" & the "Concrete" for my map. Well when I downloaded Roads I then exported it and packed it. Once I did that I then started xCam and I only had a few things to chose from witch was some barrels, Road smoother, Traffic lights and some other stuff but not the Roads or the Concrete. Does anyone know how to help me with this problem?
  8. frostb1te198

    Here's my bug report

    So let me start off saying that I love this game it's really fun with friends. But there's those times when it gets out of hand. So the first bug I find annoying is that when my friends including me go on max settings it crashes your game and does Caution out of memory as well if you do low the best setting I found for this not to happen is Med. The second bug is that when on the 3D Printer switching threw the things you could create a friend or a player could come up to the 3D Printer and switches threw the things you could create it crashes your game. The other bug I found is that when the host is in the editor it sometimes crashes. The biggest thing I found is that I hate the most out of all bugs is that when you Alt-Tab out of your game it crashes your game as well as when the host Alt-Tab it puts a red chain till the host comes back in game or like I said sometimes the host would crash when Alt-Tab out of game. The other thing is that when injured you want to heal right so you go into the mobile lab you want to sleep there till you can heal so then when your healed you get out by double pressing E you then do a psychics glitch you then get stuck up in the ceiling so then when you press either w, a, s, d you hit the floor or what ever you hit and your injured again. That's all the bugs I found so I really wish you guys take a look at this because this game is really fun I like it. but thanks for reading this.
  9. What's better for connecting arma 3 server to a MySql, ExtDB2 or Arma2NETMySQL (by FireFly)? I'm currently using Arma2NetMysql to save player data but came across a weird error (System.ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range.) when trying multiple arrays inside of an array ([["cash",1],["item2",2]]) and then save it via a stored procedure. I tried using a plain UPDATE tablename SET values=values WHERE column = variable; but same error so just kept the stored proc and run as Async. Rumor has it ExtDB2 when expecting alot of execution because it's supposedly faster but not sure. Rumor has it ExtDB2 is better when expecting alot of execution because it's supposedly faster but not sure.
  10. Alright I'm sorry if there is already a post about it but I couldn't find it for this small piece of information of adding concrete to your map now I ask a lot of people on Skype and I even ask Aussie. but I still don't understand. But this is something I do ask for you guys who do know how to do this. "How do I do this step by step?" Plus I know a lot of people would love to know how to do this. Also I have the textures and I have it added to my layers.cfg.
  11. frostb1te198

    X-Cam prototype map

    Was this Done in Terrain builder only or maybe vistor 3? What programs did ya'll use for making the blank map ?
  12. I was going to try to make a little movie of a ai or a friend in arma3 just shoot some ai or something and i was wanting to have a helmet camera something that on the right side of the helmet I look for some tut. on it or scripts for it there's not could some one please help me ?
  13. frostb1te198

    Kunduz, Afghanistan [10km] v1.20

    Well im not going to be like A3L who just took without permission
  14. frostb1te198

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Permission Hello im one of the owners of a life mod and Ill like to ask you for your permission to use your mod. We will not edit it, we will not make money off of it, and we will credit you (name of person) I hope you allow use to use this mod.
  15. frostb1te198

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Permission Hello Im the owner of a life mod and Ill like to ask you for your permission to use your mod (TFR) in our life mod like I told other mod makers we will not edit it, we will not make money off of it, and we will credit you (name of person who made it) so I hope you allow us to use your mod in our life mod if there is any requirments please let me know.
  16. frostb1te198

    Kunduz, Afghanistan [10km] v1.20

    Hello Im one of the owners of this lifemod and Ill like to ask you for your permission to use your map (mod) for our lifemod we will not edit it, we will not ask for money we will give you credit (name of person who made it) we are asking a lot of mods makers but I hope you allow us to use it on our life mod.