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  1. ACE update breaks things, not surprising I guess. However, it also gives extremely misleading error messages about client/server version mismatches: version:, serverVersion: The actual ACE files are updated and all show *. in the names, though. Pabstmirror on ace3public.slack pointed out the following: Conflicting addon ace_main in 'z\ace\addons\main\', previous definition in 'z\IFA3_ACE_COMPAT\addons\main\' String STR_ace_main_Team not found String STR_ace_main_Team not found ...and says it seems to be loading 2 copies of ace_main.
  2. Black Widow Company We are a military-style, multi-gaming community with a lengthy, unbroken history. This community is defined as military-style because it has a rigid support infrastructure patterned after a military unit with awards, decorations, ranks, billets, and duty positions. It has a hard-coded and stable Chain of Command with a dedicated corps of leaders, officers, and NCOs at all levels. More than that, we pride ourselves on teamwork and espouse an ethos encompassing unity, respect, brotherhood, and family. We recognize that BWC members will come from all walks of life. Different cultures, different societies, different beliefs. This can cause problems because there may be varying definitions of what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Whilst we respect that and make provisions for potential conflict due to this diversity, the only thing that matters to BWC as a whole is *OUR ORGANIZATION* and the Code of Conduct which governs us. Most of this can be summed up with basic courtesy and respect. We play multiple games and currently have full administrative and command support for Arma 3, Mech Warrior Online, Paintball, Planetside 2, Star Citizen, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. In addition, various levels of support are in place for any game depending on level of interest and participation, and we have a well-developed process for transitioning to higher levels as needed. Our community also has a heavy focus on charity work. For example, we sent 25 WW2 and Korean vets to Washington DC (covering 100% of costs) working with our partners at Honor Flight (http://www.honorflight.org/), and we run gaming marathons for various charities throughout the year. We began investing in Arma 3 in 2013. While our Arma 3 Community is based on the idea of MilSim, as with any game in BWC, we allow anyone to lead if they volunteer, and during that operation the mission leaders have complete control of their unit regardless of rank outside the game. If a new recruit assumes the role of Squad Leader and a BWC Captain joins, the Captain falls in and follows orders from that recruit. We don't have an in-game ranking system and we don't require saluting or "yes sir, no sir" type behavior. Our community is growing, with roughly 50 members playing Arma 3 by the end of 2014 and thousands belonging to BWC as a whole from around the globe. Our events are primarily based, however, on the US East Coast Timezone. We run dynamic and scripted missions and our requirements for joining are very minimal. You must be 16 years of age and complete an application. Once accepted, you will have two weeks to complete an orientation, which is a 30-minute training to BWC introducing you to how we work and welcoming you. BTI-1, our basic training, only takes 30 - 60 minutes depending on the size of the group. Finally, you must attend an operation within your first two weeks. We always understand that real life comes first and we will work with you to fit your schedule when needed. Note that we do use a large set of modifications (AGM, TFAR, and more) for increased realism and content, but we provide instruction all the way down to the novice level, and will assist you as necessary to get everything installed and working. Our new dynamic multi-player campaign, "War of Sahrani Unification," kicked off February 6, 2015. For this campaign, we are playing PVE as US Army 1st Cavalry with IFVs in the mid-2000s. While everyone is a rifleman first, when attendance numbers hit certain thresholds, we open up additional supporting units/roles. We also run non-campaign events throughout the week, playing with different focus and/or as different factions. Outside of official event times, pick-up games on our dedicated server are always encouraged. You can find us at www.the-bwc.com. _______ The following was our briefing for the launch of our new campaign, War of Sahrani Unification. All times are in EST, and note that we normally do not play this many hours in a typical weekend, but we do like over-the-top launches and conclusions. --------------------------- http://i.imgur.com/YlR4ppA.jpg (279 kB) This will be a 3 Part Epic Operation combined of several smaller operations, all taking place on 2/6, 2/7, and 2/8. Keep reading for information regarding each individual operation. Details on the 7th and 8th operations will be ready to go, however full details on the operation itself will not be released until after the previous operation has been completed, as there may be several adjustments based on player performance, and objectives completed. The Campaign "War of Sahrani Unification" takes place during the start of a civil war between "The Kingdom of South Sahrani" and the "Democratic Republic of North Sahrani", this will take place in the mid 2000s. More information can be found in the Campaign master thread when it comes out. The US has been involved in military advisement as well as air recon patrols to the Kingdom of South Sahrani. The US is attempting to help prevent the DRS from taking over the entire country through a bloody and forceful conflict. Due to the tension throughout the country insurgents have taken up arms inside the country.There will be more details and an in depth history in the Campaign Master Thread which will be out shortly. Sahrani Archipelago SMD Sahrani Panthera Stratis Campaign Demographics: In this section you will find a brief break down of nations involved with the campaign and who they belong to and relationships. United States: 1st Calvary Division - Ground Troops in the Area DESRON-23 with Nimitz as Flagship CVW-11 onboard Nimitz (Ingame Blufor - US Army Woodland) Alliance: Kingdom of South Sahrani United Nations: Currently Not Involved Kingdom of South Sahrani: Royal Army Corp of Sahrani - The King's Men (militia) - Royal Infantry Corp - Royal Armored Corp - Royal Air Corp - Royal Commandos - Royal Guard (Ingame Independent - RACS) Alliance: United States Democratic Republic of North Sahrani: Sahrani Liberation Army - SLA Ground Forces - SLA Marine Forces - Republican Guard (Ingame OPFor - SLAGF, SLAMF) Alliance: None Insurgents: Unknown (Ingame OPFor SLAGF - Militia) Fridays Operation 2/6 Times:Form Up: 1900 End: 2230 to 2300 Operation Name: Breathing Life Mission Description: During an air recon by VFA-154 "Black Knights", one of their F/A 18 patrols had a SAM shoot them down. Widow 1-1 will go in and recover the pilot and the black box. Where: Panthera Enemy: We suspect insurgents operating in Panthera shot down the F/A 18. Their strength in the region is unknown, expect possible trucks and light to medium handheld equipment. Friendly Assets We will base out of FoB "Knighthood" , and chopper in to the coast of Panthera. Massive assets will not be used for the operation, since we are operating on sovereign terrain w/o authority. If we are discovered it will be considered an act of war. Civilian Consideration: There are civilians on Panthera, make sure to watch your fire, do not interact with civilians unless absolutely necessary. At no point should any civilian be shot. Saturday Operation 2/7 Times:Form Up: 1300 End: 2200 to 2300 Operation Name: Enduring Death Mission Description: To secure the South Eastern Airfield on Sahrani and establish a beachhead. Where: Panthera Enemy: SLA Ground and Marine forces. Friendly Assets: Player - 2xLCAC, 2xBlackhawk, 2xM2A3 NPC - N/A, DESRON-23 and CVW-11 will support Widow-2 Assault on Porto Ritmo. Civilian Consideration: There are civilians on Panthera, make sure to watch your fire, do not interact with civilians unless absolutely necessary. At no point should any civilian be shot. Sunday Operation 2/8 Times:Form Up: 1400 End: 2100 Operation Name: Accepting Fate Mission Description: *REDACTED UNTIL FRIDAY OP* Where: Panthera Enemy: *REDACTED UNTIL FRIDAY OP* Friendly Assets *REDACTED UNTIL FRIDAY OP* Civilian Consideration: There are civilians on Panthera, make sure to watch your fire, do not interact with civilians unless absolutely necessary. At no point should any civilian be shot.
  3. darkvoidboy

    What do you think of ArmA3's futuristic setting?

    I really like the near-future setting. It all seems very plausible.
  4. darkvoidboy

    Core features Arma 4 must have

    Advanced Search filters/features for multi-player
  5. darkvoidboy

    would you still buy any BI product ?

    Yes. 1) I love the mod support. 2) The Arma series is unlike anything I've come across. 3) While admittedly I am a newer "convert" than a lot of other folks, the dev blogs and updates have been great so far.