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  1. @engima I just wanted to stop by to say this is by far the coolest thing released for Arma modders. I wish it became more popular because you deserve the credit. However, I think very few people understand the awesomeness that TypeSqf brings to Arma. I assume that "Type" is a play on TypeScript? Since this is a superset of SQF and also uses a transpiler. I do not mod anymore, and sadly Arma 3 is slowly dying as a community. However, if I did, I would choose this every time. A++ Highly recommend. Is there just a CLI option, where I can run my files through the compiler/transpiler and will give me the end results with and raise any errors?
  2. @duda123 (and everyone in the whole Arma community) Isn't that bitch though? I guess its polite to ask people, but its kinda redundant right? What are they going to say? No? From my perspective, when you put a license on something, your saying to the whole world exactly what you want the code to be used for and in what context. That's the whole point of licenses. You as an author are telling others so they don't have to bother you with the question. License are suppose to eliminate that conversation because it you as an author have made a public answer (through your license) to the common question. I've had other programmers get pissed when I overlooked the license (didn't see it), and posed a question about using their code. They respond with a resounding frustration, "Didn't you read the license?". Polite to you or anyone else, is an annoyance to somebody else. The hard part is that people (not directed at you duda) have a general lack of understand of licenses and how they are meant to be used. Then you combine that ignorance with a sense of ownership, the modding community becomes nasty real quick. The title of my modified addon is to honor both the R3F team and your work Duda. R3F Advance Logistics. Honestly, I guess I am damned if I do and I am damned if Id on't. If I would have named it Super Logistics... you know someone would be like "Why didn't put R3F in the title? Are you trying to steal their work?" :angry: If you (duda) are offended, I will be happy to remove Advance. If R3F team is offended. I will remove R3F. I have been very VERY VERY transparent that I am not part of the R3F team, that I am not the original author of both works. I have listed the links to the original works. I have place the original license about each authors modified works with a note that it was modified. Every part of the source code should have a notification on the top telling you who was the original author, the license, if it was modified, and where you can find the original authors original work. Anyway, discussions over politeness, licenses, and EULA issues probably shouldn't be held in this post. I respect the opinions of everyone here, and I believe this is a good conversation to have, but this is not the appropriate place for it. Let's just talk about the addon. If duda or the R3F team is upset with my addon title, please contact me through PM, and I will get in contact with moderator and fix the issue. Also, I want it to mentioned that both duda and the R3F team are completely free to take my modifications of their work and incorporating it into their work without attribution. TL;DR - I'm am a asshat, and Doctor Who Season 9 sucked balls.
  3. Yeah documentation incoming. It was suppose to be done last Friday, but I was called into work, and I've worked everyday from last Thursday to yesterday (Monday). So, you should see some updating this Thursday or Friday.
  4. @S.Donohue Your not using ALiVE, and I forgot to put a check for that. I will do that and update it this Friday or Thursday. The error is harmless, it is just looking for an ALiVE function that doesn't exist.
  5. Sorry guys, I've been called into work the last few days. My next free days are Thursday/Friday. So it may be a few days before I get this baby updated. I think some things have gotten broken since the 1.64 update. As for issues with permission. I am following the license... that's why we licenses things. You as a author put a license on your code so that you don't NEED everyone to message you to ask permissions. It also deals with the issues of authors not being around. If madbull, and the R3F team didn't want their shit to be used they would have put a very strict license on it. That's how license works. I have been very transparent about it, and I should have reference to the original work in every script of the source code. Is it still good to ask permission. Yeah it doesn't hurt. They can't really say no, but it is polite. For example, I created Loadout Transfer... it has a license. You can use my code without emailing me as long as you follow the license. Hell, you can even use my code in a commercial sense as long as the original code falls under the license. As killjoe_R3F said, the original R3F logistics is still really good. Please go an use it. Especially if you want it for mission only. I just liked R3F so much that I wanted to make it more modern within the ACE framework. By the way if no one has figured it out: the title R3F Advance Logistics doesn't mean Advance as in better, the word Advance is from Duda's Advance Towing.... get it?
  6. S.Crowe

    No War Room [ALiVE] - WIP

    Need to finish: Markers Sitreps Spotreps Player Stats - like position, inventory, etc.
  7. S.Crowe

    No War Room [ALiVE] - WIP

    It should be done today. I'm waiting for my Arma to update before I finish it.
  8. They are there now. Just need to post documentation lol
  9. S.Crowe

    Loadout Transfer 2

    Update inbound (before Friday): Fixes: Mission loadouts will now work (before they were getting nuked due to JIP)
  10. S.Crowe

    No War Room [ALiVE] - WIP

    Update inbound (expect it before Friday): New things: Saving logistics (moving, as military is already saved)
  11. Update inbound.... expect it before Friday. New things: ALiVE support More documentation Fixes: Objects moving due to the animation when placing a big object
  12. The intention of this mod is to load it on the server through the command line -serverMod=@inidbi2; Then you MUST call all functions dealing with iniDBI2 on the server, or clients will get an error because said function does not exist. You could have clients required to have this mod, and then save data on the clients machine, but then that data could easily be changed by the client, which would compromise whatever your trying to do. If the above doesn't make sense to you, (no offense) then this might be too advance for you. I suggest starting with something smaller and then come back to using iniDBI2 in the future.
  13. S.Crowe

    No War Room [ALiVE] - WIP

    Here is a better version of the script I posted earlier. This one loads, and saves, and it pauses if no one is on server SAVE_SETUP = false; [] spawn { if (isServer && !SAVE_STEP) then { SAVE_SETUP = true; waitUntil {ALIVE_profileSystemInit}; sleep 20; [] call NWR_fnc_loadVirPro; [] call NWR_fnc_loadMilLog; [] call NWR_fnc_loadMilObj; "ALiVE Data Loaded" remoteExec ["hint", -2]; while {true} then { sleep 1800; _pause = false; // Pause saving if there are no players _allPlayers = []; { if (isPlayer _x) then { _allPlayers pushBack _x; }; } forEach playableUnits; if (count _allPlayers == 0) then { _pause = true; }; // End pause saving if (!_pause) then { [] call NWR_fnc_saveVirPro; [] call NWR_fnc_saveMilLog; [] call NWR_fnc_saveMilObj; //"ALiVE Data Saved" remoteExec ["hint", -2]; }; }; }; };
  14. S.Crowe

    No War Room [ALiVE] - WIP

    @pikey Sure, put in it that file. I just offered a code snippet to show you want you can do. Trying to get ideas out there. It tells you in the first post. The things that are saved atm are virtual profiles, military objectives, and military logistics. Those three are the most important, because they kinda make the mission the mission. A lot things are not saved yet: Markers Sitreps Spotreps Logistics (moving shit - not the military logistics) Player stats Honestly, you can live without most of those. The next on my list to do is Logistics, and then Markers. Also, remember this is WIP... for advance mission makers.